henrik linde


The Vitals LIVE @ Casey’s Irish Pub 4.18.2014



  • you
  • Ben Porter & Henrik Linde
  • LA in February 2011

You / b porter / 2010

recorded with Henrik sometime last year.

just remembered that the drums in this song was actually made by an old couch. it was in LA so it was a couch not a sofa.


The Vitals Mouth To Mouth

Filmed by ceethreedom


Kate Strand recently sang with Tim Armstrong on his project Tim Timebomb and Friends! Anders Mouridsen on guitars and dobro, John Morrical on piano, Tim Armstrong and Kate on vocals! Really cool project with great people. 


Bones, from the album Qualia

video by Dylan Howard

Kate Strand, Henrik Linde, Dylan Howard


The Vitals live at The Echo Bar Studios in North Hollywood, CA.


Today makes the third anniversary of shooting my first show from The Vitals. This also coincides with THEIR FIRST SHOW EVER. I remember going down to Lot 1 withwifey to check out a band that hadn’t really put out any music except for some short artsy fartsy videos. I kinda knew the guitarist from the studio and I had met his singer girlfriend in passing, and the drummer seemed really intense and kind of intimidating, but there was something about those short videos that had me captivated and made me a fan, sight unseen. I still remember the goosebumps I had from hearing that opening riff in “Eel River” and Henrik’s slide guitar in “Swinger” while a small group of us packed into that tiny back room of Lot 1. The three of them had an energy and intensity that was unlike any band I’ve ever seen, let alone a band playing their first show. There’s something magical and hypnotizing about watching them play, the communication between them is one of the closest examples to telepathy that I’ve seen from a band.

Over the last three years I have been lucky enough to see the trio (and sometimes duo) perform almost 20 times and I still get goosebumps EVERY SINGLE TIME. I really hate pushing bands on to people and I generally don’t, but The Vitals are truly vital to see.