henri the black cat

Since people keep asking questions, I made you a list of Marvel heroes and villains who are NOT STRAIGHT in at least one of the many Marvel universes according to the Marvel wiki.

Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)
Anole (Victor Borkowski)*
Beast (Henry McCoy)*
Benjamin Deeds*
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
Bling! (Roxanne Washington)*
Bloke (Mickey Tork)*
Bouncer (Renata Da Lima)*
Captain Flame (Frank Cortez)
Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)*
Cullen Bloodstone
Deadpool (Wade Wilson)*
Destiny (Irene Adler)
Flatman (Val Ventura)*
Freedom Ring (Curtis Doyle)
Hulkling (Teddy Altman)
Human Torch (Jack Storm)*
Iceman (Bobby Drake)*
Inertia (Edith Freiberg)
Jackpot (Alana Jobson)
James Howlett*
Jane Smythe*
Jennifer Kale
Jonas Graymalkin*
Julio Rictor*
Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh)*
Karolina Dean
Lightspeed (Julie Power)
Living Lightning (Miguel Santos)
Machinesmith (Samuel Saxon)
Miss America (America Chavez)
Monsieur Mallah
Moondragon (Heather Douglas)
Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)*
Mulholland Black*
Mystique (Raven Darkholme)*
Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)*
Phat (William Robert Riley)*
Pod (Aikku Jokinen)
Prodigy (David Alleyne)*
Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)*
Rawhide Kid (Jonathan Clay)
Ren Kimura
Riot (Heidi Sladkin)
Russian (comics)
Skein (Sybil Dvorak)*
Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson)
Stacy X (Miranda Leevald)*
Stryker (Brandon Sharpe)
Sunfire (Mariko Yashida)*
Superia (Deidre Wentworth)
Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)
Victoria Hand
Vivisector (Myles Alfred)*
Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)*
Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

The ones with asterisks at the end are mutants or might not be available depending on how character rights are distributed since they’re sticking somewhat to the MCU.

The guts of the carved pumpkin are all over her. In her hair and under her fingernails. 

But as she sets the finished product on their porch, she decides that it was worth it. It had been a team effort and it showed. Henry had drawn the picture of a black cat with a full moon behind it, Killian carved it with his hook, and she dug out the insides. 

As she comes back into the house, the smell of the seeds baking in the oven welcomes her. The Swan’s used to do that and she used to avoid making them for that reason.

But now it was a Halloween tradition. Along with having a marathon of a bunch of old, cheesy movies and stuffing themselves full of sweets. 

“You guys didn’t start without me, did you?” she inquires as she settles on the couch next to Henry.

Killian reaches over and passes her a handful of peanut butter cups. “Of course not, love.”


Henry’s story:

so one day this stray cat- black and white, kind of dirty, thinner than what’s probably healthy for a cat- comes into the museum and no one really knows what to do with it- the miniatures in particular are afraid of it because hello, giant hairy beast???

except mr squirrel tamer of course

so Octavius makes friends with the cat and names it Henry- and then Jedediah warms up to him eventually and hey aww hes pretty cute let’s keep him- and they end up using him to ride around the museum whenever they want

and then nicky sees him and pulls up the tail and henry’s a girl oops

but they don’t care- they take care of her just the same, and shes just the museum cat. They feed her so well that she gets fatter and fatter until her favorite past time becomes just lying around. Jed and octy don’t care of course, they can just sleep along with her if they want to.

then one day henry shows up with another cat- this ones a thin ginger cat that looks well taken care of but they cant find a collar and no one comes looking for him even after two weeks so they keep him

nicky confirms it’s a boy and names him brad before either jed or octy can put in a word- octy never hears the end of it, because he got to name henry and why cant jed name this cat

two months later and they’ve got three kittens along with their two cats- jed names them all

meatloaf, noodles, and octavius

“you can’t name him after me”

“course i can, you said i could name ‘em all”

“at least name him octavius jr or octavius II or something, anytHING”


“but how are we going to tell the difference”

“well lets see- one of ems smelly, impossible to control, loud and obnoxious, hairy as anything, and always puts his butt in my face- an’ the other one’s a cat”

“I was just playing hide-and-seek with the nicest black cat! It’s my lucky day!” - Henry (Fire Emblem: Awakening).


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