In regards to Toby + Maddie

Mod Z here! I know a few of you might be a little let down concerning a post I made a short time ago essentially saying Toby was never supposed to be in the same lifetime as Maddie.

I want to reassure you: Everyone can still draw/fic/whatever Toby and Maddie together!

The intent of the previous post was to merely explain why there’s a gaping plot hole; not to discourage fanworks with them together.

This plothole came about because I created Toby to not overlap with a Mizar. But fans attached one to him anyway, and I’m very okay with that! Then Maritza, a Henry reincarnation, was introduced to be Maddie’s love interest, and that’s when the plot hole really began.

With the events of Reincarnation Blues, Henry wasn’t supposed to reincarnate for many, many lifetimes due to his soul being destroyed. Toby came along very soon after the events of Reincarnation Blues. Thus, a Henry reincarnation shouldn’t be possible alongside Maddie; that is the plot hole.

So to summarize:

  • Toby without Maddie is not “canon”, it’s only what I intended to be canon at first. That can be changed now!
  • Maritza introduces a gaping plot hole, but since so many people adore her, I hesitate to say she isn’t “canon”.
  • In the end, these are all small enough plot holes, and canon is squishy enough for me to say it’s okay to keep up fanworks even with Maritza.
  • I never intended to devalue or invalidate everyone’s hard work with building on Toby - I still think they’re as valid as anything else, even if it’s a bit shaky with the plot hole. I adore them! :)

I apologize for anyone became upset due to my mistake. I really should have taken more time wording such a tender subject. Please, always let me, or any of the other mods, know if this happens again!

anonymous asked:

How are you? How's your wife? How's Henry?

I’m alright! Life is a blessing, I am thankful; even when it’s hard, I try to live with gratitude.

My wife is as beautiful and wonderful as ever. So strong and so kind and so optimistic. She’s having some health concerns right now, so if any of you who see this can send her good vibes, that would be very much appreciated. 

Henry is a good boy, he’s the “good boy” everyone’s talking about when they ask their pets ‘who’s a good boy?!’ ^_^

How are you???