• me: well, this random npc standing alone in a field seems kind of suspicious.
  • npc: can you help me? i'm lost.
  • me: oh, okay. sorry, though, i can't help.
  • npc: too bad. oh, you wouldn't happen to be link, would you? your life is mine!
  • me: ah, there it is.

escape from the city and follow the sun 

by annanotesxo (24k)

Published : 2016-06-01

“Niall - what the fuck do you mean, you’re *not* coming until Monday?”

“Listen, Lou…” He could hear Liam laughing in the background. “Li and I missed the connecting flight and there isn’t another one until Monday. Shit happens. You and Harry are just going to have to start the lads holiday without us.”

OR - the one where Niall and Liam ‘miss’ their flight to meet up with Louis and Harry on their lads’ holiday, leaving the two boys who don’t seem to speak to one another to try and not kill each other for three whole days.

Something about Radiant Historia that has always brought me joy because I am a terrible person is: you fight dozens, probably hundreds, of Granorg soldiers over the course of the game, including city and palace guards. Now, some of them are probably not from the capital and employee turnover probably went way up under Protea, but it is nevertheless pretty much 100% guaranteed that more than one enemy soldier’s last thought before Raynie electrocuted them out of existence was, “Wait, that guy in the red looks a lot like-”