You know, I love all these theories concerning Jian Yi’s second kidnapper -even the crazy crack “alien abduction” theories are fun to read.

Realistically, the old guy could be anyone:

  • A random henchmen of Jian Yi’s father. Maybe his dad wants him to join the mafia family now, even thought Jian Yi’s mother is against it.
  • A random henchmen from Jian Yi’s rival mafia gang. He’s just some fodder character doing the usual mafia kidnapping in order to extort Jian Yi’s dad.
  • She Li is involved in the kidnapping for whatever reason. Maybe he wants to touch Jian Yi’s soft skin. idk.

If we are going with the “dad” theory, the old man could be….

  • Guan Shan’s dad. Sure, why not? We are not 100% sure Guan Shan’s dad is still in jail. Maybe he is repaying a debt? Maybe he’s being blackmailed by a rival mafia family to kidnap Jian Yi? Who knows! I, personally would like to believe that this guy in not Guan Shan’s dad. I like to believe that he was framed and the authorities put an innocent man in jail, and that he’s still in jail.
  • He Tian’s dad. He Tian has never talked about his dad, instead we know that fancy city apartment belongs to his uncle. Is he tian’s uncle the main mafia boss and his dad is beneath him in the mafia hierarchy? Is he tian’s dad someone who used to be in charge but now is not, so he tian and he cheng have to work for their uncle who is now in power?
  • Zhan’s dad.Yes, Zhan Zheng Xi’s dad. We haven’t seen him around, and Zhan’s mom did say that xixi’s dad “used to get into fights all the time”. Maybe his dad leads a double life of a henchman.
  • Aliens. Just for shits and giggles.

(he’s most likely a rando)

So, I wonder if Eobard was annoyed that Damian Darhk left Rip to die in Camelot.

I mean, so far, Rip has been by far the most effective of his henchmen.  And he put a lot of work into capturing, having him tortured, and finally brainwashing him.  And well, let’s be honest, even before the makeover, Rip was younger and prettier than Darhk is.

It seems like an annoying setback.

anonymous asked:

You know what kind of bothers me? How some animals are always portrayed as villains in cartoons. I mean, wolves, rats, snakes, sharks, etc. You almost always see them portrayed as evil or henchmen for the villains. Like, wouldn't it be a cool switch up to see a giraffe villain, or a skunk villain, or maybe even a hippo villain?

That is very true. Certain animals are often coded in a very specific way that honestly ends up framing those species as universally bad/evil. For some reason it’s typically “dirty” rodents (rats, weasels, etc) and reptiles. I would love to see a mean hippo, they’re brutal irl. Or a goose. I hate geese.

The Local.

“Look, I get it, kid, I really do. You’re new to this right? So all you know is what you saw on the TV or the Youtubes or whatever. The old school supercrims, the ones who’d shoot one of their own guys for screwin’ up.  I mean, I get it. A lot of those guys had style

You know what style and murdering on a whim gets you? No fucking gang when you need one, that’s what.  Hell, it means your own gang might drop a dime to one of the heroes, because they can’t trust you not to kill them and walk off with the score.

And that’s why Henchin’ got organized. Collective bargaining. Power of the people, right? We get a proper contract. Sick leave, vacation days arranged for when one of the supercrooks is going to do something city-wide…and Death Benefits. No more shootin’ a guy and telling his wife and kids that they don’t get his cut. A hench dies on a job, you still pay her family. That’s the rules.

I see you’re tryin’ to say something around the busted jaw. Let me tell ya, I’ve heard all of it before. See, I’m from the Local. Me and mine, we come around when one of you fellas breaks the rules. We collect the dues.

Her name was Anna-Maria, by the way, the hench you shot. She’s got a wife, they adopted a baby girl last May. Now, I offered to make an example, but Sally, Anna Maria’s wife? She just wants what she’s owed. Like in the contract. So you’re going to point to where you stashed the loot- I didn’t bust all your fingers so you can, and then you’re going to make me a promise.

You’re going to read your Henching contract, and you’re not going to try and pull this shit again, got it? 

Eh! There we go. Now was that so hard? 

And by the way, if you go after Sally or their daughter out of some dumb misguided attempt at revenge? I’ll be back. Hell, maybe the next crew you hire will be all contract enforcement like me, and when that happens, well…you won’t like it when that happens, so don’t let it, got it?

Henching local #1253 protects its own, you know?

In the backseat of the SUV, the Joker was alternately gasping for breath and laughing. He touched a streamlet of blood running down his makeup-smeared chin with a forefinger, licked it, and said, “Yummy! Did you see that? Did you love it a great big bunch? I tossed the lovely bird into the wind and out Bats went. I wonder… would the Bats take a header for everyone? Or is that pretty little birdie someone special? Either way, we know one thing for sure now… Batman will always try to save the innocent. And that will be his downfall!”
“What about Dent?” the driver asked.
“Oh, I’m a man of my word,” the Joker said, smiling.

                                                                      (from The Dark Knight novelization by Dennis O’Neil)

like really the only thing i want in life is some henchmen. some minions. some flunkies. some goons. some mooks. some underlings. some grunts.

I want a supervillain who is ruthless and evil but doesn’t abuse their henchmen

I want a supervillain who treats their henchmen with respect.

If one of them gets propositioned by the enemy, I want the response to be, “Why would I ever want to leave? They bought my underwater mortgage and signed the house over to me.”


“We get paid parental leave for up to five years.”


“They saw that I didn’t have any professional clothes for the job, so they gave me a corporate credit card to get a new wardrobe.”


“They built a community center and free housing for the homeless in my neighborhood.”


“You know that cop that got paid leave for killing that black kid? My boss used their connections to get him arrested, convicted, and stole every dime he had and gave it to the victim’s family.”

Killing your henchmen to show how evil and badass you are is so outdated.  Try winning them over with kindness or something.

“I was feeling lonely and depressed since I moved out to this city, so they got me two kittens and paid all the vet bills and the pet security deposit for my apartment.”


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP2r3LE_mdo)

Hey here’s a thing i’ve been working on!! Not sure if i’m ever gonna finish it but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to post what i’ve done so far :)