The last of Hendrix on British soil. 30th August 1970

Stefan Wallgren recalls, “due to an overrun of sets from artists performing before Hendrix, I fell asleep waiting for him to perform. I was then awoken at about 12am by the sound of Hendrix’s guitar, it instantly made me wide eyed, i grabbed a friend and we determinedly headed as close to the front as possible. At the front my friends and I took it in turns to share what equipment we had, i took all the cameras and lenses and confidently strolled up to security at the front barriers pretending to be important and was able to photograph Hendrix uninterrupted at the very front.”

The great Jim Herndrix.

Barrie Wentzell says.

“Jimi appeared live on Lulu’s T.V. show and caused a sensation when he stopped playing ’Hey Joe’ during the middle announcing, ’I’ve had enough of this!’ He started instead to play ’Sunshine of my Love’, a song by my favorite band Cream!. I saw Jimi by the window and asked Lulu if I could take a picture of them together. Jimi was a BIG star but agreed to a snap. This picture was taken later, with Jimi in a reflective mood and a great outfit.”