The Reading Lesson. Henriette Browne (French, 1829-1901). Oil on canvas.

With a basket of books and papers at her side, the one girl gives an informal lesson in reading to the girl to her left. The younger child has dropped a book and is taking a nap, likely in preparation for the school day.

Fan art of Henriette ‘One Eye’ Cooper from the Sly Cooper franchise. She’s probably my favourite Cooper ancestor. I’ve made her fur nearly white because I feel that she had distinctly lighter fur than the other Coopers and if Riochi can be a brown raccoon, Henriette can sure as hell be white. :)

Character © Sucker Punch Productions

Portrait of a Lady (1877). Henriette Browne (French, 1829-1901). Oil on canvas.

Sophie de Bouteiller, better known by the pseudonym Henriette Browne, studied under Charles Joshua Chaplin beginning in 1851. In this work, the lady is dressed in white with rose ornamentation. She marks her place in her book as she looks up with pleasure.