Chapters 1-4 Secret Messages

So I’ve scoured Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the new “Seeing Tool” for more secret messages, and GREAT LORDY LOO i found some.

(These all but confirm the theory that Henry is the one leaving these messages, as well)

Henry has obviously been doing this for… quite some time. (This also explains the forty-two card games with Boris… Henry gets bored…)

These are on practically every Boris poster in the game… probably for the sole reason of making me cry. Yes, me specifically.

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I made some Chica and Henry emotes! They are sized 112 px, 56 px and 28 px. Please if you like these, reblog so Mark can see it. I am really proud of these! uwu



I read a theory about Bendy being the first failed attempt to make a real live cartoon character, I mean.. imagine all the shit he had to go through cus of that bastard Joey. And there was another theory about Henry Stein being dead and the Henry we play as is his uh… soul? And we are in a constant loop? (Idk) So this was just a short comic about how Bendy had to suffer all those years and Henry coming to save him, finally ending the loop, thus freeing them both from this terrible stage Joey set up for them. Therefore, Bendy and Henry both died, but they are finally free and resting in peace. I don’t even know if any of this makes any sense but yeah, it’s just a “what if” scenario.

Anyway, this took so long to draw, I’m so tired, but enjoy!