hennepin county government center

It’s been ages since I went to my downtown office. Senior management is in town today. They like to see everyone come to the office to meet and greet.

I don’t mind that at all. The managers are great people. I’d show up to see them even if it hadn’t been suggested. Plus breakfast will be served. Nice managers, free food. Ooh, maybe we’ll get ice cream in the afternoon!

As I used to do I took the bus downtown. I brought my bicycle with so I can pedal home. Working from home is fantastic but I miss being downtown and riding my bike.

The bus talks more than I remembered. Now approaching 6th Street. Hennepin County Government Center.

The driver was cheerful. At each stop she reminded everyone to check for belongings before exiting the bus. She punctuated that with And have a great day!

I am going to have a great day.


Good night and good morning Minneapolis

A two minute long exposure shot from the Broadway Ave bridge over the Mississippi River looking towards downtown Minneapolis. I took this around midnight after most of the buildings downtown had shut off the lights that illuminate the skyline.

Hours later in downtown you’d find a quiet sunrise near the Hennepin County Government Center.

MARCH 8, 2016 - 68/366

Looking across the roof of the Armory, to the new Vikings Stadium, to Riverside Plaza, and then beyond. You can even make out downtown St. Paul just above the stadium. I had never seen this exact view before; thanks to the security guard at Hennepin County Government Center who suggested it to me.