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S A V A G E 😂😂😂

Alexander Hamilton
2017 Tour Cast

alexander hamilton - hamilton, 3/14/2017, first national tour, san francisco.

joshua henry as aaron burr, michael luwoye as alexander hamilton, ruben j. carbajal as john laurens/philip hamilton, jordan donica as marquis de lafayette/thomas jefferson, mathenee treco as hercules mulligan/james madison, solea pfeiffer as eliza hamilton, isaiah johnson as george washington, emmy raver-lampman as angelica schuyler, amber iman as peggy schuyler/maria reynolds

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2017 IN KPOP

Spica disbands. The Wonder Girls disband. L.Joe leaves Teen Top. Kevin leaves U-Kiss 😢. Teen Top returns with High Five and it’s kpop fantastic👏. Amber & Henry let us know they have maybe had enough 😯. Nada leaves wa$$up because she can no longer kpop for free. T-ara disbands. History disbands. Sistar disbands…and summer is officially cancelled 😢. T-ara wins first trophy in 5 years with their final song as a group 😭😭😭. Henry starts to get some love from SM….finally 😒 but f(x) is still missing. The rookie group HIGHLIGHT lives!!! iKON finally returns from Japan to turn up. NCT127 win their first trophy 🎉. Lovelyz win their first trophy🎉. OhMyGirl beats personal record with Coloring Book 👌. 24K releases Addiction which is amazing. The kpop hunger games (Produce 101) begins & drags everyone thru the streets and stomps on their souls 😱. G-Dragon tops itunes in 41 countries including the US 👏. Starship trying to get back in everyone’s good graces announces a Boyfriend comeback😀. The Nu'est discography shoots up the charts with a vengeance & get nominated for inkigayo with 2013 song Hello. That’s 💖. In between these events there were a million comebacks. MonstaX, cnblue, VIXX, b.a.p, BtoB, Red Velvet, gugudan, Day6, BraveGirls, Seventeen, Astro, KNK all bringing their A game.

feeling ok again until you hear it. YIXING IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT EXO COMEBACK 😡😢😡😢😡😢

Six more months to go….will we survive the 2017 rollercoaster?

Regarding all the hateful rumors spreading around

I didn’t plan to tangle myself into this mess but things are getting really ugly and ridiculous, so I decided against it. Hence this post.

I’m making this post just to keep your facts straight. Not to convince you not to hate on Henry. It’s up to you. But at least, cross-check to see if what you ‘heard’ is actually the fact.

First I would like to quote Henry’s on his recent interview:

“At a show, they edit 40 minutes for 1 hour of filming… They only keep the maniac part.”
“I do as who I am. It depends on how the producers edit. I neither act nor pretend.”

1. “He’s homophobic and transphobic. He once said that when he first came to Korea, he thought Suju members were all gays and Heechul was a trans. That worried him”

This was literally Henry’s reaction toward the whole story he shared:

Amazed or Worried?

Little fact: he’s been good friends with Hong Seok Cheon

2. “Henry went through Nana’s panties and even sniffed it.”

(eww this is so gross how would anyone believe it’s broadcasted on national TV channel???)

He did go check the girls’ room. It’s a cheap script for cheap laughter I agree. And he crossed the line here I also agree.

Let’s be honest, the casts didn’t actually live there and alll the closets were empty. Only some pieces of clothes hung outside. He was still NOT allowed to touch them nevertheless, but facts are no panties were found, let alone sniffed. (Even with script national tv wouldn’t let it happen either way)

He picked up the leggings, showed Jackson and got caught by Nana.

3. “Henry abused Mark to clean his house and put a camera in the restroom to prank on him but luckily Mark realised it soon.”

Watch the actual show before you believe in others’ interpretation:  http://www.vlive.tv/video/34718/playlist/34114

It’s a SHOW. Have you been new to Korean variety shows? Do you really believe that someone would put cameras all over his place to film his own daily life? To have all the perfect angles just in case it’s gonna be broadcasted? Do you really think that Henry had no idea Mark would come for help or Mark didn’t know if Henry would accept his offer when the production team had come over and set up everything in advance? Variety is meant for entertainment. Henry and Mark did everything to make the show more entertaining.

Found a rare post that with critical thinking [x]

Henry wanted to brag about his automatic toilet and that was exactly what amazed Mark, who was also totally aware of the camera. Henry: “I told you so.”

Then he closed the door. And next scene. End of the whole bathroom thing.

Even if you still think it’s not right, it’s also not fair to put all the hate and responsibility on Henry who didn’t even do it.

Other fact: Henry’s been caring for Mark since SM The Rookies

4. “He pressured himself on all the girls”

Henry’s concept on shows is a player. Whatever he does to the girls will be reacted in the same way by other casts. And it only took a few “heart” edits or some background music, despite his ‘neutral’ expression or denial.

Even when he actually was only making a conversation, for example:

5. “Henry is racist”

He’s ignorant regarding the black face issue and he definitely needs to be educated more on the issue.

But Ignorant is not Racist, check out how he treated the black guy he met on Hello Couselor years ago (43:29 - 43:43). He called the guy cool and even suggested that the guy could be a superstar in Korea one day.

UPDATE: Henry apologized for the whole blackface issue and MV styling (p1)(p2)

6. “Amber has always warned us that he’s a trash!”

It’s what best friends do. Everyone knows that. 

But people just want to be selective in interpreting things. While we are at it, also don’t forget:

and “Don’t take this the wrong way. Henry is really nice.” (Shimsimtapa 2017.03.08)

P/s: Wishing someone death is NEVER cool.