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➥ Fifty Shades of Black Movie Storyline
An inexperienced college student meets a wealthy businessman whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship.

➸ Fifty Shades of Black Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-12-26
Casts : Brad Schmidt, Jenny Zigriano, Kate Miner, Marlon Wayans, Affion Crockett, Mike Epps, Fred Willard, Jane Seymour, Tina Grimm, Florence Henderson, Andrew Bachelor, Alice Rietveld, Kali Hawk
Duration : 92 minutes runtime
Rating : 4.2


POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2016 Day Three.

This week, February 6th through the 14th, artists from around the world are currently participating in POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2016.  The week-long street art festival features gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts and live art installations.  The event also focuses on using art to bring communities together and the feeling of friendship, family and art is very much alive here in Kaka’ako, Honolulu.

The scenes above: Slinkachu’s miniatures continue to appear around Kaka’ako creating excitement and adventures to seek them out.  Andrew Hem and Ekundayo continue to awe and inspire as they get closer to completing their collaborative mural.  Felipe Pantone works on side two of his colorful, well executed mural.  Edwin Ushiro entertains guests as he continues to progress on his stunning work.  The NTL Cru wall begins to take shape as 5 of the 7 artists of the wall have begun their work.  Christina Angelina begins her massive wall with beautiful, Hawaiian birds.  Defer closing in on completing his crazily complex wall.  James Jirat Patradoon gets to work with a large scale version of his electrically charged artwork.  Hauser closing in on completing one of the best colored walls I’ve ever seen.  Freddy Sam’s photorealistic wall taking shape.

You can check out my week long coverage of the event by checking out all of Supersonic’s posts on POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2016 or Supersonic’s Instagram.

Fifty Shades of Black Movie (2015) Original Title

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⇙ Fifty Shades of Black Movie Storyline:
An inexperienced college student meets a wealthy businessman whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship.

✵ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-12-26
Category : Comedy, Romance
Casts : Jane Seymour, Andrew Bachelor, Affion Crockett, Kali Hawk, Kate Miner, Mike Epps, Brad Schmidt, Fred Willard, Florence Henderson, Tina Grimm, Jenny Zigriano, Marlon Wayans, Alice Rietveld
Runtime : 92 minutes

The same day your shrink suggests that maybe this abiding interest in casual sex falls a little short of productive, you book a plane ticket to Brooklyn to see a guy you have only known in person for about ten hours total. The distance makes you far more interesting to him than proximity ever could. He is short and bright but not difficult and defines himself through things and the rituals he ascribes to those things, a characteristic painters shouldn’t be averse to, theoretically. He lights candles as a preamble to sex. He loves Maggie Nelson but does not want to talk about feminism because he feels ill-equipped to talk about feminism because he is. You drop your dress to the floor when he asks you if you’ve seen Lethal Weapon, but he ignores the bait and persists in playing you the clip where Mel Gibson tries to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. He laughs at Mel’s accent. You have no idea what to do with your face.
And so I was the beast. I gave myself to it, and all my sorrow came out in the roaring. My lungs supplied the air but the note came from my soul. The roaring scalded my throat and hurt the corners of my mouth and presently I filled the den like a bass organ pipe. This was where my heart had sent me, with its clamor. This is where I ended up. Oh, Nebuchadnezzar! How well I understand that prophecy of Daniel. For I had claws, and hair, and some teeth, and I was bursting with hot noise, but when all this had come forth, there was still a remainder. That last thing of all was my human longing.
—  Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King

On February 12, 1940, the Man of Steel flew from the pages of the comics to the airwaves in The Adventures of Superman, a series that aired until 1951.

Superman made his debut in the pages of DC Comics, but much of the character’s mythology grew out of his radio adventures and later worked its way into the comic stories.  Plucky cub reporter Jimmy Olsen and blustery newspaper editor Perry White were both original creations for the radio series. Ditto Metropolis Police Inspector Henderson, one of Superman’s allies on the police force. The first meeting of Superman and Batman happened on radio in 1945 (they’d appeared on covers of comics before, but radio featured the first story where the characters teamed up), and Superman had his first encounter with his Achilles’ heel - Kryptonite - not on the pages of the comics, but on the radio series.

The show was a ratings success practically from the start.  Radio veteran Jack Johnstone (who later directed Bob Bailey as Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar) directed the early shows, and the series topped the charts among three-day-a-week children’s serials.  The series aired in syndication until March 9, 1942.  Six months later, it returned over the entire Mutual Network in a five-day-a-week series.  Directed by George Lowther and later Allen Ducovny, Superman exploded during the World War II era, as Kryptonite was thrown into the mix in 1943 and Superman and his friends fought Nazis as often as they fought domestic villains.  One of these baddies led to one of the show’s longest and most celebrated storylines when Superman battled a Nazi-engineered, Kryptonite-fueled Atom Man out to avenge the defeat of Germany from October to December 1945.

But it wasn’t all fights with Atom Men and imaginary monsters.  On the air, Superman fought racial intolerance and bigotry, and today the series is as fondly remembered for its social consciousness as much as for its thrilling adventures.  In one memorable arc (the “Unity House” series), Superman defended an interfaith community center from a gang of bigots; in another, he battled the “Clan of the Firey Cross,” a thinly veiled substitute for the Ku Klux Klan.  Despite pressure from some listeners (and a threatened boycott by the KKK itself), Mutual and Kellogg’s, the show’s sponsor, stuck by their program, and the series received seals of approval from the Boys Clubs of America, the Associated Negro Press, and the United Parents Association, among others.

At the center of this series, providing the voice of a man who could change the course of mighty rivers and bend steel in his bare hands, was a busy radio actor who initially didn’t want the gig.  By age 32, Clayton “Bud” Collyer  was appearing on all four major networks over several dozen series.  And while he won the job by creating two distinct voices for Superman and his secret identity of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, he initially turned down the role.  “The whole idea embarrassed me, so I said no,” he recalled years later.  Collyer would also voice the Man of Steel in the classic cartoons from Max Fleischer, and he returned in 1966 for Filmation’s New Adventures of Superman.  Later, in the years following the Golden Age of Radio, Collyer would find fame as a game show host on television, anchoring shows like Quick as a Flash and To Tell the Truth.  He played Superman in close to 1,700 shows and was the “voice” of the Man of Steel to a generation as much as George Reeves was the “face” on television.

Collyer was backed up by a great cast in the Superman family.  Joan Alexander set the template for Lois Lane - smart, spunky, and willing to jump into the fray as no damsel in distress.  Julian Noa voiced the perpetually frustrated editor Perry White, and Jackie Kelk (Homer on The Aldrich Family) gave the right dose of “gee whiz” enthusiasm to Jimmy Olsen.  But a comic book adventure is lost without a narrator, and for most of its run Superman had a humdinger in Jackson Beck, who famously intoned the legendary introduction that began with “Faster than a speeding bullet!” (Yep, that was coined for the radio series as well.)

In honor of his anniversary, I’ll post one of Superman’s early radio adventures where he tries to save the Daily Planet from destruction at the hands of a vengeful villain. For more from the Golden Age of Radio, click here to subscribe to the “Down These Mean Streets” podcast in iTunes.

♡The Bachelors & Their Dates♡

Below is a list off all the bachelors and their bidders! If your character did not get paired up with anyone, please do not get discouraged! This does not mean you can’t go on a date with whoever you placed your bid for! And remember, the money was really all for charity (hehehe) Also, if you’re unsure why your name is on there, but you didn’t bid, it’s because there was an anonymous bid made in your name! (This was a plot I said could happen) and if you were paired up more than once it’s because plot wise, we created a mix up with votes! Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this portion of the event and thank you for participating!

             Vince Williams accompanied by Alessia Harrington
         Gabriel Sztajnberg accompanied by Landon Rutherford
             Wesley Stevens accompanied by Maddie York
            Jackson Boucher accompanied by Olivia Richards
              Leo Callahan accompanied by Marion Carter
           Dante Moretti accompanied by Emilia Vanderbilt 
             Vincent Peason accompanied by Alena Blohm
               Kyle Henderson accompanied by Luna Todd
               Oliver Abbott accompanied by Laurel Moore
               Edward Kilcher accompanied by Maxine Scherer
              Jaxon Moore accompanied by Beth Grayson
               Simon Meadows accompanied by Beth Grayson
               Ezra Ramsay accompanied by Danielle Milestone
           Francesco Velussi accompanied by Aspen Castellano
               Gabriel Alvarez accompanied by Jamie Vasquez
               Gideon Boyle accompanied by Elizabeth Miller
               Greyson Fairmont accompanied by Cecilia Owens
               James Vanderbilt accompanied by Kitty Hale
            Oliver Reynolds accompanied by Layne Harrington
             Phoenix Grey accompanied by Darlene Frampton
               Vaughn Williams accompanied by Darcy Nixon
         Nico who put down 1 mil. accompanied by Mermaid Kelly

And that’s it, folks! Thank you so much for participating in this years Bachelor Auction! The Junior League of Montreal appreciates everyone’s participation! Enjoy the rest of the event!

anonymous asked:

he was a Texan a news anchor a sadsack a nose

a little contemporary and not nearly purple enough. if i had any literary ability id try to write a jack henderson victor hugo introduction


Every Single Word’s first live event will be held at The Bowery Ballroom on February 28th. This Oscar viewing party will feature with real-time commentary from comedians, writers, and pop culture experts. 100% of the evening’s profits will be donated to the “Made in NY” P.A. Training Program that provides low-income New Yorkers the opportunity to establish careers on film sets. 

In response to the second consecutive year of all white acting nominees and a growing awareness of the systemic diversity problem in the film industry, Every Single Word: The Oscars is protest in the form of entertainment. For the price of one 2D movie ticket you can watch the Oscars while benefiting a program that brings the least heard populations into the film industry. 

GUESTS: Franchesca Ramsey (MTV’s Decoded; Creator of “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls”), Danielle Henderson (creator of Feminist Ryan Gosling), Sean Rameswaram (WNYC Host), Crissle West (co-host of The Read; Drunk History), Naomi Ekperigin (writer for Broad City & Difficult People), and Bowen Yang (Broad City). The event will be hosted by Dylan Marron (Welcome to Night Vale; creator of Every Single Word). 

The “Made in NY” PA Training Program is a collaboration between BWI and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. Their mission is to give unemployed and low-income New Yorkers the chance to work on New York sets and build careers in this dynamic field. Since the program’s launch in February 2006, BWI has trained over 500 New Yorkers and placed highly-qualified PAs on more than 2,000 productions. Graduates have moved into advanced positions including Assistant Production Office Coordinator, Camera Assistant, Assistant Locations Manager, Grip, Field Producer, Set Decorator, Technical Operator and Unit PAs in sound, wardrobe and more.

TICKETS: http://www.boweryballroom.com/event/1080549-every-single-word-oscars-new-york


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☞ Fifty Shades of Black Movie Storyline
An inexperienced college student meets a wealthy businessman whose sexual practices put a strain on their relationship.

➤ Fifty Shades of Black Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-12-26
Casts : Jenny Zigriano, Andrew Bachelor, Florence Henderson, Jane Seymour, Fred Willard, Brad Schmidt, Tina Grimm, Kate Miner, Kali Hawk, Alice Rietveld, Affion Crockett, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps
Duration : 92 minutes runtime
Rating : 4.2