Don’t call me love, if you don’t love me. Don’t call me baby, if you won’t take care of me. Don’t call me angel, if you don’t want to protect me. Don’t call me sweetheart if you don’t want me to be inside of your chest. If you’re not able to do these things, just call me by my name.
—  henrique carraretto
Letícia, Lucas, Flavia, Pedro, Carolina, Gustavo, Bárbara, Henrique, Patrícia, Felipe, Luana, João, Maria, Carlos, Sofia, Laura, Laysa, Milene, Ana, Julia ou Rafael. Não importa seu nome, sua idade, ou até mesmo onde mora, eu sei que todos nós já tivemos uma dor difícil de se esquecer. E minhas queridas “Esther”, esse nome não significa que vocês iram sofrer, ele significa que vocês iram vencer. Então por favor, não compare esse nome com algo triste, isso me machuca. Eu só quero vocês sorrindo comigo.
—  Ilusões de Esther - Apenas um pedido.

anonymous asked:

ahhh, i hope this ask is okay! how would greece, netherlands, denmark, portugal and seychelles react to having an s/o who was a famous youtuber?

For Port, I am going to be using the name João Henrique Lisboa-Carriedo. It’s a fan made name, so if there are any problems with it, or you have a better ,more Portuguese, name for him then let me know. Same with Seychelles (Michelle Mancham-Bonnefoy). 

Greece/Heracles Karpusi-Portugal/João Henrique Lisboa-Carriedo

I think they’d be curious about your job as a Youtuber, and would watch most, if not all, of the YouTube videos you’d posted. I don’t think they’d mind being in them either, as long as it wasn’t a 24/7 thing. Heracles will not be bothered by fans coming up to you and asking for autographs or pictures frequently, but João might get a little irritated. 

Netherlands/Tim Maes

Tim will take an interest in your job, and might help with your filming process (holding the camera for you or turning it while its on a tripod), but he won’t want to be in your videos. It’s not because he hates your fans or anything, it’s for privacy reasons. Not a fan of having people come up to you, but he won’t really say anything about it. 

Denmark/Mathais Kohler-Seychelles/Michelle Mancham-Bonnefoy 

Both of them would be very excited about the fact that you’re a famous YouTuber. They’d be all about helping you film, and they’d also enjoy being in your videos or doing online challenges with you. I think Michelle might be a little weary when it comes to complete strangers coming up to the two of you, but nonetheless will be friendly to your fans that happen to see you. Mathais, on the other hand, will be pretty excited about meeting your fans, and will energetically conversate with them. 

-Admin K.