Okay, so here’s the thing i just find this two people amazing. We were at Sarrosa to celebrate Camille’s debut. The place was enchanting, very princess like dream. And, I know she wanted it that way. Her loved ones and close friends are there to celebrate with her. Dinner, party, 18 wishes, 18 candles, 18 treasure, 18 roses, performances. Perfect. But, what really captured my attention was her last dance. I know that she had a Boyfriend. But, I was just amazed how Tof held her tightly. How the love and care was shared, how sweet it is to do that in front of Camille’s family. The way he holds her hand, the feeling of protection was there. The love, the care, the sweetness, the bond between them just captivated every ones heart. I just didn’t thought how Camille had changed, how she had grew into someone really better and amazing. The way Tof sung to her, how he looks into Camille’s eyes, the feeling of sincerity, the nervousness his feeling, yet he managed everything for Camille. Plus, the song Camille chose for their dance, really. AMAZING. So, enough said. The night, Camille’s night, Her night was really amazing.  

Thank you for letting me come on your birthday to celebrate with you.  I wish you all the happiness in life, the courage to face the world with a smile on your face, wisdom to guide you through your travel in this world, every lasting love from the people around you. I promise I will be here for you, when you need me. Then, i will be someone whom you can share all those Dramas in life.

So, Happy Birthday Camille. ILY :*

secretlifeofawallflower replied to your post: Unexpected happening.

Know what I think? Guess he still loves you. Hope it will be clear for the two of you though :)

Uhh I really don’t know about that Alissa. His words and actions confuses me. I really do hope things will get better between us. Thank you. :)

aspiresweetdiaries replied to your post: Unexpected happening.

Well, ate jean that’s the right thing and its good for the both of you. I feel so sad that you guys ended up. :(

Oh I’m so sorry. It’s just that things weren’t going right for us. I really thought he was the one– my forever. But I guess I thought wrong. 

heneverstopstosmile replied to your post: Unexpected happening.

i hope he wont hurt you na ate..

Lagi, I know maguol pud ka. Sagdi lang manghud, I won’t let myself get hurt again. I’ve had enough pain na. Thank you. :)