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K, so, Henri was coming to America with his parents from France when he was 6 with his parents but his parents had to sign an agreement that they would work for the guy taking them there for 7 years as payment. but then, after not even a month, there was this sickness spreading over the ship and both Henri’s parents died because of it.

Then the captain made Henri work for him and pay off his parents debts to him that they never got to pay (so basically he had to work for him for a long time). So little Henri was basically this guy’s servant/slave for a long time and if he screwed up he would be put in this cage in the boat for hours and there was a lot of implied abuse because when Moses and James went up to him while he was in the cage he thought they were there to hurt him.

So anyway he ends up escaping by Moses breaking him out of the cage and they put him in a box with straw in it and carry him out pretending that they were carrying a box of the printing press parts they came to get in the first place before they found Henri

Moses and James ask Binny Ben Franklin if Henri could stay and pay for his room and stuff by working at the printing press and Ben said yeah, but he should learn to read and write in French and English

He became good friends with James and Moses and Sarah when she comes along and helps out in the print shop and is an apprentice under James.

Also when Lafayette Arrives, Henri immediately latches on to him as a father figure and a fellow French citizen.

He also later becomes  Friends with John Quincy Adams, Henri teaches him how to have fun and John Quincy teaches him how to read and write better and they are adorable.

i haven’t seen the last few episodes so im not sure if anything happens in them but i know that Henri is a sweetie pie who deserves hugs