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Transition Words For Your Essays

Transition Signals:

Transitions are words and phrases that connect ideas and show how they are related.

To repeat and ideas just stated:

  • In other words,
  • That is,
  • To repeat,
  • Again,

To illustrate an idea:

  • For example,
  • For instance,
  • In particular,
  • To illustrate,
  • In this manner,
  • Thus,

To announce a contrast, a change in direction:

  • Yet,
  • However,
  • Still,
  • Nevertheless,
  • On the other hand,
  • In contrast,
  • Instead of,
  • On the contrary,
  • Conversely,
  • Notwithstanding,
  • In spite of this,


  • At once,
  • In the interim,
  • At length,
  • Immediately,
  • At last,
  • Meanwhile,
  • In the meantime,
  • Presently,
  • At the same time,
  • Shortly,
  • In the end,
  • Temporarily,
  • Thereafter,

To restate an idea more precisely:

  • To be exact,
  • To be specific,
  • To be precise,
  • More specifically,
  • More precisely,

To mark a new idea as an addition to what has been said:

  • Similarly,
  • Also,
  • Too,
  • Besides,
  • Furthermore,
  • Further,
  • Moreover,
  • In addition,

To show cause and effect:

  • As a result,
  • For this reason,
  • Thereafter,
  • Hence,
  • Consequently,
  • Accordingly,


  • In short,
  • To conclude,
  • In brief,
  • On the whole,
  • In summary,
  • To sum up,

daemonfamiliar  asked:

What did Eggsy do now?

Nothing that warranted the booty shorts of shame!!!!

It was a teeny tiny accident.

And the puppies might not even be Q’s. The shelter were supposed to fix him. Not my fault. That I sort of forgot to bring Q in that one time and he went on a walkabout and found a lab he liked and she liked him and well…

anyone need a puppy before Merlin kills me?

bysoti(d) update

I think I may I have finished Chapter 23…

It’s shorter than the last few.  Coming in at around 6k words, but it’s done.  I had to go back and rewrite a couple of scenes because they weren’t working, but I think that they are loads better now.

Tips for Canon era Les Mis cosplayers!

I get a lot of asks about this so here’s some tips for my fellow amis, on how to get that 1832 look.

1. TURN UP…the collar of your shirt. Whether it’s a cheap white button up from H&M or a fancy historically accurate one, make use of the collar and have it stick up, not fold down! Then apply cravat. It’s the key to getting that high-collar 19th century look you see in Pride and Prejudice. Can be done with any shirt. Just think popped collar 1800’s frat boy, not neatly folded over a tie.

2. Short waistcoats. The time called for waistcoats that were actually stupidly short - hence why you see everyone’s high waisted trousers. Long waistcoats that go down to your crotch can be cut and hemmed!

3. No cravat? No problem. Proper fancy cravats go for like $30 on Etsy and a lot of us don’t have that money. No issue! Thrift stores and charity shops usually have a cheap bin of scarves. Go cravat fishing! You can find anything from a pretty silk one to something you can cut up and modify.

4. Shake it up! You don’t have to look exactly like 2012 movie Joly or stage version Enjolras. You can mix and match. For my Enjolras cosplay I take influence from the 2012 movie, the West End AND throw in my own take from the book (sometimes a change up with a blue cravat really goes a long way!) - means you can get away with a little more!

5. Have fun. Honestly, none of it matters. It’s all for fun. Enjoy yourself and be kind to people, whether they’re in the very early stages of their cosplay or an old master at it. This goes for ANY cosplay.

This Is Me - Ace!Jughead x Reader

I was/am reluctant to post this because it has the potential to become very problematic, hence why it is so short.
I hope you understand that I mean no offense, and that I may be unintentionally ignorant of certain facts/aspects regarding asexuality, and its spectrum.
Please feel free to correct/educate me on it; I will be very grateful.
And if this becomes too problematic in anyway (like if a lot of people take offense) I will gladly take it down.

You lean against Jughead, your head in the crook of his neck, as the both of you stare out at the lake. It was supposed to be a pleasant day out, just to get away from the stress of school and the looming shadow of Jason’s death, but somehow it just felt off. Jughead was being more quiet than usual, his witty remarks and sardonic comments absent from conversation, and he was being strangely fidgety too. He shifts uncomfortably, his eyes darting down to you briefly before going back to the lake.

“Jughead,” you mutter, worried, “What’s up with you?”

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Make me choose -  julie-barnes asked: Clint Barton from comics or Clint Barton from movie? 

You cowboy around with the Avengers some. Guys got, what, armor, magic, super-powers, super-strength, shrink-dust, grow-rays. magic. healing factors. i’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and a string from the paleolithic era. so when I say this looks “bad”? i promise you it feels worse.

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I seriously can't get enough of your Almost Human AU. If you could do another one (or maybe turn it into a fic) I'd love you forever omg

I’d love to turn it into a full fic, but I never complete anything in my life, hence the short bullet point stories haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

  • Leonard’s head is pounding when he wakes up. Not from alcohol; he doesn’t remember drinking excessively earlier that night. Jim’s presence usually takes away the need to drink a lot. A few beers is enough while they walk, bicker, or just relax together. Though Jim doesn’t drink, and that kind of takes away the pleasure of drinking in company. No, this headache isn’t from drinking. If the blood trickling down from his head to his face is any indication; it definitely wasn’t caused by drinking. Not just that, there’s a faint beeping ringing in his ears, and when he reaches out, he becomes increasingly aware that this isn’t his bedroom. He’s outside, in the park. And there’s a bomb strapped around his neck. “Good evening, agent McCoy,” a voice rings from the phone strapped to the bomb - filming his every second. “Nero,” Leonard says, “I take it you’re no longer in jail.” “Smart. You smart enough to dismantle that bomb, too? Don’t think so. You have 20 minutes, and the world’s watching.” “You know I’m just going to lock you up again,” Leonard says, his fingers reaching out to feel the thing around his neck. “What, from the afterlife? Good luck with that.
  • Leonard isn’t calm. He’s anything but. The fact that he’s didn’t wake up in the morning in his bed is concerning enough, let alone the fact that there’s a bomb strapped to his neck, and he has no idea where Jim is. But the world is watching him through that stupid phone that’s filming him. He thought he captured this man before - who traps people into this life-or-death game and has the world watching them, placing bets debating who should be next. Of course, considering Leonard put him behind bars, he would be the first to go after now that Nero’s out. “Bones!” Jim calls out so suddenly Leonard nearly jumps, though his voice is such a relief. “Jim,” Leonard sighs a little breathlessly when the other approaches him, “careful.” “I swear to God, I’m away for one night and you get a bomb strapped to your neck,” Jim says, slowing down once he gets closer to the park bench Leonard’s sitting on, “can’t leave you alone for two seconds. Who’d you piss off this time?” “Nero,” Leonard says, “his real name, it’s all in the files in the precinct. I locked him up before.” “Clearly didn’t do a good job at that,” Jim replies, “let me have a look.” “Jim, you have to get to a safe distance.” “Let me have a look,” Jim repeats. “Jim,” Leonard insists, “I only have two minutes left.” “Exactly,” Jim says, “let me have a look.” 
  • It doesn’t help that Leonard’s fingers are pretty much shaking by now. He never particularly feared death before, but this is different. It feels like he has someone in his life again - which takes away that otherwise sacrificial behavior he had before. “Jim,” Leonard says when there’s less than 30 seconds left, “you should go.” “No,” Jim says, his fingers still working on the bomb, “it’s you and me, Bones. ‘til the end.”
  • When Jim pulls the bomb off and stops the timer, Leonard isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. Jim reaches out and cups Leonard’s cheeks. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Leonard nods. Jim tilts Leonard’s head just lightly, examining the wound on his head. “What took you so long to show up here, huh?” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, leaning in to press a kiss to Leonard’s lips.
  • Little do they know the consequences of that display of affection, though. It isn’t exactly allowed to be in an actual relationship with androids. But Jim is different. Jim has a soul. It’s consensual, he doesn’t get treated like a second class citizen, Leonard thinks. But he is, and Leonard receives a less-than-friendly talking to about this at work. It’s not that his captain really cares, but the law is the law. To make matters even worse, Jim is quietly doing research with  Leonard on Nero’s whereabouts when a few colleagues pass by and both catch them bad-talking the recorded events of just the day before. Leonard visibly tenses, but Jim rests his hand on Leonard’s shoulder. “Don’t,” he warns him, “not worth it.” “You always let a robot tell you what to do?” one of the agents says, and Leonard grits his teeth. He could have shrugged it off on any other day, but he hasn’t closed an eye last night because he nearly died, and now this guy is giving him shit. So before Jim can stop him, Leonard’s in front of the guy and punches him in the face.
  • It doesn’t end well. Leonard gets suspended, Jim is permanently reassigned to a different agent. "What is wrong with you?“ Jim insists when he comes home. “Nothing,” Leonard replies. “Bones, your pulse is racing, you’re clearly angry. You punched a fellow cop in the face-” “He was disrespectful to you,” Leonard interrupts. Jim sighs, sitting down next to the other. “You smell like alcohol,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. “Bones,” Jim continues, reaching out to cup Leonard’s cheek and tilting his head to make the other face him, “who cares what the other detectives think? You’re a good agent, you’re wasting your own time and that of potential victims when you’re sitting here doing nothing. I don’t care about being treated like a ‘second class citizen’, I don’t.” “How can you not care?” Leonard asks, and now it’s Jim’s time to shrug. “I don’t know any better.” “That’s just wrong,” Leonard says, and Jim smiles. “That’s coming from the one who told me he’s not attracted to ”robots“ and prefers his partners alive.” Leonard huffs, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips. A little drunkenly so, but soft none the less. Jim slowly pulls away. “You gonna admit you behave this way because you didn’t close an eye last night? You almost died. Not being able to sleep is normal, just admit you’re scared.” Leonard rolls his eyes at that, pushing Jim further away. “Never.”
  • Jim works with agent Sulu now. Leonard’s not very close with him, but Sulu treats Jim with respect and Leonard follows their case from a distance - quietly pleased when they rescue a group of kids being taken hostage. Leonard’s bored out of his mind all by himself, though. He needs to have something to do, and so he goes back looking for Nero. First he just checks those streaming websites he’s used before, and then he gets Spock to try and track him down. “I can help,” Uhura says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be with Pike?” “I rather work here,” Uhura replies, before throwing him a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry you got suspended.” “Yeah, well,” Leonard starts, but in lieu for an actual answer, he just shuts up and glances at the computer screen. Just by touching the tablet, Uhura downloads all of Leonard’s findings to her own hard drive, and Leonard and Spock mostly just quietly wait while she works. “You keeping more pretty ladies in this basement, or what?” Leonard asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Uhura wants to be here. At least I don’t boast my illegal relationship to the public by showing public display of affection while my own potential death is being livestreamed.” “You watched that video, huh?” “Leonard, the whole country’s watched that video.” “Strange,” Uhura says, and that brings both boys’ attention back to her, “I’m tracking all the CCTV in the city, but the only potential match I get is currently in the precinct.” Leonard frowns, instantly reaching out for his jacket. “He’s after Jim.”
  • He’s not after Jim. Jim’s just an insignificant android, after all. Leonard finds out that, instead, he’s after the whole precinct. By the time he arrives, all the doors of the precinct are locked and barricaded, and all the police men and women are trapped inside with a ticking time bomb. “Jim,” Leonard says through his phone when the other picks up, “what’s happening in there?” “People tried to disable the bomb, but whoever touches it gets electrocuted. I’m not sure what to do, Leonard.” “I’m going to find Nero. In the meantime, try and find a way to disable the electricity. Make sure no one else gets hurt.” “Be careful,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. “You too.”
  • He does find Nero nearby. He’s always within earshot of the crime scene and this time isn’t really any different. Leonard struggles to overpower him, but he manages.  A gun pointed to the back of Nero’s head isn’t enough to actually disable the bomb, but after Leonard shoots both his legs and leaves him unable to run, he’s ready to comply. He releases the barricades that keeps his colleagues trapped inside, and it allows them to flee outside while actual bomb disposal experts manage to diffuse the thing.
  • Jim doesn’t even care about the law when he sees Leonard again. He pulls him into a tight hug, and Leonard is happy to accept that. “You okay?” Leonard asks, reaching out to run his fingers through Jim’s hair, and Jim nods. “I’m fine. Most people are fine. What about Nero?” “He’s going back to prison. For a long time, this time.” Leonard says. 
  • “You saved a lot of lives today, McCoy,” his captain says, and Leonard shrugs lightly. “Just doing my job.” “No,” she replies, “not your job, because I had to suspend you.” “I understand why you had to,” Leonard says, “I’m not asking for my job back, I just-” “Tough,” she replies, “I expect you in the office on Monday.” She smiles, and so does Leonard. “I’m… assuming I’m going to be assigned an MX, then?” “No, I think Jim’s good for you,” she says, “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”
  • “Were you scared?” Jim asks when they’re at home. “Of what? You dying? Please, I was hoping for some peace and quiet,” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “I know that’s not true, because the last time that happened you literally found my maker to bring me back.” Jim sits down next to him, slowly sliding an arm around the other’s waist. “Not a teeny, tiny bit inside of you was worried about losing me?” He continues, and Leonard smiles almost fondly, reaching out to press a soft kiss to his lips. “I’m not nearly as afraid of losing you in a work related accident, as I am afraid of losing you because of these backwards laws,” Leonard finally admits. Jim reaches out, the hand on his waist running through Leonard’s always-messy (these days, anyway) hair. “We won’t let that happen.”
Seven days

Word count: 18.4k (this was meant to be short ffs)

Summary: Dan was known as a ‘man-eater’ at his school, accepting dates from whoever offered, but he had never stayed with anyone for longer than 7 days. He never expected to change this lifestyle either but then again, he never thought a boy that asked him on a date to see a 'kids movie’ would change any of that.

Warning: mentions of depression (but nothing bad, just saying Dan was sad in the past really) and a panic attack which isn’t too bad

Day 1

“Did you hear he stopped with Sarah-”

“Only lasted three days!”

“Wasn’t his longest seven?”

“He needs to stop…”

“It’s hard when he knows he’s that hot.”

Dan chuckled as he heard everyone whispering about him as he walked down the corridor. Got to love Fridays.

Dan loved being the centre of attention, 'Man-eater Howell’ they called him, although he’d accept anyone who asked him out. Eyes for everyone. But they were right, Dan had never had a relationship for longer than a week, and that was how he liked it. Easy sex, a date or too- depending on how interesting the person was- and then no more.

People were boring anyway.

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@badlydrawnshinymawile Naoto and Excalibur (for the child thing)


@occasionallymew came up behind me when I was finishing it and went “looks like a Venus Fly trap” so hence the name “Dite” short for Aphrodite cuz you know venus flytraps aphrodite?




BUT YOU’RE WRONG (well they’re still adorable but)






here we have kumiko freaking out over being flat:

and here she’s staring at midori’s chest. notice how she’s doing this solely for comparison, not in any sort of sexualized way

cut scene, and now she’s staring at hazuki’s inherent flatness

notice also the lack of shame in staring at her friend’s chest. again, nothing sexual here, just platonic female anatomical comparisons


and kumiko’s consequential depression (still zero embarrassment here, and zero sexual intentions despite asuka having a larger chest size)

now that they’re in their uniforms, boobs are still on her mind, especially since the band outfits really accentuate their bodies

oh but look, a sudden distraction

everything from this point on is from kumiko’s line of sight, so she goes from this:

to this as soon as kaori starts talking about how good asuka looks:

and then kumiko literally looks up her body like this:

and then of course reina notices

and kumiko gets embarrassed…wait, what? embarrassed???

and reina is like oh shit she was checking me out and also gets embarrassed

and yeah that wasn’t just subtext or crazy fans reading too much into the scene (unless you count this as doing so, but i just got overly excited when i noticed how canon this was and i have nothing better to do right now?) kumiko blatantly and canonically checked reina out by staring at her chest. 

and even though she stared at plenty of other people’s chests in the beginning of this episode, reina is the only one she got embarrassed over and the only one that wasn’t treated like a joke - in fact, this scene is sensual as hell

this wasn’t the first hint that kumiko was interested in reina, but it’s definitely the most sexually-charged


Doodles of Uuta’Oor-Drellik, the daughter of Shakkar and Talos!

Unlike her mother and her half-brother, Uuta is not Force-sensitive - she will join the Imperial army at age 18 and become a field doctor. Due to the fact that she is a Twi’lek/human hybrid, Uuta has inherited of several physical traits from both of her parents’ species ; her lekku have stop growing when she was still a child, hence why they are so short. She also suffers of some sort of vitiligo. 


sombramaker: sombra’s nails can shock and widow’s heart quickens from it. or anything with these two honestly, im not picky at this point they could look at each other’s general direction and i love it

Widowmaker/Sombra. Erotic electric boogaloo. 

I really struggled with this, hence why it is very short and more talky than smutty. Writing Widow doesn’t come naturally to me I’m afraid.

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Jumping on the bandwagon. Drummer!Laura from @laberintodeofelia‘s AU is my jam. 

Of Cats and Thieves

A/N: Inspired by the Job Set on SIF, though throughout writing this, I found that I couldn’t fully explore this AU until the other four are released too OTL Hence, only a short blip here. I’ll most likely write more and finalize the nonexisting plot and ships when I know what other jobs the rest have XD
Words: 2,130
Ship(?): Kanan x Mari

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While Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s wife is happy to have him at home more now that he’s finished his award-winning run in Hamilton, there’s one thing she’s missing: his long hair.

“My wife misses my ponytail. She was like, ‘Oh, I have a new husband for a couple of years,‘” Miranda tells PEOPLE. “Less people recognize me with the short hair, hence I love the short hair. I like the 30 minutes a day I save on looking for hair ties.”