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Does Zed ever study in his own time? Not necessarily ancient texts or big things like that, but more "mundane" things. Like reading books to expand his vocabulary and learn other languages, or teaching himself advanced mathematics, or cultural texts. Does he have any interest in expanding his mind like that?

Yeah! Zed’s really, really into learning, actually. He never went through formal schooling, and though the Kinkou did teach him basic arithmetic + reading and writing skills, he never felt as though it was enough. As such, he developed a fairly healthy appetite on the side for studying/learning. 

As far as maths go, he’s very competent at the basics. He tends to manage the majority of the Order of the Shadows’ funds, so he has to be able to do that much, ha. Financing, that kinda level of maths. When it comes to things that are harder, though – quadratics, trig, calculus, so on and so forth, though, he’s utterly incompetent. He doesn’t have the time to dedicate the practise needed to become good at those, and also, I like having something that I’m definitely better than Zed at. :^)

He does dedicate a fair amount of time to learning other languages, though. He has a very good understanding of many different Ionian dialects – needs to keep tabs on the whole nation, after all, not just his little area – and is in the process of learning Urnox Noxian. He’s adept at common, too, and once he believes himself semi-fluent in Noxian, he intends to learn Shuriman. He has a decent mind for them, but is only truly fluent in Common + Ionia’s various dialects.

He reads a lot, and really, really enjoys history. This is more in the realm of the ‘ancient texts’ thing, but he genuinely has a love for Ionia’s history, and keeps himself updated on its politics, since, well, he influences a lot of them. He doesn’t know anywhere near as much as a dedicated historian would, but knows more than your average citizen, and knows far, far too much about ancient Ionia. (Thanks, Shadows.) 

He’s ass at creative things, though, and has very, very little knowledge as far as science goes. He has a good understanding of human biology, because, well, gotta kill efficiently, right, and he knows which plants can be eaten in the wild and not poison you (more from experience than actual study), but he knows nothing about chemistry, alchemy, how magic works, why trees grow, photosynthesis, etc, etc, etc. He’s also not an amazing writer – his formal writing is good, but he has never attempted to write fiction or poetry. 

TL;DR: Loves reading, loves history, loves languages, adept at basic math, is capable of sending letters, loves learning, but tends to focus on those which can help him be stronger / expand his influence / keep the Order running well. 

Scream Queens Theory

So, recently I got asked to do a Scream Queens theory and since PLL is on Hiatus for a while- I thought what the hell!
Okay, so it’s going to be one of my less-thrilling, less-complicated theories, especially since the answer is really not that complicated and pretty obvious.

So… Who’s the killer? The man from the beginning of Episode 1 that the doctors threw into the lake outside of the hospital. Yep. It’s really that simple. Considering the fact that the original Doctor threw his mask onto this guy before going back to the party where he’s inevitably murdered… 1+1=murder. It’s most likely that since the theme of this season of scream queens is healing the incurable- it’s possible that there was some toxic sludge that gave the guy a mutation, hence he wears the mask given (thrown) at him from the doctor. And, since they literally tossed him away without helping him, he murdered everyone in the clinic.
It’s really that simple. It’s also quite possible that he’s after everyone now for being negligent airheads just like the doctors who made him like that.

An added details- Kirstie Alley’s character, Ingrid Hoffel is most likely the wife of the killer from the beginning of the season. She’s the right age, looks identical, and really has no reason to be there other than to hate the Chanel’s and just be shady as hell.
As for the baby that she was carrying, that’s Dr. Cassidy Cascade, he mentioned he got into medicine because of how his parents were treated and he doesn’t want anyone else to go through what they went through. It’s more than likely that they’re doing it together as a family unit. And if the father is really dead, Cassidy is the obvious choice for the killer.
Well, that’s all I have guys… Oh, and Hester let it slip that whoever the killer is is a man. And it’s connected to the story from the beginning. Quite simple… But hey, let me know what you guys think and share your theories! I love reading them 😊 -Rachel

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my two current personas.

Left: the serious and more complicated to draw one. made with though of negative ideas/feelings, shame but also the desire to be tough >> hence the foo dog mask and the frowny face. Look like a nice and badass icon/mascot to put myself behind

Right: good mood, goof doodles, i love space and aliens,butt head lol, I say lmao a lot, cool cool, i like to talk to my friend and im kinda cool. it me it trash.

A new character appears! *cue Pokémon battle theme music*
Proper introduction (incl. shitty writing by yours truly) to come once the poor dude’s head is back from face-up… I had to substitute with Pazuzu’s wig head, hence the strategically placed mask.

The ‘what is what’
Fairyland C-Line Breakaway with face-up by Hearts_Murmur/overlordu, wig by SpritelyThings, kimono by flowergirl, robe by nezumitoo
Fairyland L-Line Ruru with face-up by the-sinister, wig by ForMyDoll, outfit by Nezumitoo, horns from Leeke with blushing from Ara
Iplehouse JID Asa in vintage gogatsu armor


As much as I want this masked Ghoul 86 to be Hide, I have to mentally (and emotionally) prepare myself for a letdown if its not him. 

Prime candidate we have here is Nishiki Nishio

Look at how his hair flicks to the back. Also, remember that he is still part of Anteiku despite his solo flight as the Serpent. So if in the recent chapters Touka and Yomo wore different masks to go infiltrate Cochlea with Ayato, that could be the same case with Nishiki, him with the 86 ghoul mask to help save Hinami.

As for that book remark, lets not forget that Nishiki is actually smart. The university that the three (Kaneki, Nishiki, Hide) of them go to is no joke so that covers for the book opinion… Also, Nishiki is a potty mouth. The dialogue “anyone that can actually read” is kinda degrading in a way, sorta what he would say.

A point that negates this is that Nishiki’s front locks curl towards his face (recent hairstyle) while our sunshine, Hide tends to be brushed up as we have seen and read from his days at CCG wearing that cap around.

…and it looks like from the mask everything (hair) is away from the face, which suits Nagachika’s hairstyle more than Nishio’s.

Also, if it was Nishio, why hasn’t he shown up at Cochlea? Ghoul 86 honestly is the best way to re-introduce Nagachika again to the plotline and I sincerely wish and hope it is him. 

I just want Kaneki to have his friend back. </3