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Zevwarden week day 3: Fancy dress

I remembered about zevwarden week just in time for my favourite one, zev and my warden both don’t really enjoy the balls they go to - they tend to have the worst of the humans there - but they do enjoy dressing up (and the free food)

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Okay so Eid is mute right?? He uses ASL to speak so does that mean his partner and any friends knows ASL too??

Yes that’s right! :D Mu (and other people he’s close to) always learns ASL to be able to communicate with him but she’s also one of the people that can easily pick up things from his expressions and body language without him “saying” anything.

For anyone else who doesn’t know ASL he uses a magnadoodle to write things down. And in some AUs (like BP, where he’s not human) he has the capability for either mind-speak or some kind of formed text-speak (where words form around him).

Tights | Peter Parker

Request: I love your Peter Parker x reader chat rooms, and I was wondering if you could do a Spiderman x reader drabble, but where the reader doesn’t know he’s Peter Parker and is trying to figure it out? 

*Note: I can already hear you guys requesting a sequel for this one. I just feel it.

Warnings: Cussing, Parental Abuse, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, the Whole Shebang

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Scarecrow: Year One

Some are terrorized through pure visual acuity, hence my scarecrow mask

You can thank Great Grandma Keeny for that.

She had the insight to sew me up the perfect Halloween costume as a child.

One that clearly foresaw my propensities.

You’ve got something... - Shiro x Reader

Requested by anon: scenario where shiro throws a banana slug at his s/o

That is an…oddly specific request…i looked it up on urban dictionary and yes there is such a thing as a banana slug on urban dictionary and yes it’s sexual.

Ok soooo I decided to take the innocent literal meaning of banana slug, and since it’s voltron I instead made it a yellow coloured space slug, and incorporated a snowball fight, cause why not. Also the reader is from someplace that snows a lot, hopefully you like it :D

This is a lot fluffier than my last one…happy Shiro is the best Shiro.


Y/N stared at the plate in front of her stirring the food around with a spoon although not really hungry, her mind elsewhere.

“Coran’s food goo not really doing it for you huh?” Shiro asked as he entered the dining room and sat down next to Y/N.

“Oh hey babe, uh yeah I guess I’m not really hungry”

“Yeah you look a little distracted, what’s up?”

“It’s nothing don’t worry about it”

Shiro didn’t answer her he just gave her a look that clearly stated he wasn’t buying it, so Y/N sighed and relented.

“I was talking to Coran earlier and I was trying to explain the concept of snow and it just suddenly hit me how much I miss home; I miss waking up in the morning and seeing the unbroken snow out of my window, I miss the snowball fights, the sledding and ice skating on the lake, I miss curling up in front of the fire at night with a hot drink, I miss all of it” Y/N finished solemnly with a sigh.

“Well luckily for you your amazing boyfriend has a surprise that’s gonna cheer you right up” Shiro said brightly, producing from his pocket, a blue sleep mask.

“Seriously Shiro? Is that Lance’s sleeping mask?”

“Maybe…” Shiro said sheepishly

Y/N raised an eyebrow skeptically

“Please” Shiro trying to do his best puppy dog eyes.

“Fine” Y/N said, reaching for the mask. Despite her mood she found herself smiling at her boyfriend.


A while later, they were both sitting in the Black Lion with Y/n settled in Shiro’s lap with the sleep mask still over her eyes.

“How much longer?” Y/N asked impatiently.

“Only a couple more minutes” Shiro answered.

“Where are we going anyway?”

“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, hence the mask” Shiro chuckled.

“Just a hint” Y/N pleaded.

“Not a chance” Y/N could practically hear the smirk in Shiro’s voice.

True to his word Shiro and Y/N arrived at their destination a couple of minutes later, Shiro carefully helped Y/N disembark from the Lion, her mask still over her eyes.

“Right just stay there…and don’t take of the mask”

“Wait what? Shiro where are you going? Shiro?” Y/N twisted her head left and right before realising how ridiculous that was whilst she was still wearing the mask.

Just then she felt something thump against her back, she whirled around and pulled off the mask to reveal a planet covered in perfect white snow and Shiro laughing and holding a snow ball.

“So?” Shiro asked with a large smile “What do you think?”

“I think-” Y/N said scooping up some snow and packing it into a snowball “-That you are about to get your butt kicked in a snowball fight” Y/N launched a snowball in Shiro’s direction.


Half an hour later both Shiro and Y/N were covered in snow and water, with pink cheeks, cold fingers and no clear winner of their fight.

“Ok…ok cease fire, truce, truce!” Shiro exclaimed as he was pelted with a well aimed snowball from Y/N. “We should really be heading back” Shiro continued sounding slightly out of breath.

“Yeah okay I guess-” but before Y/N could finish her sentence a snowball came flying through the air landing directly on her face. Shiro had used the truce as an opportunity to get a clear shot.

“You dirty little cheat” Y/N exclaimed half annoyed, half surprised. But Shiro didn’t seem to be listening, he was too busy trying to suppress a laugh whilst looking at her right cheek.

“What?” Y/N questioned, confused.

“You’ve got a little something…on your face”

“What do you mean?” Y/N reached up to her cheek and touched something slimy

“Urgh!” she excalimed “Get it off!”

“Ok, ok, hold still babe, just hold still for a second” Shiro had jogged over and was now reaching up to Y/N’s cheek to remove the…slug?

“Ewww is that a slug?” Y/N exclaimed as she rubbed her cheek desperately  trying to remove any presence of it on her face, whilst Shiro placed the yellow slug onto the snow nearby before returning to Y/N.

“I can’t believe you threw a slug at me”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean too” Shiro apologised sincerely.

“Oh no you just meant to throw a snowball at me after declaring a truce ” Y/N said with a smirk and an eyebrow raised.

“Ok that I did mean to do, but I had to win, my Paladin honour is at stake”

“Oh yeah cheating to win, very honourable”

“Ok, ok, point taken” Shiro said with a smile “So, did I cheer you up?” Shiro asked wrapping his arms around Y/N’s waist.

“Yeah, yeah you did” Y/N replied pressing a kiss to Shiro’s lips for a few seconds before pulling away. “But there is one more thing that you could do” Y/N said leaning in for another kiss.

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?”  Shiro replied expectantly, tilting his head slightly to the side, his eyes already half closed.

“Admit that I am the winner of the great snowball war” At that point Y/N drew the arm from behind her back and shoved the snowball she’d been hiding into the side of Shiro’s face.

Y/N suppressed giggles as she watched her boyfriend wiping snow from his face “Hey Shiro, you’ve got something…on your face” .

[Nejiten Month | Week 1 | Prompt: Mission]


Happy birthday to our boi Neji!

A short webcomic

I have always wanted to see Neji and Tenten as ANBU T_T
So yeah, here they are, on an ANBU mission together as  Ryuuhou ( Dragon and Phoenix) hence the masks :)

Dragon is “yang” while Phoenix is “yin”, and they complement each other in creating yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss. This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love and they being together is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness. 

(asdfhalkjsdceclkah!!! OMG! CELESTIAL COUPLE BITCHHH!!!)
S/O to @bossduckily for teaching me Medibang :).


I just thought about the interview with Tyler Blackburn when he said we have “kind of” seen A & “kind of” not (I don’t remember the exact quote). That quote is usually used in twin theories because what other way would that statement make sense? But I think I figured out how it can. If there is no twin then I think it must mean either:

1. We have seen A, but they were wearing one of those realistic masks hence seeing them, but not really seeing them.


2. It will be someone who we have seen in a flashback, but never in the present time. The only person that I can think of who we have only seen in flashbacks is Bethany Young. If it did end up being Bethany, the puzzle pieces looking like one of her drawings would then make sense.

To back that possibility up further, there is a theory that somehow Bethany was in the garage with Jenna when Alison threw the stinkbomb in there. I’m not sure how that would be explained, I haven’t read up on that theory, but apparently Mona was in that situation in the books. This would give Bethany a motive because it is assumed she was also effected by the explosion (disfigured face). This would also explain why she never drew her face in her self-portraits AND the puzzle pieces put together form a FACE. Could that be Bethany’s face and she finally filled in her self-portrait? 

In the most peculiar Bethany drawing aka the one with her missing face (above), she is looking into a mirror. What is a mirror made of? Glass. What looks like it is surrounding the face in the puzzle pieces? Broken glass. And to finish this ‘theory’ off with a small bang: who is the one person who was taken by A.D. at the end of 7x10? Who was the person A.D. gave tea to and showed all of their plans to personally? The only other person who was effected by the explosion. Jenna Marshall.


Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this as your own. Photos above are not mine.

Pairing: Arno Dorian x fem!reader

Word count: 760

Warning: none

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A/N: Inspired by a previous convo on Discord, I decided to add this onto my already heaping pile of requests for some reason. I hope you all enjoy.

Glitter, stiff fabric and extravagant clothing swirled through the eye slits in your mask as you navigate your way through the massive crowd of guests with only minimal candlelight and dim chandeliers to guide you through the night before the moon showed its face.

Versailles always looked better at night.’ You think to yourself as a tap on your shoulder stops you from trying to move past various bodies in coarse fabric and uncomfortable shoes. You turn around to see a man with dark hair, tan skin and dark eyes while dressed in a black French masquerade outfit complete with a gleaming white mask that covered half of his face.

Bonsoir, mademoiselle.” He greets with a charming smile and a suave French accent as you perform a mock curtsey.

Bonsoir, monsieur.” You reply sweetly  as you smooth the light blue sleeve of your gown.

“Care to join me for a dance in the courtyard?” The man asks and you nod before you extend your arm. He links his arm through yours and leads you outside of the palace into the newly renovated marble courtyard. A small string quartet with a guest French horn begins to play the Blue Danube as dancers start to file in front of the stage with their respective partners. Your partner leads you into an moderate tempo as you spin around other couples in their own lavish outfits and blinding jewelry.

“What brings you to Versailles, ma chérie?” Your partner asks as you glide towards the musicians.

“A certain peace that Paris can’t provide. Or America in general.” You answer while he spins you around before placing his hand on your waist again.

It’s just part of the dance, Y/N. No need to get all jumpy.’ You remind yourself.

“I see. Peace is something that not many can find, much less within a city.” He remarks.

“No, it’s not.” You swallow as your partner dips you before bringing you back up again. “What brings you here to the Château de Versailles then?”

“I came here once with my father. Everything about the palace spoke to me in a strange way and I promised myself that I would come back someday.” Your partner explains and you nod understandingly. The musicians stop playing and you separate yourself from your partner before bowing.

“I’m Y/N.” You manage to say without a stutter or a misstep before you leave the courtyard and escape from the slowly gathering crowd of new dancers. Somehow, you manage to find yourself standing in the garden, right in front of a fountain decorated in stone with an angel looking down on you like a silent guardian.

You hear the faint echo of footsteps behind you and you slowly turn around to see your dance partner standing there with a small smile gracing the unmasked part of his face.

“Who are you?” You ask so quietly, it could have been a whisper.

He steps ever so close towards you, so close that you think that he could possibly smell the whiff of lavender perfume you sprayed on before you left your hotel room earlier.

“Arno Dorian, amour.” He tells you, his eye partially lidded as you reach up slowly to remove the white mask, only to see the exact features you saw on Arno’s unmasked face.

“Why mask yourself if you have nothing to hide, Arno?” You inquire.

“You only see what you can on the outside, Y/N. But you can never see what is truly inside something, not until you unmask everything.” Arno explains. “I’ve been searching for who I am on the inside for a long time, hence the half-mask. I only know what I see when I present myself in public, and yet I never know who I truly am deep down.”

“Perhaps you’ll find it one day. And when you do, come back here at this spot in the palace, when the ball comes around again. I’ll be here.” You tell him firmly and he smiles before reaching for your mask and gently removing it from your face.

A soft breeze brushes your face and Arno delicately kisses you on the lips before placing his mask back on.

“Thank you, Y/N. I hope to see you here again someday.” Arno nods as he turns around and leaves.

You touch your lips lightly and watch Arno’s retreating figure slip away into the darkness of the ever-growing night before you place your mask comfortably on your face and head back towards the main party while the moon begins to glow brightly.

“We can’t risk him harming Jason or the baby” said Ken in regards to putting Charles in Radley. Why didn’t he say “harming Jason or Ali”? Why “the baby”? The writers are being super cagey here. I may be looking into something that has nothing, but is it possible that AD is that baby that Charlotte put in the hot bath tub? What if they sustained permanent damage after that incident, like a deformed face - hence the masks?

Okay, so @theonewithpurplehair just shared this with me…vigilante nuns!

You guys know my weird septa predication, and we both realized this is the aesthetic we’ve been craving for ASOIAF.

So be it known that the Silent Sisters are part of a secret assassins guild (hence the masks and no talking) who take out abusive husbands and otherwise awful people, and save/take-in women who lack recourse.

This is why they’re so good at attending the dead.

Full view please!!

For the longest time I’ve been seeing people relate Cronus to the Studio Killers song ‘All Men Are Pigs’ and yeah, it does work pretty well, but I’ve always thought of Kankri when I listen to it. He has a belief that he’s higher up than others even though he’s actually no better or worse than anyone, hence the transparent wolf mask. 

Tokyo Ghoul Thoughts and Theories Part 2: Uta and Pierott

Okay! So this post isn’t so much as a coherent theory as it is a list of observations. I feel like I don’t have enough information to make proper theories about these guys right now. 

… Well I do put forward a theory about Kaneki’s mask, but that’s about it. 

[Part 1 - Aogiri Tree’s goal and the plot of TG:re] [Part 2 - Pierrot and Uta] [Part 3 - Arima and Kaneki’s connection and misc things] [Part 4 - Pierrot’s true nature.] [Part 5 - Arima’s feelings about Hirako & Uta’s motives expanded]

Uta and Pierrot Observations and Thoughts

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On The Run (Part 4) - L.H. AU

Summary: Luke’s little battle with their visitors left him in desperate need for immediate medical attention.

Pairing: Gang!Luke x Female Reader

Luke woke up to a blinding white light, his body feeling heavy and numb. Everything was slowly starting to come into focus. There was a small television on the wall, followed by a framed picture of the sunset and- oh god, what is that beeping?

It suddenly hit Luke. I’m in the hospital.

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