“Hey princess.”

“Hey..! You said you have a surprise..?”

“Yeah, I finished my car, she’s outside. I wanted you to be the first person to take a ride in her, aside from me.”

“It looks great. Like, really really really great. I’m so proud of you, Hendrix and of course I’d want to go for a ride!”

“Thanks baby cakes. First… What happened at the doctors?”

I squeezed his hand as held mine, almost forgetting how my day had been going… Until he asked me that same question again. He was worried and I didn’t want him to be. He had already been dealing with so much emotionally and mentally lately that the last thing I wanted was to worry him. I coughed lightly, biting down my bottom lip and chewing on it for a moment. I had never been in this situation before and I didn’t even get to have that time where I got to sit and think on it. Like I didn’t even know how to feel exactly about it. 

“I.. Uhh.. Dammit..”

My nerves took over then. Something that was quite rare with me. I took a deep breath, exhaling as my eyes stayed on him.

I’m pregnant.”