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“He sent me another pair of vampire teeth, ugh.”

“I hate to say it, but I think Count Douchebag has ‘imprinted’ on you, as the vamp kids call it.”

“…don’t fucking say such fucking horrible things, Michael.”

I aged them up a bit, because high-school/middle-school drama is best drama, what with all the hormones running wild. Firkle is in in grade 4 still, tho.



“Heading out to South Park / 'Cause I cannot unwind / I Like Spiders, loss and rain / I’m only happy when I’m in pain”

Goth Kids (South Park): Henrietta, Firkle, Michael & Pete | Photo credit: Kyuu Eturautti   


I had my party at Stark’s Pond and it turned out great! We went with a glowsticks theme. We played capture the flag with glowsticks and then had cake and did karaoke. Thanks to all my friends for showing up and giving me a great 18th birthday party!

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, this was Kyle’s first time getting actually drunk. That was pretty awesome. 
- Stan

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