Walker Library (7 of 41)

There are so many things to love about the new library in Uptown. Three sides of the building are made up of floor to ceiling windows. The space is extremely inviting with brightly colored furniture, book displays on relevant themes to the community, and an overall awesome location. The library is located at the intersection of the Greenway bike path and one of the main Metro Transit Centers in Minneapolis. This library is just what the neighborhood needed. A free and energizing space to get work done and let the imagination run wild. 

Washburn Library (6 of 41)

The Washburn Library is conveniently located near the Minnehaha Creek bike path. My favorite feature of this branch are the study nooks in non-fiction that overlook the creek. There also is a community puzzle table. I attempted to contribute a piece, but puzzles with giant trees are impossible. Fun Fact: They have a closet full of 60 puzzles in their workroom. I wonder if puzzles circulate in some libraries? Either way, great community activity for all ages.

Linden Hills Community Library (5 of 41)

The Linden Hills neighborhood is a booklover’s delight. On one block you can bike past Wild Rumpus (the best children’s bookstore EVER), seven tiny libraries, and of course, the public library.

People will smile and wave, and invite you into their cafes. If you look hard enough you may even spot Rory Gilmore or Joey Potter, because Linden Hills is that quaint.

The Linden Hills Library has a marvelous reference collection on the history of Minneapolis and its libraries. It’s the perfect library to curl up with a coffee and peruse the good ol’ days.

Window glass art by Phil Daniel

Why bibliobiker?

I am a Library & Information Science student studying at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I also work in circulation at a public library in the Twin Cities. My interest in this field was first sparked when I realized public libraries are one of the few civic spaces where all people are welcome. No matter your gender, race, ability, political or religious views, or socioeconomic status, all are invited to take advantage of the services offered at their local library. And so, I am honored to be an advocate for public libraries.

While falling in love with libraries and living in Minneapolis, I caught the cycling bug. This city has made it impossible for me to resist the urge to jump on my thrifted Schwinn and ride around town. There are miles of urban pathways looping around the city and its beautiful lakes. You can spot a bike shop in nearly every neighborhood and Minneapolis hosts several events centered around cycling in the city – one bar even offers $2 beers if you bike in wearing a helmet!

Like libraries, biking brings people together to create a sense of community, which is something I highly value. So now, fusing two passions, I have set out to pedal to all 41 branches of the Hennepin County Library system.

Cheers to biking, books and blogging!