henry and siobhan


[x] The lovely Siobhàn Hewlett, who has starred with Benedict in “Fortysomething” and also had a role in “Sherlock” (A Study in Pink) and “Parade’s End” shared this memory

FUN FACT: She has also starred in “Midsomer Murders” (The Maid in Splendour), and in “Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant” with Sophie!

“hey we Made These, D…..” been thinking a lot about these guys and the kids of parents they are + their kids childhoods etc!! filling in a disconnect i’ve been neglecting to address..  

they’re a little odd as parents - they have an odd relationship with authority and its necessity or lack thereof, and their parenting style tends to reflect this. they’re really good pals with their kids (they think their kids are Cool People that they’re excited to get to know. honestly they’re not entirely very close to sure what they’re doing), but vonny and henry respect them because they’re respectful pals in turn… not because they’re inherently authority figures. there are sometimes bumps that arise because of that.