You: *ignores that Isak apologised to literally everyone he did wrong (including Eva, who was okay with it in the end), didn’t just accept Even but attempted to fix things with his mother too, forgave Emma for outing him because he realised he treated her poorly and even made life changes to make Even’s life easier, and more*

Me: but he literally tried to correct every mistake he made and that’s all we can ask of him, surely?

You: *ignores that Isak was the only character to ever defend Sana against Islamophobic comments despite the fact that he didn’t like her at that point*

Me: b-but…. he’s a kid… and he’s learning from his mistakes

You: *claims that Even is an arsehole who cheated and doesnt deserve any redemption*

Me: it was wrong, everyone knows that, but he told her immediately after it happened

You: *ignores that Even only went back to Sonja because she was manipulating him into believing Isak was a manic phase and because Isak scared him away*

Me: but… he learnt from his mistakes and opened up to Isak more?

You: *attacks the only LGBT characters for arbitrary mistakes that they have learnt from and attempted to grow from*

Me: but that’s not fair? They learnt from their mistakes?

You: *uses their mistakes to defend William*

Me: you can defend William but…. excusing his mistakes while not forgiving Isak and Even’s??

You: *claims the skam fandom is delusional for forgiving teenagers for making human, normal mistakes and liking a show that shows how they grow from said mistakes which is an important message for teens because it shows people can be forgiven*

Me: …… this is why Norway wanted to keep skam their little secret.


When you think a clip is going to drop at an exact point in time but it doesn’t and you realise that Julie Andem and Co. are just playing with you and they have been the whole time and you question why you let her do this every time but you realise it’s because Skam officially owns your ass and Julie is your Guru.