henna dreads

White people really do need to stay in their lane, I’m tired of seeing y'all in dreads, boxbraids, henna, bindis and anything else that isnt a part of the culture that you dont have. Its not yall culture, step away. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp.

Dear Tumblr

What cultural appropriation is: Taking something with spiritual significance or something that has to be earned through hard work, physical or spiritual (ex. Native American headdresses) and turning it into an accessory

What cultural appropriation is not: wearing something from another culture that is already an accessory in that particular culture (ex. dreads, cornrows, henna, kimonos)

Also, it’s important to note that it is perfectly ok to participate in other cultures. In regards to the first point, if you want to participate in the rituals of other cultures, that’s perfectly ok! Learn the cultures history, talk to the people of those cultures, i’m sure they would be happy that you are taking an interest in their culture enough to learn about it and what it means to be a part of it. We shouldn’t police what other people do, but we should also be respectful and not trivialize spiritual rituals and customs from other cultures.