hennessey ingalls

To all my book-loving Tumblr friends, especially BlueStockingBookWorm, BookPorn, Books-Cupcakes, Falling-inLove-With-Books, BookRiot, TeaandaBbook, and all the other literature addicts out there-

This Saturday, April 30th is National Independent Book Seller Day! Kind of  like Small Business Saturday, it’s an opportunity to show our love and appreciation to mom and pop bookshops, specialty bookstores, used bookstores and
other indie book dealers. I hope everybody who truly loves to read will skip Barnes & Noble and Amazon on Saturday, and visit their local indie book store, because they are the best friends of emerging and mid-list authors, the champions of undiscovered gems, and they genuinely love to introduce their customers to new books, new writers, and they are instrumental in building careers from the ground up. They provide much more personal, professional and informed service that you will get at a big box store like B&N.

I don’t know if I am going to Book Soup, or  Hennessey & Ingalls, the art and architecture book dealers, or Skylight Books, but it is wonderful to still have choices. There used to be so many wonderful indie and specialty bookstores in LA- mysteries, sci-fi, travel books, cookbooks, art books, all that their own unique storefronts  (RIP A Change of Hobbit, Dangerous Visions, The Cooks’ Library, The Mysterious Bookshop et al) before Amazon and the Internet killed them off. For those of us who love to browse, to hold real books in our hands, to get lost among over-crowded bookshelves, there is no replacing them.