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I actually kind of have a really hard time with liking Even atm simply because I just keep seeing Henrik and I haven't been a big fan of H lately with some of his behaviour and I hate it cause Even is such a sweet pea! But Henrik is not! And I just see this little shit whenever I look at Næsheim now. 😔

uhm,,,,what’s your problem with henrik???

We are also bringing The Crystal Ship artist Jaune with us to Nuart Festival, he will be pasting his quirky trashmen in the streets of Stavanger. Picture by Henrik Haven!

Robert Montgomery follows a tradition of conceptual art and stands out by bringing a poetic voice to the discourse of text art. Picture by Henrik Haven!

The statuettes of Isaac Cordal are catching the attention of pedestrians in the streets of Ostend! How many have you found yet?
📸: Henrik Haven