henley monday

Henley Monday - 

This is Jessie Pavelka. I found him one day just bopping around the internet, as one does. I’m not sure of his exact level of fame, but according to his Wikipedia page he “is an American fitness expert and television host, specializing in extreme weight loss”. Apparently he’s hosted a few shows in England focusing on said extreme weight loss and is also cousin to well-known and reviled former Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Hopefully they are estranged. 

All this is to say MAMA MIA LOOKY AT THAT MAN WEARING THAT HENLEY LOOKING INTO CAMERA WITH THAT FACE. It’s enough to stop your heart which I imagine could be quite a hazard in his line of work.

Still, unf. Major unf.


Henley Monday - 

Everyone! Everyone rejoice! Today marks the return of Henley Monday yet again. Has life been unbearable without it? Probably. I hope not, but it’s become a staple in my life for sure. 

Enter yet another outstandingly charming, talented, and attractive British actor named Tom. This Tom is Tom Mison most known for playing the man out of time Ichabod Crane on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow which is great, great, great. 

Enjoy him in this little soft, jersey hooded henley, and maybe later avail yourself of all episodes of Sleepy Hollow for it is pure delight in many parts thanks to the sincere and greatly comic work of Tom. Nicole Beharie is also a total boss on it so, yeah. Just watch the show, folks.

Henley Monday -

I’m back from England and your good graces!!! This week we will be having an unprecedented THREE RECAP WEEK due to the back log caused by my travels abroad.

Also to appeal to your lovely hearts, I give you this picture of absolute heartthrob Chris Messina aka Danny Castellano of The Mindy Project.

It’s apt because Chris Messina is always apt, but Fox just announced that The Mindy Project will only be returning for a fifteen episode third season. This is not the kiss of death necessarily for the show, but it is SO HARD to consider not getting our full dose of Lahiri/Castellano gold.

OUR LIVES ARE HARD. But we prevail. Thanks to images like the above.

Henley Monday -

I don’t know you guys, maybe it’s the chili I made our maybe it’s the Winter Olympics in full swing, but this Monday was not so bad. I think it’s definitely the Olympics. They lift me up and inspire me and also there are so many beautiful v international make athletes. It’s truly a gift in the middle of this more than harsh winter.

In any case, here is Richard Armitage looking fine so fine. Be bad with your British self, Richard! MMM MHMM!

Henley Monday - 

MONDAY indeed! It’s certainly not the best of times over here, and I need all the strength and inspiration I can get to deal with just today. 

Enter this rugged man. He’s just a man, we don’t know who he is or what films he’s been in. We can make up anything we want about him. I, for instance, have chosen to believe that he is a Welsh sailor looking off into the distance at his grand ship that takes him all over the world, but his heart is always wandering home. Isn’t that nice? I think so.

What do you want his story to be? Day dream about it while the time tick-tocks away and you can be home once more.