Diggin’ The Hair

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Anonymous Requested: HEYO!i love your writing so so muchh!i was wondering if you could do an imagine where,instead of rejecting dustin like the other girls at the snow ball,she says yes?!?i’d realllyyyyy enjoy it!THANKS

Pairing: Dustin x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Okay, so like what Nancy did was sweet and all, but DUSTIN DESERVED BETTER. Do you see this cutie? I love him.

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You watched from afar the lone figure of Dustin, wringing your hands together nervously. You wanted to talk to him, especially after you’d just seen a whole of three girls reject him… It hurt you to think that someone would say no to him, which you completely didn’t understand. The boy was just the sweetest and honestly his hair was amazing you tonight.

You bit your lip, pouncing your leg in thought. You should just go up to him. You really should. Just ask him… but you’re so scared he’d say no. Dustin would never go for a girl quite like you, though you wish he would.

Though you felt yourself freeze when you met Dustin’s gaze and quickly turned around to the punch table behind you. Oh god… had he seen you staring at him? Were you being the obvious? You didn’t quite know why you were being such a nervous wreck, you’re normally not this bad but you’ve had a crush on Dustin Henderson for a long time. Just never had quite enough guts to do anything about it, that only increased when you’d seen the new girl join his group of friends and you could already tell… the boy had a crush on her.

But Lucas was dancing with her tonight and anybody he’d asked had turned him down. Yet, you for some reason still wouldn’t ask him.


You felt your body freeze, looking up from the ugly table cloth to stare before you. That was no doubt… “Dustin?” You turned around slowly, gazing at the curly head boy before you and tried to ignore the way your heart beat sped up rapidly. Taking a breath, you mentally steadied your breath and gave Dustin a small smile; “is there anything you need?”

You watched as the boy tugged on his jacket, closing his eyes in preparation before he smiled at you, his teeth shining. “Actually I was wondering if you’d like to dance?”

“O-Oh, really?” You asked, shock filling your system. You paused for a second, was this really happening? Your question was answered as Dustin extended his hand your way, and with a smile you set your own in his. His smile grew increasingly wide and he begun leading you onto the dance floor where a slow song was playing in the back ground. Nervously he set his hands above your hips and you let your won fall on his shoulders.

You couldn’t hide your soft blush as you stared at the boys blue eyes with fondness, your heart still pounding but this time you didn’t mind as much.

It was only a few moment later when you couldn’t handle the silence anymore did you speak. “Hey Dustin, I know we don’t talk much… but, i’m um- sorry about Max.”

Dustin’s eyebrows furrowed in thought and you smiled faintly; “I mean I know you’d rather be dancing with her, and I know she’s with Lucas so…” You trailed, shrugging your shoulders.  

“I’m not upset about that.” Dustin grinned.


“Yeah, I think i’m the luckiest guy here tonight.” You felt your cheeks grow warm and you bit your lip, looking away in embarrassment as Dustin grinned at you brightly. “Thank you.” You laughed, moving your arm to brush back a strand of curly locks that had fallen onto his forehead.

“I’m diggin’ the hair by the way.”

The Dance Blues (Dustin Henderson x Reader)

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Author Note: Technically everyone asked for this cause Dustin deserved better. He deserved to have a girl say yes though I love Nancy. Just I needed this okay leave me alone. But I hope you guys enjoy let me know what you think! Warning um fluff and totally isn’t based on something I’ve done before.


(Y/n) huffed slightly watching her group of friends in amusement. The four that arrived were messing around, but (Y/n) didn’t fit in at the moment. The boys were all dressed up and Max atleast tried to look nice for the dance.

Yet here (Y/n) was with just a pair of blue jeans and a comfy sweater on. She didn’t feel in the dance mood, but Will insisted that she go. She didn’t want to go though and for one reason. Dustin Henderson.

The curly haired boy that easily ran away with her heart. She cursed his sweet nature and that innocent smile. He didn’t even know it. He was chasing after Max leaving behind the one friendship that should of mattered, but (Y/n) could never stay mad. Not when it came to him.

“Holy shit what happened to you?”

Confused (Y/n) looked up. Her heart jumped in her throat. Dustin’s once unruly locks were tamed up in a hairdo thar was eerily similar to Steve’s. He huffed slightly, but had a smile plastered across his face as he spoke with the others.

(Y/n) bit her lip as her face heated up. She desperately wanted to go down and hug Dustin. Maybe even ask him to dance, but one look at her attire sent those dreams packing. She wasn’t dressed up. She wasn’t exactly prettied up like any of the other girls. She didn’t spend hours on her hair or on makeup. She was just… Her.

A slow song filled the air, but (Y/n) didn’t notice it at first. That was until she glanced at the group to find them scattered in the winds. Lucas and Will were off dancing. Mike was sitting at a table, but Dustin wasn’t there. (Y/n)’s eyes wandered across the gym until she caught sight of the boy. He was looking around and for the first time in a long time it seemed he was about to cry.

(Y/n)’s throat seemed to close up as she watched Dustin sit down on the bleachers. He was wiping at his eyes and (Y/n)’s heart seemed to throb painfully. She stood up feeling her heart hammering unsteadily.

She made her way down nibbling on the inside of her cheek. She stopped in front of Dustin a worried frown on her face. “Hey Dustin.”

Dustin quickly wiped his face glancing up at (Y/n). “What?”

(Y/n)’s heart ached noticing how red and puffy his eyes were. His bottom lip trembling slightly nearly made her cry with him. She took a deep breath reminding herself that she was doing this for him. So (Y/n) dramatically got on her knees and held a hand out to him. “Will you Dustin Henderson Dance with me?” She asked dramatically.

Dustin blinked in surprise a small chuckle escaping his lips. “(Y/n) your causing a scene.” She didn’t notice, but Dustin’s cheeks were tinting pink. He couldn’t believe what (Y/n) was doing, and it warmed his heart.

(Y/n) found herself chuckling as well. Her face turning red as she grinned up at him. “You haven’t answered Dustin. Don’t let me kneel here all night,” She joked.

Dustin was laughing now. His eyes once again bright like they used to be. “Alright alright. Just get up already!” He stood up and helped (Y/n) onto her feet.

She dusted her pants off and tugged Dustin onto the dance floor. Her face heating up as Will smirked at her when they passed. She stopped in the crowd and turned towards Dustin. She nervously wrapped her arms around his neck. His wrapping around her waist. “I’m sorry,” She mumbled quietly.

Dustin frowned and tilted his head curiously. “Sorry for what?” He asked curiously.

(Y/n)’s eyes fell to the floor. Dustin frowned more noticing how a small frown made it’s way on her face. “That the girls are jerks…. And that the only one willing to dance with you isn’t dressed up.”

Dustin frowned slightly. “What are you talking about?” (Y/n) finally met his eyes seeming hesistant. Dustin just smiled and pulled her a little closer. “I’m obviously the luckiest guy here. You practically proposed,” He teased getting a laugh from her.

(Y/n) found herself studying Dustin for a moment before chuckling slightly. “I guess we’re practically married then.” She couldn’t help but grin as another chuckle escaped Dustin. “By the way have I told you that I’m in love with your hair?”


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Damn Bat

A/N; requested by ^

Summary; Y/N didn’t know that her little brother, Dustin and Steve knew each other… Or were even friends. GIF is not mine.

“Dustin you little shit, where are you?”  

“In my room!” Dustin called out from his room down the hall.  

Y/N stomped her way down the hall, pushing the door to Dustin’s bedroom open fully as she glared at him. He had been messing around with some comics and figurines but stopped when his sister had entered.  

The Henderson siblings had always gotten along. From the moment Dustin was born, Y/N had taken him under her wing and insured he was always happy. Dustin often thanked his sister for the sense of humour and humbleness he possessed. The pair were two sides of the same penny.  

Y/N never understood what it was about Dustin, but he attracted disaster wherever he went. He had bike accidents, frequently lost his possessions and got involved in a few odd things. He was the most soft and wonderful person she knew, but there was part of him that thought he could rescue everyone if he just shows them enough love. Whenever Y/N would scold him for something, all he had to do was grin and it melted her heart to the point where she wondered why she was even mad in the first place.  

However, when Dustin was potentially involved in any danger, it would take a lot more than his infamous grin.  

“What have you done now?” Y/N asked, narrowing her eyes, trying to read his facial expression. “Don’t even think about trying to lie to me or I’ll tell mum about the time you stole all her raw meat and blamed it on the cat!”  

“What?” Dustin muttered, frowning slightly as though he was running through all the things he had done wrong that his sister didn’t know about. “I haven’t done anything!”  

“Then why is Steve Harrington at our door with a damn bat!”  

To say that Y/N had been shocked when a knock erupted on the front door, courtesy of Steve Harrington was an understatement. She had never seen the boy alone and knew instantly that something was up. However, on impulse, she had assumed Dustin and his friends had done something wrong.  

Her eyes had not once left the nailed bat chilling in Steve’s right hand as he smiled slightly and opened his mouth to speak. Before he could utter a word, Y/N had squealed and slammed the door shut in his face.  


“Oh?” Y/N all but screamed. “Is that all you can say? Harrington is outside of our house! And I know he’s here for you because you’re always doing weird things! I do not want to have to deal with mum when she finds out you’ve been beaten with a nailed bat!”  

“He’s not here to beat me.” Dustin informed her, pushing past her as he laughed while making way down the hall to the front door.  

“He’s not?” Y/N’s eyes narrowed as she followed Dustin closely, fully prepared to save her brother, should the need arise.

Though she would never tell him to his face, Y/N loved Dustin dearly and thought he was one of the funniest people in her life. She was proud to call him her little brother and found it difficult to speak badly of him.  

The front door was pulled open and Dustin’s grin widened. “Steve! Buddy, what can I do for you?”  

“Buddy?” Y/N muttered, popping her head around the door frame. “You two are friends?”  

“Oh, yeah!” Dustin grinned, pushing his sister back as he opened the door fully. “Come on in.”  

Steve smiled at Dustin before entering the house and wiping his shoes on the doormat. Y/N stood close to her brother, almost certain something was going to happen. “Was just wondering if you wanted to hang out.”  

“You want to hang out with my thirteen-year-old brother?” Y/N asked for conformation.  

Her day had been going smoothly and though she knew a lot of weird stuff had been going on, she never knew just how close to home it was.  

“He’s a cool kid.” Steve said, shrugging as Dustin beamed upon being classed as cool.  

“I know he is.” Y/N stated as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Where do you think he gets it from?”  

“You’re such a liar!” Dustin exclaimed, rolling his eyes as he dropped onto the sofa. “We’ve been friends for a while now… Sometimes, your total obliviousness blows my mind, Y/N. You know that?”  

“Carry on like that and you can walk to the arcade later.” Y/N grumbled under her breath, moving away from the pair and towards the kitchen. “I’m going to make a sandwich… Don’t make a mess in here.”

“Make me one while you’re at it!” Dustin hollered as Y/N rolled her eyes. “Steve too!”