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So you've completely captivated me with Antistein. Like, I didn't even think about it before but somehow, with whatever witchcraft headcanon magic you seem to have convinced me that it's the cutest thing on this planet. Do you have any more headcanons for it because the community around this ship does not exist and I NEED MORE OF THIS. Sorry to be intrusive, I just get really excited when I discover a new ship I like. XD

ahah thank you! ever since the theories going around about anti and schneeplestein working together i was like well, might as well add another ship to the list lol. but sure! here’s a few more for ya! 💚

  • henrik sees anti as a beautiful disaster and always tells anti when they’re alone together just how beautiful he is. anti tends to brush it off like it’s not important but he secretly treasures those moments.anti loves when henrik comes from behing to hug him and places his arms into anti’s sweatshirt pocket to hug him that way. it makes him feel secure and stable enough for once.
  • when anti is in distress or pain, he tends to glitch more than usual. henrik tries his best to calm down anti, but is afraid that if he might get too close, he’ll hurt himself. thus, whenever anti gets into down moods, he says that he’s a monster and not even schneeplestein wants to get close to him.
  • one of henrik’s favorite aspects about anti is his heterochromatic eyes. he can spend hours looking at the green one and the blue one.
  • when henrik was younger, he wanted to be an artist. unfortunately, his family forced him to become a doctor, but henrik still does art on the side. anti discovered his stash of paints and brushes and blank canvases but instead of scorning him, anti asked with a wide grin if henrik could paint him. henrik’s still working on it in his spare time, wanting it to come out as perfect as possible.
  • henrik enjoys showing video recordings of his surgeries. chase and jackieboy man tend to immediately get grossed out, but anti sits back with him and watches them with henrik. a few times, anti will even place his arm nonchalantly over henrik’s shoulders and ask about certain incisions he’s made. henrik is pleasantly surprised but explains.
  • anti enjoys pushing henrik’s buttons from time to time. anti can be an annoying little shit and loves watching scenes unfold when henrik’s in a rage and yelling. 
  • henrik tends to come home late from work, and most of the time, he’s plain exhausted. anti tries to perk him up so that henrik can shower him in attention, but there are some times when at most henrik only kisses the top of his head before heading to bed. anti always pouts.
  • while most people call anti ‘anti’ or ‘antisepticeye’, henrik tends to use just ‘antiseptic’ when formally talking with anti. henrik is the only one anti allows to call him that. 

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“I really don’t like your parents, Rebekah.” you murmur. “Especially your father… He seems like he wants to break my neck whenever he sees me.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N,” Rebekah said. “They are just overprotective when it comes to their children.” 

“Yes,” you say sarcastically. “I can see that when Mikael yells at you.”

“He was not that bad.” Rebekah defends her father. “At least mother says so. He’s like that because our sister’s death.”

You shrug and look away.

“I understand.” you whisper. “But in the full moon times…”

“Shh!!” Rebekah hushes you. “They cannot hear what you are, then my father never let you see me again.”

“That would be bad.” you admit and she smiles. “You are my best friend, Rebekah.”

“I will always be your best friend.” she says. “When we got old and have a dozen of grandchildren, you’ll see that I keep my promises.”

You giggle and look at her brothers.

“Maybe I will marry one of your brothers, what do you say?”

She giggles too and gives you an amused look.

“Which one?” she asks.

“Let’s see… I know Tatia got two of your brothers, so skip them. Henrik is younger than me, he needs to wait for my sister. Finn is really grumpy, he reminds me of your father. What about Kol?”

“Oh that would be lovely, Y/N,” she claps her hands. “Kol is a bit devil but you could handle him, right?”

“Yes,” you say. “So I could be a part of your family and your father would be the happiest man in world.”

You two laugh so hard that Elijah and Klaus stop training and look at you curiously but you don’t care about them.


The Danish Royal Family appearing on Marselisborg Palace’s terrace || Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s 74th birthday celebrations (16 April 2014)


Get To Know Me Meme [Royalist Edition]

[2/7] Royal Children - Prince Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat

Prince Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat (Christian Valdemar Henri John; born 15 October 2005) is the elder son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. He is a grandson of Queen Margrethe II and her husband Prince Henrik. He has a younger brother, Prince Vincent and two younger sisters, Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine. He is second in the Danish line of succession, after his father. (x)