hence the gifset


There are not enough words that I have gathered in my short but studied time upon this Earth that can properly express how incomparably perfect this scene is and I have made this gifset because I would like it known here and now that I want it firmly etched in glorious detail upon my tombstone. And underneath it, will read these words:

“They break the kiss. Jack looks at Elizabeth, knowledge of his fate already in his eyes. There is a ‘click.’ Jack looks into her eyes, desiring her all the more, knowing her true heart is the same as his. He says - with some admiration - ‘Pirate.’”


Mr. Holmes, if it was the end of the world,
if this was the very last night…
would you have dinner with me?


1/? favourite fictional ladies : Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)

“i’m sorry, did i step on your moment? ”


Great and terrible… there are no better words to describe the Dark Order.

                                           for @dolorousedditor​, inspired by The Conquest