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okay but the teaser for 2.10.... demelza getting beaten?? is it george or one of his henchman? I haven't gotten that far in the books yet (I'm almost done book 1) and I'm not really avoiding spoilers so I figured I'd come ask you. Is that in the books? If so does Ross properly freak out, because after all the damage he's done the least he can do is give a crap about his wife if she's wounded....

I have a few questions about this so I will try and answer this as thoroughly as I can.

The event is very different in the books.

Demelza is walking to Trevaunance, Garrick following behind her. She is walking on a path near Trenwith when she hears a shot. She discovers Garrick yelling and rolling around in agony. He has been shot in the ear and is bleeding all down his face. Tom, George’s overzealous henchmen, (whom you might remember from such fun times as paying people to testify against Ross and nearly beating Jud to death) is the one holding a shotgun. As you can imagine Demelza is furious and starts yelling at him that he has no right but he informs her that she is trespassing and he makes a horrible comment about her and her dog being a “mixed breed”. Demelza’s anger spurns Garrick into action, barking and going for Tom’s leg, tom tries to hit him with his gun and Demelza, tries to grab hold of him and keep him safe, in the confusion Garrick bites her wrist. George gallops over on his horse and interrupts, he reinforces that she is on private land but when Tom threatens her with violence Goerge tells him to shut it. At home, ross sees the bandage on her wrist. Ross is prone to freak whenever Demelza is injured so she tries to downplay it but Ross is still furious, he goes round to Trenwith to yell at George and warns him to leave Demelza alone. For once he tries to be reasonable and not fight him physically but he is very firm about protecting Demelza.

So I’m guessing they decided to change this in the series for a number of reasons: no one likes seeing a hurt dog, that dog is super famous now and hard to get secure for filming, filming an entire scene where the dog has to get shot and all that would be very hard and its just easier to have a person be the victim.

But I can’t imagine a scenario where Ross is blazé about his wife being beaten. No matter the current state of their relationship he loves and cares about her and is not going to just shrug that off. HE IS GOING TO FLIP! I mean, he freaks out in the book about an accidental bite, he is not going to react kindly to this.

Night Terrors // Ozpin

The plan was in place, everything was merging how she needed it to go and it was the first time that Salem could really roam around her manor in peace.  No henchmen to want her to overlook their situation, no Grimm coming to need her essence for life, and no bothersome children to ask for her love or support.  Silence, again.

Ozpin was dead.  As much as she had him filled in her memory from Beacon, for the nights that she spent in the infirmary resting from her Semblance and the night after the exam, where she and Ozpin both lay while they rest.  The memory haunted her, squeezing her eyes shut while she pushed away the image of him battered and bruised.  He was dead.  There was nothing else that she could do now.

Entering her chambers, a flash caught from the corner of her eye and a dagger, in her hand at the possible sighting of someone who had entered in against the Grimm, against Cinder and her anger rose in her chest.  “Who’s there?  Who dares to come into my home?”

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what things you want to happen in the new episodes?

1 big thing I like to see happen in the new episodes, is a big, long fight between the Turtles and Shredder and his henchmen.

More brotherly moments, especially between Mikey and Raph.

A serious tone Mikey centric episode, he’s had too many light tone/joke episodes.

Mikey having more heroic moments like risking his life to save his brothers.

I’m glad I waited to watch RWBY Chibi all in one go because I was not enjoying it when it was a weekly thing but having eighty million scenes at once was great

Also multiple scenes of my garbage children just having fun and not being evil henchmen please recycle them RT I know I ask for so much but please just give me this

I want a supervillain who is ruthless and evil but doesn’t abuse their henchmen

I want a supervillain who treats their henchmen with respect.

If one of them gets propositioned by the enemy, I want the response to be, “Why would I ever want to leave? They bought my underwater mortgage and signed the house over to me.”


“We get paid parental leave for up to five years.”


“They saw that I didn’t have any professional clothes for the job, so they gave me a corporate credit card to get a new wardrobe.”


“They built a community center and free housing for the homeless in my neighborhood.”


“You know that cop that got paid leave for killing that black kid? My boss used their connections to get him arrested, convicted, and stole every dime he had and gave it to the victim’s family.”

Killing your henchmen to show how evil and badass you are is so outdated.  Try winning them over with kindness or something.

“I was feeling lonely and depressed since I moved out to this city, so they got me two kittens and paid all the vet bills and the pet security deposit for my apartment.”


“Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess. Is that what you want me to do? Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect. Like all your little loyal subjects do. Sorry I’m not made of sugar. Am I not sweet enough for you? Is that why you always avoid me? That must be such an inconvenience to you. Well… I’m just your problem. I’m just your problem. It’s like I’m not, even a person, am I? I'm just your problem.”