henrique capriles


I haven’t written or even reposted anything in here in a long time, but tonight I feel the need of sharing something with Tumblr. 

I’m so tired of people that aren’t Venezuelans and that have never been in the country or know the real situation talking about what’s going on and what’s has been happening since Chavez died. I’ve seen them saying, ‘oh yeah, Chavez government was really good because he helped the poor’ 'I completely support him’ 'The opposition are wrong, a right wing government doesn’t work’. There is some truth in what they have said, yes he did reach out for the poor, yes right wing governments aren’t better, but what they don’t see is all the corruption, all the hypocrisy of the people who are part of the current government saying that the opposition are imperialist, fascists (even nazis, what the actual fuck?) and that we sold out to the USA, when you can clearly see that they’re just stealing everyone’s money for their own benefit.

Its not about about being a government supporter or an opposition supporter, is not about Maduro or Capriles, is about Venezuela and the mayor economic crisis everyone in the country is living, is about the lack of safety that you feel as soon as you put a foot outside your door. 

These past few days the students haven’t been protesting because they don’t like Maduro’s moustache, or because 'they can’t go partying all night’. They’re protesting because they are tired of living in fear, not knowing if they’ll make it back alive to their homes every day and seeing that all their hard work in never going to be paid off. They’re protesting because they have to queue for hours to buy the most basic of things like toilet paper, milk, sugar, even though Venezuela should be a rich country thanks to the amount of oil we produce. They’re protesting because while the government is getting richer the poor is getting poorer. They’re protesting because they are tired of the excuses that the government has for everything, always blaming someone else instead of assuming their responsibilities and dealing with the problems. They’re protesting because they want to live in a country where there is freedom of expression and you don’t need a 'permission’ to protest, even thought the constitution says you don’t need one. They’re protesting because they want someone who will solve the problems and will bring the country together. 

So don’t come telling me that Maduro and his troop are doing a good job. People need to stop believing what they see in the media because what they see in the media has been manipulated by the government so 'we’ people outside Venezuela only see what they want us to see. 

I want to go back home and see my family, I haven’t been home for almost 3 years, I want to see my grandma, my cousins, my aunts, my mum, but I can’t. I am terrified of going home, I’m terrified I’m going there and getting kidnapped or murdered. This is something that hunts me every night, thinking all my family is there and they are in constant danger. I don’t care if our next president is from the left or the right, I just want to be able to go home and see my family without fearing for my life. I want to be able to go to sleep at night and not thinking that something is going to happen to a friend or a family member. I want to see Venezuela being the country should be, a beautiful and rich country with lovely and warm people. 

So Thank You to all the students and people in Venezuela trying to make these changes happen, Thank You for fighting for us, and please, more than anything, Be Safe.  

Good night x

The new “president” of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, won by doing this:

these are votes.

The contender, henrique capriles has proof that he won but the chavista dictator manipulated the votes, then burned the proof and didn’t let people from other countries check and he won’t allow international organizations to count the votes again. 

Today he told the people they can’t protest or he’ll use the armed forces, he’s taking that right from the venezuelans and the world is just staring and doing nothing


I will use a hard hand against fascism and intolerance. I declare it. If they want to overthrow me, come and get me. Here I am, with the people and the armed forces.
—  Nicolas Maduro speaking on efforts to foment a coup by right-wing and US-backed elites following the victory of Venezuela’s Socialist Party in the first post-Chavez election.