henrik berkelley

Henrik's Soviet Seduction Technique
  • 1: I want you baby, I want you so bad I will wait in a long line for basic goods while wearing a matching top and bottom tracksuit and then drive away in my government issued Yugo
  • 2: I want you so bad that it rivals the radiation levels under the Chernobyl coffin
  • 3: I want you so bad I will turn this bedroom into a means of production owned by the people, and our passion shall be the product
  • 4: I want you more than the amount of old run down government owned soviet apartments in the Ukrainian countryside
  • 5: I want you more than the amount of warheads that went mysteriously missing when the iron curtain fell
  • 6: I will fall your pants like the iron curtain
  • 7: Let me tell you my five year plan to make you orgasm a lot
  • 8: Dear Aleksei, Quit Stalin and come fuck me. - Henrik.
  • 9: Do you want to enact the siege of Stalingrad in my bedroom, check yes or no.
  • 10: Do you want to reenact Trotsky's death tonight, your penis can be the ice pick, my ass can be the back of Trotsky's head