hence the mask

Okay, quick answers to the most asked questions:

Rythian is a human boy who was taken by Endermen back to The End many years ago. There he was raised to learn how to use Endermagic and groomed to become the general/warlord in a future invasion of the Brightlands (the “normal” world).

When he was still very young he despaired at how different he looked to all the other Endermen so he took a knife and cut the sides of his cheeks open so would be able to have the wide mouth and angular jaw of an Enderman. He healed eventually but it left horrifying scars which he is ashamed of to this day. Hence the mask.

He eventually left The End behind and broke free from the Queen’s leadership and wandered the Brightlands. He met some friends, and met Zoey.

The way the story was going, they were going to discover Zoey’s origin in the Twilight Forest - she was the mushroom princess, rightful ruler of the Realm of Twilight. The original nuking of the original server made her lose her memory. With her gone, the barriers between worlds were fading, and Endermen managed to invade there as well, despite measures to stop that from happening (such as a realm-wide aura to stop their magic from working).

After restoring Zoey’s memory and “fixing” the realm, they were going to go back to the original place where the portal to the End was created (by Rythian’s scientist parents many years ago), go through, fight the Enderdragon (Queen of the End, aka The Princess from the short story) and win. More or less live happily ever after.

It all sounds a bit silly and dry when briefly summed up like this, but at least there’s some answers. I hope that satisfied a little bit at least. :)

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Okay so Eid is mute right?? He uses ASL to speak so does that mean his partner and any friends knows ASL too??

Yes that’s right! :D Mu (and other people he’s close to) always learns ASL to be able to communicate with him but she’s also one of the people that can easily pick up things from his expressions and body language without him “saying” anything.

For anyone else who doesn’t know ASL he uses a magnadoodle to write things down. And in some AUs (like BP, where he’s not human) he has the capability for either mind-speak or some kind of formed text-speak (where words form around him).


Scarecrow: Year One

Some are terrorized through pure visual acuity, hence my scarecrow mask

You can thank Great Grandma Keeny for that.

She had the insight to sew me up the perfect Halloween costume as a child.

One that clearly foresaw my propensities.


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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this as your own. Photos above are not mine.

Pairing: Arno Dorian x fem!reader

Word count: 760

Warning: none

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A/N: Inspired by a previous convo on Discord, I decided to add this onto my already heaping pile of requests for some reason. I hope you all enjoy.

Glitter, stiff fabric and extravagant clothing swirled through the eye slits in your mask as you navigate your way through the massive crowd of guests with only minimal candlelight and dim chandeliers to guide you through the night before the moon showed its face.

Versailles always looked better at night.’ You think to yourself as a tap on your shoulder stops you from trying to move past various bodies in coarse fabric and uncomfortable shoes. You turn around to see a man with dark hair, tan skin and dark eyes while dressed in a black French masquerade outfit complete with a gleaming white mask that covered half of his face.

Bonsoir, mademoiselle.” He greets with a charming smile and a suave French accent as you perform a mock curtsey.

Bonsoir, monsieur.” You reply sweetly  as you smooth the light blue sleeve of your gown.

“Care to join me for a dance in the courtyard?” The man asks and you nod before you extend your arm. He links his arm through yours and leads you outside of the palace into the newly renovated marble courtyard. A small string quartet with a guest French horn begins to play the Blue Danube as dancers start to file in front of the stage with their respective partners. Your partner leads you into an moderate tempo as you spin around other couples in their own lavish outfits and blinding jewelry.

“What brings you to Versailles, ma chérie?” Your partner asks as you glide towards the musicians.

“A certain peace that Paris can’t provide. Or America in general.” You answer while he spins you around before placing his hand on your waist again.

It’s just part of the dance, Y/N. No need to get all jumpy.’ You remind yourself.

“I see. Peace is something that not many can find, much less within a city.” He remarks.

“No, it’s not.” You swallow as your partner dips you before bringing you back up again. “What brings you here to the Château de Versailles then?”

“I came here once with my father. Everything about the palace spoke to me in a strange way and I promised myself that I would come back someday.” Your partner explains and you nod understandingly. The musicians stop playing and you separate yourself from your partner before bowing.

“I’m Y/N.” You manage to say without a stutter or a misstep before you leave the courtyard and escape from the slowly gathering crowd of new dancers. Somehow, you manage to find yourself standing in the garden, right in front of a fountain decorated in stone with an angel looking down on you like a silent guardian.

You hear the faint echo of footsteps behind you and you slowly turn around to see your dance partner standing there with a small smile gracing the unmasked part of his face.

“Who are you?” You ask so quietly, it could have been a whisper.

He steps ever so close towards you, so close that you think that he could possibly smell the whiff of lavender perfume you sprayed on before you left your hotel room earlier.

“Arno Dorian, amour.” He tells you, his eye partially lidded as you reach up slowly to remove the white mask, only to see the exact features you saw on Arno’s unmasked face.

“Why mask yourself if you have nothing to hide, Arno?” You inquire.

“You only see what you can on the outside, Y/N. But you can never see what is truly inside something, not until you unmask everything.” Arno explains. “I’ve been searching for who I am on the inside for a long time, hence the half-mask. I only know what I see when I present myself in public, and yet I never know who I truly am deep down.”

“Perhaps you’ll find it one day. And when you do, come back here at this spot in the palace, when the ball comes around again. I’ll be here.” You tell him firmly and he smiles before reaching for your mask and gently removing it from your face.

A soft breeze brushes your face and Arno delicately kisses you on the lips before placing his mask back on.

“Thank you, Y/N. I hope to see you here again someday.” Arno nods as he turns around and leaves.

You touch your lips lightly and watch Arno’s retreating figure slip away into the darkness of the ever-growing night before you place your mask comfortably on your face and head back towards the main party while the moon begins to glow brightly.

“We can’t risk him harming Jason or the baby” said Ken in regards to putting Charles in Radley. Why didn’t he say “harming Jason or Ali”? Why “the baby”? The writers are being super cagey here. I may be looking into something that has nothing, but is it possible that AD is that baby that Charlotte put in the hot bath tub? What if they sustained permanent damage after that incident, like a deformed face - hence the masks?

Okay, so @theonewithpurplehair just shared this with me…vigilante nuns!

You guys know my weird septa predication, and we both realized this is the aesthetic we’ve been craving for ASOIAF.

So be it known that the Silent Sisters are part of a secret assassins guild (hence the masks and no talking) who take out abusive husbands and otherwise awful people, and save/take-in women who lack recourse.

This is why they’re so good at attending the dead.

Idea: Randall wore braces as a teen and still wore them when he fell down the chasm, but because he lived in a place that looks to be the countryside and also isolated from the rest of the world, no one could take them off for him hence as the Masked Gentleman, and in general, he spent over a decade wearing braces

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do RFA + V headcanons on how they would take care of MC if she got really sick? Like horrible flu, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, stomach flu? I've been really sick for the last 3 weeks and would love some tender lovin from the bois and baehee lol

Oh no, Nonny, I hope you feel better! Hot baths are really good for clearing airways. It’s the steam, I think??


  • Mother Hen Yoosung is activated!
  • He makes soup. Lots of soup.
  • Apparently it’s his grandmother’s great aunt’s recipe from god knows when
  • All you know is it tastes like gasoline and smells like a pharmacy
  • He’ll bundle you up in lots of blankets and take your temperature whenever you complain about his fussing.
  • “Yoosung, you don’t need to do-” “Of COURSE I DO, now let me take your temperature.”
  • Constantly letting you know that he is, in fact, studying medicine so you are in safe hands.
  • When you’re REALLY poorly, like groggy or coughing really hard, he’ll sit next to you and stroke your hair and/or back.
  • He’s completely in control of the situation while you’re awake and always reassuring you that you’re fine
  • The moment you’re asleep, though, he gets his mom (or Jaehee) on the phone like ‘;n; I’M SCARED WHAT IF SHE’S DYING’


  • HA
  • The moment you so much as get a fever he’d call his doctor like
  • Fix her
  • I low key headcanon that Jumin’s doctor is equal parts done with his shit and terrified of him
  • So Jumin’s doctor would show up, explain what the problem is, like ‘ah it’s the flu, drink a bunch of fluids and you’ll be fine’
  • Meanwhile Jumin is hovering. He will not leave MC’s side.
  • He takes a couple of days off work and tends to MC’s every single whim.
  • He keeps track of their fluid intake; you know he would.
  • On Yoosung’s suggestion, he tries making soup and it’s terrible, but it’s such a sweet gesture that MC eats all of it and feels worse.
  • He insists on reading to you while you’re in bed and pretty much expires when you fall asleep on his shoulder.
  • Jaehee calls him to remind him that he is not a nursemaid and has other responsibilities at work, so he hires a nursemaid and stays home anyway to make sure they have a gentle bedside manner.
  • He’d constantly be following the doctor’s orders, but the moment your symptoms get even slightly worse, he’d have you taken to hospital and demand to know why you are still sick.
  • When the doctor sees him arriving he’s legit like oh fucK not again
  • Jumin will not sleep from the moment MC gets sick until they get better.


  • Jaehee would have a face mask and gloves on while in your company and she’d tell you it was nothing personal, but you’d get the feeling it sort of was
  • Still, she’d explain that she wanted to take care of you, but if Jumin caught your illness somehow…or she did (if you’re on her route)…or both…that would mean even more work for her in the long run, hence face mask!
  • She would not be home a lot of the time (regardless of her route or any other), but she would leave you plenty of stuff to eat and cute little post it notes around the house like ‘don’t forget to have a glass of water’ and ‘cough syrup x spoonfuls!’.
  • She’d also call you often, just to see how you were feeling and to check you got her note.
  • If you neglect her advice at any point, you won’t know how, but she’ll know.
  • She’ll show up on her lunchbreak with extra oranges for you to eat or a cake or something.
  • Jaehee is one of those people who measures your temperature by putting the back of one hand against your forehead and the other against her own
  • While you’re sick, she brings out every DVD she owns, all of which are also labelled with tiny post it reviews and explanations on which ones you HAVE to watch first.
  • At least one will be labelled ‘if you watch this, call me, I want your thoughts’.
  • Jaehee gently scolding MC if she catches them on the messenger when they could be sleeping, when really she’s relieved that they’re feeling better.


  • Zen has a gr9 immune system and rarely ever gets sick (and when he does, he works right through it).
  • As a consequence, though, he probably doesn’t know much about how to look after a sick person outside of the stereotypical and largely inaccurate stuff that happens on TV
  • He’d want to be perfect boyfriend in this situation and consider it a test, so would embrace all of the inaccuracy and tuck MC up in bed
  • He’d make tea, sing them to sleep and put a damp cloth on their forehead, since he saw it done on TV once.
  • Zen running MC at hot bath with lots of bubbles and cracking a joke about his inner beast to hide his genuine concern at the fact that they’re sitting there shivering.
  • Depending on how poorly he thinks they are, he might skip the gym to sit with them and go through his lines.
  • I feel like Zen would not know how sick most people can actually get, so he’d probably pull a Jumin and freak the fuck out
  • He has Jaehee on speed dial, you know it and she teaches him how to take MC’s temperature and the kinds of medicine he should get.


  • You probably got it off him to begin with.
  • He’d feel duty bound to look after you, even though he doesn’t have a clue how to do that. He probably falls deep into joker mode as a result.
  • He has the doctor costume and, if it makes MC feel better, dresses up as God Seven, md.
  • God Seven md diagnoses everything and everyone with diseases that probably don’t actually exist, much to the chagrin of the RFA.
  • If MC is into that sort of thing, he’ll put on a nurse’s pinafore instead.
  • Tucks them into bed and brings them meals on wheels.
  • Somehow the Honey Buddha Chips make Yoosung’s family soup palatable.
  • He films some of the dumb shit you say while lucid because of cough syrup.
  • If your symptoms get really bad and you’re essentially a steaming mess in the covers, he’ll drop joker mode and start acting erratic.
  • I’m talking end of Jumin’s route erratic.


  • He’d avoid you!
  • You’d wake up in the middle of the night, convinced you saw someone, but finding the room empty.
  • You would also, however, find that your covers had been rearranged and your water bottle refilled.
  • Someone brought you a snack, too.
  • Gee I wonder who.
  • He’ll deny it.


  • I headcanon a lot that his mum was ill and that’s a decent percentage of the reason why he became so devoted to caring for Rika, so if MC gets poorly, he’d be very concerned, regardless of if MC is romancing him or not.
  • V in a sentence = 12/10 Great Dude with some unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • He’d end up on the messenger an absurd amount, to the extent that everyone else questions it.
  • Especially Yoosung
  • All he’d want to know is how you’re doing. If you reference a symptom at any given point, he’ll ask you again about it an hour later.
  • He has flowers and soup sent to you, or if this is after his route
  • Yeah I said it
  • I went there
  • The Blue son shows up at your door himself with flowers and soup and tucks you into bed.
  • If you’re feeling so poorly that you can’t go on the messenger, I’m pretty sure he’ll show up anyway, just to make sure you’re okay because he is that kind of swell dude.
  • If you’re still planning the party at this point (again, who knows when this is happening???), he’ll finish up loads of work while you’re sleeping.
Tokyo Ghoul Thoughts and Theories Part 2: Uta and Pierott

Okay! So this post isn’t so much as a coherent theory as it is a list of observations. I feel like I don’t have enough information to make proper theories about these guys right now. 

… Well I do put forward a theory about Kaneki’s mask, but that’s about it. 

[Part 1 - Aogiri Tree’s goal and the plot of TG:re] [Part 2 - Pierrot and Uta] [Part 3 - Arima and Kaneki’s connection and misc things] [Part 4 - Pierrot’s true nature.] [Part 5 - Arima’s feelings about Hirako & Uta’s motives expanded]

Uta and Pierrot Observations and Thoughts

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Full view please!!

For the longest time I’ve been seeing people relate Cronus to the Studio Killers song ‘All Men Are Pigs’ and yeah, it does work pretty well, but I’ve always thought of Kankri when I listen to it. He has a belief that he’s higher up than others even though he’s actually no better or worse than anyone, hence the transparent wolf mask. 

On The Run (Part 4) - L.H. AU

Summary: Luke’s little battle with their visitors left him in desperate need for immediate medical attention.

Pairing: Gang!Luke x Female Reader

Luke woke up to a blinding white light, his body feeling heavy and numb. Everything was slowly starting to come into focus. There was a small television on the wall, followed by a framed picture of the sunset and- oh god, what is that beeping?

It suddenly hit Luke. I’m in the hospital.

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Types of scary

After being running this blog for 8 months, I’ve to some conclusions on the types of fear

  • HORROR MOVIE: fear of seeing something behind you, of something sinister waiting in your closet, of a demon waiting to pull you out of bed. classic horror movie things. 
  • CREEPY: fear of the unknown, it looks pretty harmless but you never know. hence fear of people in masks, dolls, clowns. 
  • THE WORST ONE: posts about the torture method used in wars, pedophiles, extreme psychopathic killers. the things that happen in real life, the real monsters out there. yeah these are just plain disturbing and the worst kind of fear
Maybe the girls arent THAT stupid as we often think they are, when it comes to covering their tracks

Spencer while burying Archer, “we should be good at this by now. We’ve got a lot of practice.”

Uhm did i miss the part where they buried a dead body before??? Before Archer, of course.

Remember when Ashley Benson (Hanna) said to pay attention to what the girls say? We could take the context “be good at this” into them covering their tracks, which in my opinion they were never really good at ever, BUT maybe it also subtly hints that they’ve done this before. THIS, meaning buried a dead body or any body for that matter.

Now, a lot of people get buried in this show- Bethany, Alison, Maya, Jessica, did i miss someone else?

The obvious guess would be either Bethany or Alison, as to that’s how this all thing started. We have all the clues pointing in that direction.

• as i pointed out like 282727 times, i will say it again: the whole flashback was off, it wasn’t just their acting, the way it all played off was just not natural. You’re lying if you say something is not up w the girls.

Even when Spencer said “i think i heard her scream” we know the girls can act, so if they acted weird and off, it’s because they were supposed to.

• like Wilden said it was rehearsed, maybe it’s a clue. Maybe it is, they are LIARS after all. We are inside the Liars’ perspectives and it comes off as Wilden is just scary, when in fact he was really trying to solve the mystery. And that scares the girls.

• Ali doesn’t trust the girls

• “drugging yourself is the best alibi” - they were drugged that night

• Spencer and Emily had flashbacks of hurting a blonde, hmm?

• they dismissed Spencer hurting someone that night, because Ali said she didn’t hurt her and because she’s alive– but what about Bethany? Can she say the same if they contacted her through ouija board?

• the show will come full circle if they are indeed guilty, it would explain why they are targeted over the years

• they drifted apart after Ali went missing, after “that night”…. So they won’t have to remember what they did?

They didn’t even try to piece anything together during that 1 year before the show- only when the “A-texts” came.

A wants them to remember. A is out for revenge.

• when they got their first texts, they instantly thought of Ali- and they weren’t at all happy their missing friend could be alive. Instead they were afraid (af).

Are they afraid Ali is gonna tell on whatever they did to her or to Bethany?

• in the last episode, they said they did everything to save Alison from Archer after they found out she was not the killer. Well, after they felt guilty pinning a murder on her w/o legit evidence.

I noticed they seem to only “save” Ali after they’re guilty throwing her under the bus.

- from fake Rollins when they told Uber A she was the killer
- from jail when they found out she was not Mona’s killer and they told on her again

Could it be the same when they did everything to bring her back home, is it because they were guilty to why she disappeared in the first place?

• Aria even went to Iceland that year. We know she’s the one w/ constant panic attacks, nightmares, hallucinations. Maybe she seems to be the most affected, thats why her family had to get her out from Rosewood.

“miss Aria you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife” she couldn’t have predicted the future, that line meant something.

Also that holbrook paint scene was SO shady

• allegedly, Mona found Alison that night after she was buried. Maybe Ali told Mona what happened and what the girls did to her and they hatched a plan. (Remember how back then Mona liked to suck up to her, maybe in exchange to help her be popular, so she helped however she could). And thus, she became Original -A.

“Don’t they know that’s what we want”

• but another scenario as to why Mona was -A, giving her a deeper motive than the Liars stealing away Hanna.

We know Mona is friends with Leslie, Leslie who was said to be Bethany’s roommate in Radley. Could Mona and Bethany also be connected?

Is her -A game about revenge for her deceased friend. Murdered by the Liars?

That call she made before her fake murder, when she said Alison was -A and lured Bethany and wanted her dead. Is that why she hated Alison even more?

• the Dollhouse, what really happened in there? We never got a clear picture of what A did to them, besides some scenes.

- Spencer woke up with red paint all over, believing to be blood. Reminding her of “that night” and what happened?
- Aria woke up with red/pink strips on her hair, she also had them during that fateful summer- is that why she was so traumatized from a hair dye?

It seems to me -A is pushing the traumatic events out of them, that’s what the tortures were. -A was forcing them to remember something they thought would be buried along the body they did.

• if say, they hurt Ali then obviously she would be AD- it makes sense she gave out those initials.

“The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.”

Also, she was super close w Cece- wouldn’t surprise me if she made her take the fall or they were in on it together. Hence why she stayed during those 5 years watching over her.

Ali is the ultimate manipulator then, and this show is really about her…and her revenge. It would a good twist, since all this time we labeled her to be the bad bitch when indeed the Liars are the culprit. The ones we thought were victims.

• another could be, if this is about Bethany’s murder. Who’s the Uber A then? Well if B really is dead; it could only be a family member, a dear friend, or a lover.

Who’s connected to both Bethany and Cece though? (Cece because uber A was said to be avenging her death too).

- the Real Charles ehem Wren
We know he had connection w/ Cece throughout the series, giving her visitor passes, her calling him for infos and such - and maybe was connected to Cece’s former “lover” Archer.

He’s shady as fuck and Eddie did say he was at Radley for the wrong reasons. To find out about Bethany?

Were they lovers? Were they siblings? Were they the best of friends?

I could see him either way. He has the means; he looked like the Charles in the Dollhouse. And why can’t he spell DIAGNOSIS lol.

Did he call himself -A for anonymous because he doesn’t really have a name. He’s no real Wren Kingston, he probably despised his family to call himself Charles, he had no name. Hence maybe the masks too.

• Melissa Hastings. One of my favorite shadiest characters. We know she used to be friends with Cece, and she’s connected with Bethany through horse riding. They could’ve been good friends.

Also, don’t forget we were told BLACK WIDOW is endgame. She’s a widow, with the matching figure.

Anyone else think that Kylo Ren always sounds like he’s on the verge of tears when he has his mask off? Seems like Adam also tries to make his voice higher, as opposed to the Adam “Adam’s Apple” Driver Voice™ that he uses when he has the mask on.

It has an interesting effect on the character, I think. Kylo with his mask on is very intimidating; all I see is an unstable, faceless murderer. But then he takes it off and what I see is a boy, a thirty-year-old man but a boy nonetheless; a boy who never grew out of a desperate need for attention and a boy who defines himself by achievement. He looks like he could fall apart at any second, just absolutely lose all self-composure, and then you realize why he needs the mask and what he’s trying to hide.

It also used to bother me that Kylo completely ditches the mask during the latter part of the movie. If he wants to be scary, he should put it back on to hide his baby cherub face, shouldn’t he? But besides the technical aspect (it conceals Adam’s facial acting during significant scenes), it’s also sort of symbolic, too. He’s falling apart and he can’t hide it anymore, so he just doesn’t bother. He starts taking risks, which can be seen too in the reckless way that he fights during the lightsaber battle. His internal conflict and emotional turmoil have left him vulnerable, hence no mask.

Sorry. I never get tired of analyzing this character.

I Am The Law: Arrow 5x07 Review (Vigilante)

So…. I’m not going to lie. I was super bored. Really freaking bored. 

I was zenning in the Land of Ho Hum. I even considered folding laundry (that’s when you know things are getting bad for me)… UNTIL the last 2 minutes. Then it got interesting.

Let’s dig in…

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