hennepin public library

Google, Shmoogle. Reference Librarians Are Busier Than Ever
When it comes to finding 1837 Ohio weather reports or blueprints to build a guillotine, millions still prefer asking experts at the public library. ‘There’s no really stupid question.’
By James R. Hagerty

“At the Hennepin County public libraries in Minnesota, Jonathan Copeland specializes in questions about pop music. He said one caller wanted to find a “nasty” song that John Lennon wrote about Bob Dylan. The librarian identified two printed sources referring to Mr. Lennon’s “Serve Yourself,” a sendup of Mr. Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

James Scott, a Sacramento librarian, said one woman woke up with a red blotch on her skin and wanted to know if it was in the shape of any meaningful symbol. He offered books on symbology.“


I have been going to so many new places lately. Places that I should have already been to since living in Minneapolis for over 3 years. Nonetheless, I’m making up for lost time real fast. I can thank my Brighton friends and Installation and Performance class for that.

After going a bike ride to Minnehaha falls last night, I woke up with some good sores today. With no time to lose, my class went on a mission to complete a series of performances around Minneapolis in which we collectively formed the “spinning wheel of death” near places with high vantage points. We visited the Hennepin Public Library, City Hall, Stone Arch Bridge, and Guthrie Hall. The wind was out of control, though, so our cardboard and stick color wheel contraptions snapped into shrapnel and blew off into the distance. A man from the Star Tribune found us playing in the wind (oddest phrase ever) and took a few pictures and joined our adventure for a bit. After swimming through air, we finished the day with some delights at the Wilde Roast Cafe near St. Anthony Main.

All in all, I would love to revisit all of these places…and I think I will!

*Photos found on Google Images.