Some random scenes with Kiheitai chibs bc I really needed to draw them after last week’s chapter ;;

Nothin’s changed

‘cause we know the fact that the Kiheitai was born to destroy the world 

That the Kiheitai was born in order to save one girl

And that both those things are who we are.

Gintama manga chap 641

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

You may think I am in denial by saying this but until I actually see the crispy remains of Bansai OR the sight of the Hinokagutsuchi being blown up into pieces with him still inside the vessel, I simply refuse to believe he is dead. It’s bad enough that you already set Henpeita on a suicide mission to buy his comrades just 15 more minutes, so I cannot believe that you would wipe out TWO of Kiheitai’s core members simultaneously like that. That would simply be too, too cruel of you. Not that you aren’t prone to spouts of cruelty like that—you did have Gintoki live with the pain of executing his teacher all these years—but…still. TWO of them?  All at once?? Especially Bansai?? Our dear musician? Otsuu’s beloved music producer? The only compassionate member of the Kiheitai who showed mercy right from the start by NOT killing Yamazaki? He doesn’t deserve this kind of end. Not especially when he wants to live. Just thinking of his words now is making the tears well up in my eyes. However, I refuse to give in to crying. I am still holding on to that tiny, tiny tendril of hope that you are only scaring us; that, in the end, either both Henpeita and Bansai will survive their seemingly hopeless situations, or at the very least, Bansai will live. No disrespect meant to Henpeita, but if he were to perish in his mission, that could only be a positive thing for him since he would instantly be known as an actual hero instead of just a lolicon. Bansai needs no further glory like that, so his death would only be a devastating blow. You only just spent the last chapter reiterating how much he means to Takasugi; he has always been his valued right hand man, the one closest to him in the group. Heck, you actually fooled me into thinking just last week that they had become a canon pair. To take all of that away from him now, from all of us, would just be too heart-breaking and unbearable for words.

So please, in all your merciful capacity, please spare Bansai. If possible, I would ask that you spare BOTH Bansai AND Henpeita. Takasugi’s cold interior has only started melting; he needs his family, all of them, by his side in this new phase of his life. He finally has a chance to be a relatively happy human being (or at least as happy as someone like Takasugi could ever be), please don’t take all of that away from him just like that. I am honestly downright frightened that your intent is just to do that so that when it comes time for him to face Utsuro, he would have that extra edge to go all out to the point of killing himself in order to kill the monster that was his old teacher just so he could reunite with his two friends in the afterlife. As grippingly dramatic that scenario is, I don’t want it. I don’t want to sob until my tear ducts dry out. So again, please, PLEASE, for the love of everything, have mercy. Don’t go there.  

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


PS: I almost can’t bear this…his words…my heart…please, let these friends live on together.

Thoughts on Gintama 640

Sigh. I pretty much bet Takechi will die within the next few chapters.. :/ 

Sort of a deep, retrospective, and EXPLOSIVE-filled chapter this time. Not too fast paced for once (I smell irony there). 

I knew it, Matako’s gonna be safe. But see how Takasugi hesitated there a bit? It’s possibly because of his ultimate goal and his own words overshadowing what he might have wanted to do i.e. save his comrade. He probably felt very conflicted..

I love the conversation between Bansai and Takasugi here. It highlights their relationship as leader-follower, and possibly as people who encourage each other (aka friends?). I can’t find the right words orz


But you are still alive, aren’t you?

AAAAAAHH such a strong bond between these two!! Such touching words!! ( ; v;)/

A new dimension of Takasugi’s character has been revealed (more clearly and directly)!! 



And finally…Like I said, the possibility of Takechi being on his final task is very high..Seeing how this chapter has ended. Plus, it’s interesting how the first encounter between Takasugi and Takechi led to the former influencing the latter in such a deep manner. 

I really hope that isn’t the case but Takechi discarding his habit of following logic to do a very crucial task is..very much linked to being his last and final task..But let’s see how things unfold. Sorachi-sensei is the master of twists anyway.