hence the eyes

whats up heckers time to debunk a few very popular fnaf theories

so one theory i would like to get into is the theory that michael afton = springtrap. i personally never liked this theory though i did think it made sense before i thought a little more about it.

as you can see, springtrap’s eyes are grey, or if you want to put it a different way, silver. a very important detail in the fnaf book is the color of william afton’s eyes, hence the title, “the silver eyes”-

while michael’s eyes are very obviously blue. enough said about this one!

another theory i would like to talk about is the theory that the bite victim and his brother are william’s children. i never really liked this one either, and i never thought it made sense. here’s why:

i can’t remember exactly what he said, but in sister location night 1 handunit talks about how freddy fazbear’s pizza was shut down. from what i know, the location in the first game takes place in 1993. this means circus baby’s had to have taken place at either late 90s or early 2000s. the bite victim would have been born approximately late 70s since he died in ‘83, while afton’s daughter would have been born around 2000 or so. why would someone have a kid about 30 years after their first one had died?

i guess i can’t really prove this one wrong with factual evidence, but to me that just doesn’t make sense lol


@paranormal-paradigm and I were talking about the upcoming sleepover episode and this happened (she wrote the dialogue and I drew)

Basically the girls are playing Ponyhead’s truth telling game (hence sparkly star w/ sparkly eyes) and Marco happens to overhear a secret thats FULL OF FEELS.


Parvathy Thiruvoth Kottuvata
April 7th 1986


ME LIL’ PLURIS IN PROGRESS! I’m not sure how a few of these are gonna work (not sure how they’re gonna be able to go into skele form or skelinkton form, I just wanted to draw them and see how they looked) but I’m really happy with how they’re coming along!

Right now their name is Mynata (pronounced meen-ah-tah) and they usually go by male pronouns, but occasionally they will go female. Their birthmark is actually replacing their right eye, hence the eye patch/ink covering it. I’m going to make a few more designs for other races (probably some kind of kinfolk) just for experimenting, and I’ll finish these up and post them!

note; the skelinkton colors are temporary due to experimenting. I wanted to see them with PJ colors, but the final will probably be different!

Pluris are by @cereusblue, Mynata is by me!

(and because I mentioned him, PJ is by @7goodangel)

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kissed a girl? once or twice, i’d do it again

smoke weed? nope

have you had sex today? i haven’t 

has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes? this compliment should really gain some popularity! i have not had someone tell me that before but compliments like that are always nice

reverse dippica !!

i tried to draw dave + karkat gem fusion??? idk i might change it but here. giant knight. their gem is fire opal

how the fuck do you combine a sword and a sickle. what weapon would that even make. idk i went for weird toothy sword

ima say this once and I’m not gonna repeat myself. I’m not photoshopping black women to have light eyes because I’m participating in some sort of anti-black misgynoir rhetoric, I’m doin it and have been doing it because I appreciate and respect them and the point of the edits are to celebrate them, hence the eyes being made of crystals and gems. Do not call me anti-black or sexist. You do not know me and clearly don’t understand the art I was making, if I was like these other Tumblr ankh niggas I would only we reblogging light skinned women while simultaneously spewing bullshit. P.S. most of my edit are of dark skinned women and also include non binary and black men. badback hoe.

Finally had time to finish drawing my art for Gravity Falls and man, I loved that show. And while scrolling through Gravity Falls fanart, I came across an AU called Reverse Falls in which Dipper and Mabel Gleeful are basically evil twins who have supernatural abilities(hence their blue eyes instead of brown) which they get from an amulet(Dipper wears it with his bole-tye while Mabels as part of her headband) while Gideon takes on DIppers role and Pacifica whose into the 90′s comes into town to visit for the summer and etc;…

It actually way better than I described it. If you can, check it out. And like in the normal Gravity Falls, I ship Dipper & Pacifica.

Dipper protecting Pacifica is my favorite…

Thoughts on Cable

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cable for the same reasons that a lot of people aren’t - Rob Liefield over-design, ridiculously complicated retconned backstory, liberally “borrowing” from the Terminator 1 and 2′s aesthetic and tropes - but I was reading a bunch of articles on Cable that various sites are putitng out b/c of Deadpool 2 and I’d listened to the X-Plain episode on Cable’s intro, and I realized that there was something else that kind of bugs me about Cable.

He’s too many things: he’s both a powerful psychic (hence the glowy eye and whatnot) and he’s a military badass (hence the hardware that outdoes the Punisher for sheer tonnage). And often the comics haven’t really figured how to do both at once - hence the techno-organic virus, which is most often used as an explanation for why Cable doesn’t use his psychic powers, so that the creative team can focus on Cable doing one thing at a time. Which is both a bit of a waste and contributes to the argument that Cable is a juvenile Cartmanesque overstuffed grab-bag rather than a unified concept. 

But you know what would be interesting to see: rather than Cable just being a military badass in a universe that’s hardly lacking for them, what if Cable was a psychic who’d been trained to harness his powers for military purposes and nothing else?

After all, 616 psychic mutants are normally trained in more defensive and quasi-spiritual methods that make them the wizards and clerics of their D&D parties: whether it’s Jean Grey or pre-transformation Psylocke or Emma Frost or Charles Xavier, psychics generaly specialize in communications and coordination, protecting their allies via some form of shield, going to the Astral Plane so that they can fight the other psychics while the normies engage in fisticuffs, and they often get hit with various feedback effects or whammies just long enough to keep them away from the combat, once again separating them from the brawlers and bruisers. 

But in a future apocalyptic war against Apocalypse, I would imagine that the grizzled leaders of the Resistance would insist on a more applied approach to psychic powers, and thus you’d get a Cable who did things very differently: it’s a complete waste of his abilities for Cable to actually fire a gun by hand no matter how long and hard and thick it is (wouldnt be a post about Cable without some Freudian subtext) when he could use his telekenesis to remotely control entire platoons’ worth of firepower. Likewise, Cable’s ability to telepathically surveil and then disrupt enemy command hierarchies is far more useful militarily than punching people with his metal arms. 

So I guess what I’m interested in is a Cable who’s less 80s Arnie and more late-career Liam Neeson, Tom Hardy Mad Max, or Keanu as John Wick. 


SGZ + anime screencap style + kdramatic captions = to be sun quan is to suffer

beyond ecstatic to be done with finals! Apologies to anyone who sent me a message recently, I’ll get to those shortly! Can’t wait to go back home and draw silm screencaps :’D