Burn Hole, Henk Peeters, 1961

Plastic and Wood

Tate Modern.

Burn Hole 1961 is an example of Peeters’s series of ‘pyrographies’, works in which he burned holes in a layer of monochrome, often white, plastic stretched tightly over a stretcher frame. (…) The scorching process has left behind traces of black soot from the smoke produced. For this work the artist has burned the white plastic in a vertical line extending from the top to the bottom in the centre of the composition. The process has created an uneven series of scorchmarks and burn holes in a line that bisects the work. The pyrographies are related to the Zero and Nul movements with which Peeters was associated in the 1960s, and have affinities with the concerns and practices of the nouveau réalisme group in France, particularly the work of Yves Klein.”

More at: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/peeters-burn-hole-t13407/text-summary