henri joseph thomas


15-18/∞ favourite photographs of Richard Harmon.

richard harmon + spongebob : part two

(disclaimer, these images are not mine. credit goes to the rightful owner/s)


1. Edith and Bertie have to marry

2. Thomas deserves more than he got in that episode

3. Still not over Talbot and Mary

4. Chelsie was so freaking sweet

5. Baxley has to be a thing

6. Matthew, please come back as a ghost and talk to Mary

7. Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason have to marry, care for Daisy and be a little   happy family

8. Baby Bates

9. Where is Clarkson?

10.Tom has to find happiness too

11. I need more of the Dowager Countess

If Fellowes fucks that Christmas Special up, I am going to fly to the UK and throw something at his head