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Show Me: Part 1 - Rowaelin

Notes at the end

They had been home for almost a year. Almost a year since the war ended, since the slaughter had stopped, since the the whole continent was able to take a breath. Almost a year, but still so much pain lingered. 

Orynth was mostly rebuilt. So many of Terrasen’s inhabitants had flocked there. First for refuge as war loomed, and then to rebuild and celebrate when the war was won. After what Aelin had sacrificed, what she had done to win the war, the Lords of Terrasen had bowed to her. Accepted her for the queen she was. 

Now a calm had settled over the city, a quiet, peaceful, happy calm. A healing calm that was spreading throughout the city, throughout the country. Because all of Terrasen’s citizens were still healing. Especially their Queen. 

Rowan knew that Aelin had come a long way since she was rescued from Maeve’s torture. For so long she had been distant. Withdrawn. Closed off from everyone. Even him. And it had broken his heart, still did.

She smiled and laughed more, now she was present in the moment. But Rowan saw that a hollowness still lingered. And he had not been idle about it. Somehow he had managed to keep a secret from Aelin, amazingly no one had let slip about the plan at any stage of it. Although Aelin had caught wind of some humming excitement but it was apparent she didn’t have the drive to pursue it. It would be this evening when he would reveal everything to her.

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I seriously can't get enough of your Almost Human AU. If you could do another one (or maybe turn it into a fic) I'd love you forever omg

I’d love to turn it into a full fic, but I never complete anything in my life, hence the short bullet point stories haha.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

  • Leonard’s head is pounding when he wakes up. Not from alcohol; he doesn’t remember drinking excessively earlier that night. Jim’s presence usually takes away the need to drink a lot. A few beers is enough while they walk, bicker, or just relax together. Though Jim doesn’t drink, and that kind of takes away the pleasure of drinking in company. No, this headache isn’t from drinking. If the blood trickling down from his head to his face is any indication; it definitely wasn’t caused by drinking. Not just that, there’s a faint beeping ringing in his ears, and when he reaches out, he becomes increasingly aware that this isn’t his bedroom. He’s outside, in the park. And there’s a bomb strapped around his neck. “Good evening, agent McCoy,” a voice rings from the phone strapped to the bomb - filming his every second. “Nero,” Leonard says, “I take it you’re no longer in jail.” “Smart. You smart enough to dismantle that bomb, too? Don’t think so. You have 20 minutes, and the world’s watching.” “You know I’m just going to lock you up again,” Leonard says, his fingers reaching out to feel the thing around his neck. “What, from the afterlife? Good luck with that.
  • Leonard isn’t calm. He’s anything but. The fact that he’s didn’t wake up in the morning in his bed is concerning enough, let alone the fact that there’s a bomb strapped to his neck, and he has no idea where Jim is. But the world is watching him through that stupid phone that’s filming him. He thought he captured this man before - who traps people into this life-or-death game and has the world watching them, placing bets debating who should be next. Of course, considering Leonard put him behind bars, he would be the first to go after now that Nero’s out. “Bones!” Jim calls out so suddenly Leonard nearly jumps, though his voice is such a relief. “Jim,” Leonard sighs a little breathlessly when the other approaches him, “careful.” “I swear to God, I’m away for one night and you get a bomb strapped to your neck,” Jim says, slowing down once he gets closer to the park bench Leonard’s sitting on, “can’t leave you alone for two seconds. Who’d you piss off this time?” “Nero,” Leonard says, “his real name, it’s all in the files in the precinct. I locked him up before.” “Clearly didn’t do a good job at that,” Jim replies, “let me have a look.” “Jim, you have to get to a safe distance.” “Let me have a look,” Jim repeats. “Jim,” Leonard insists, “I only have two minutes left.” “Exactly,” Jim says, “let me have a look.” 
  • It doesn’t help that Leonard’s fingers are pretty much shaking by now. He never particularly feared death before, but this is different. It feels like he has someone in his life again - which takes away that otherwise sacrificial behavior he had before. “Jim,” Leonard says when there’s less than 30 seconds left, “you should go.” “No,” Jim says, his fingers still working on the bomb, “it’s you and me, Bones. ‘til the end.”
  • When Jim pulls the bomb off and stops the timer, Leonard isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. Jim reaches out and cups Leonard’s cheeks. “Are you okay?” he asks, and Leonard nods. Jim tilts Leonard’s head just lightly, examining the wound on his head. “What took you so long to show up here, huh?” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, leaning in to press a kiss to Leonard’s lips.
  • Little do they know the consequences of that display of affection, though. It isn’t exactly allowed to be in an actual relationship with androids. But Jim is different. Jim has a soul. It’s consensual, he doesn’t get treated like a second class citizen, Leonard thinks. But he is, and Leonard receives a less-than-friendly talking to about this at work. It’s not that his captain really cares, but the law is the law. To make matters even worse, Jim is quietly doing research with  Leonard on Nero’s whereabouts when a few colleagues pass by and both catch them bad-talking the recorded events of just the day before. Leonard visibly tenses, but Jim rests his hand on Leonard’s shoulder. “Don’t,” he warns him, “not worth it.” “You always let a robot tell you what to do?” one of the agents says, and Leonard grits his teeth. He could have shrugged it off on any other day, but he hasn’t closed an eye last night because he nearly died, and now this guy is giving him shit. So before Jim can stop him, Leonard’s in front of the guy and punches him in the face.
  • It doesn’t end well. Leonard gets suspended, Jim is permanently reassigned to a different agent. "What is wrong with you?“ Jim insists when he comes home. “Nothing,” Leonard replies. “Bones, your pulse is racing, you’re clearly angry. You punched a fellow cop in the face-” “He was disrespectful to you,” Leonard interrupts. Jim sighs, sitting down next to the other. “You smell like alcohol,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. “Bones,” Jim continues, reaching out to cup Leonard’s cheek and tilting his head to make the other face him, “who cares what the other detectives think? You’re a good agent, you’re wasting your own time and that of potential victims when you’re sitting here doing nothing. I don’t care about being treated like a ‘second class citizen’, I don’t.” “How can you not care?” Leonard asks, and now it’s Jim’s time to shrug. “I don’t know any better.” “That’s just wrong,” Leonard says, and Jim smiles. “That’s coming from the one who told me he’s not attracted to ”robots“ and prefers his partners alive.” Leonard huffs, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips. A little drunkenly so, but soft none the less. Jim slowly pulls away. “You gonna admit you behave this way because you didn’t close an eye last night? You almost died. Not being able to sleep is normal, just admit you’re scared.” Leonard rolls his eyes at that, pushing Jim further away. “Never.”
  • Jim works with agent Sulu now. Leonard’s not very close with him, but Sulu treats Jim with respect and Leonard follows their case from a distance - quietly pleased when they rescue a group of kids being taken hostage. Leonard’s bored out of his mind all by himself, though. He needs to have something to do, and so he goes back looking for Nero. First he just checks those streaming websites he’s used before, and then he gets Spock to try and track him down. “I can help,” Uhura says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be with Pike?” “I rather work here,” Uhura replies, before throwing him a sympathetic smile, “I’m sorry you got suspended.” “Yeah, well,” Leonard starts, but in lieu for an actual answer, he just shuts up and glances at the computer screen. Just by touching the tablet, Uhura downloads all of Leonard’s findings to her own hard drive, and Leonard and Spock mostly just quietly wait while she works. “You keeping more pretty ladies in this basement, or what?” Leonard asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Uhura wants to be here. At least I don’t boast my illegal relationship to the public by showing public display of affection while my own potential death is being livestreamed.” “You watched that video, huh?” “Leonard, the whole country’s watched that video.” “Strange,” Uhura says, and that brings both boys’ attention back to her, “I’m tracking all the CCTV in the city, but the only potential match I get is currently in the precinct.” Leonard frowns, instantly reaching out for his jacket. “He’s after Jim.”
  • He’s not after Jim. Jim’s just an insignificant android, after all. Leonard finds out that, instead, he’s after the whole precinct. By the time he arrives, all the doors of the precinct are locked and barricaded, and all the police men and women are trapped inside with a ticking time bomb. “Jim,” Leonard says through his phone when the other picks up, “what’s happening in there?” “People tried to disable the bomb, but whoever touches it gets electrocuted. I’m not sure what to do, Leonard.” “I’m going to find Nero. In the meantime, try and find a way to disable the electricity. Make sure no one else gets hurt.” “Be careful,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. “You too.”
  • He does find Nero nearby. He’s always within earshot of the crime scene and this time isn’t really any different. Leonard struggles to overpower him, but he manages.  A gun pointed to the back of Nero’s head isn’t enough to actually disable the bomb, but after Leonard shoots both his legs and leaves him unable to run, he’s ready to comply. He releases the barricades that keeps his colleagues trapped inside, and it allows them to flee outside while actual bomb disposal experts manage to diffuse the thing.
  • Jim doesn’t even care about the law when he sees Leonard again. He pulls him into a tight hug, and Leonard is happy to accept that. “You okay?” Leonard asks, reaching out to run his fingers through Jim’s hair, and Jim nods. “I’m fine. Most people are fine. What about Nero?” “He’s going back to prison. For a long time, this time.” Leonard says. 
  • “You saved a lot of lives today, McCoy,” his captain says, and Leonard shrugs lightly. “Just doing my job.” “No,” she replies, “not your job, because I had to suspend you.” “I understand why you had to,” Leonard says, “I’m not asking for my job back, I just-” “Tough,” she replies, “I expect you in the office on Monday.” She smiles, and so does Leonard. “I’m… assuming I’m going to be assigned an MX, then?” “No, I think Jim’s good for you,” she says, “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”
  • “Were you scared?” Jim asks when they’re at home. “Of what? You dying? Please, I was hoping for some peace and quiet,” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “I know that’s not true, because the last time that happened you literally found my maker to bring me back.” Jim sits down next to him, slowly sliding an arm around the other’s waist. “Not a teeny, tiny bit inside of you was worried about losing me?” He continues, and Leonard smiles almost fondly, reaching out to press a soft kiss to his lips. “I’m not nearly as afraid of losing you in a work related accident, as I am afraid of losing you because of these backwards laws,” Leonard finally admits. Jim reaches out, the hand on his waist running through Leonard’s always-messy (these days, anyway) hair. “We won’t let that happen.”

Lance wip/unfinished doodle from the Naruto AU I’m writing!

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Her, part 1

A series of vignettes detailing a certain Saniwa in a certain Citadel. Very self-indulgent, hence, the use of a specific pronoun.

Part 1 - on the matters of beginnings

She was young, younger than any of their former masters, when they first met her. Kashuu remembers being skeptical when he saw her, looking too inexperienced to have the fate of the world’s history resting on her shoulders. He was her first sword, and often, he’d be the subject of her mistakes, constantly apologizing for his wounds.

(“I thought… I thought the troops would come back after they… they… I’m really sorry Kashuu. If I had known before, I definitely would have made a new one for you.”)

Kashuu minds the wounds but learns to not let it bother him much, and eventually revels in it, because always, without fail, she’d personally attend to his repair when all the others would be in the care of the smiths.


She was very different, coming from a different time. She laughs loudly, and Kasen would quickly chastise her unelegant snort. He’d frown disapprovingly at the way she dresses, shabby, uncoordinated, and inappropriately tight.

(She laughed at his blushing face “They’re called pants! It’s very fashionable in my time.” “It can’t be fashionable, surely now Master! It’s very unelegant to show the shape of y-your… your…” She laughs harder. “I’m flattered you find my butt sexy.” “Master!”)

Still, Kasen finds her wild energy charming in its ways. It comes with eager hands taking his, her feet spinning to a tune she hums, sings, and she’d ask in her breathless voice, full of life and happiness, “Come, let us dance some more, my friend.”


Of course, she had her faults, plenty as human nature allows. She was prone to her emotions, weak against the opinions of others and the high pedestal she expects of herself. And instead of facing them head on, she keeps them, bottles it up until she could no longer contain it. She’d shut herself in her room and not even Ishikirimaru’s soft coaxing nor the tantou’s pleas would make her come out. They merely trust she’d come around. She always does, after all.

Everyone except, Yamanbagiri who would sneak into her quarters when everyone already left. He’d find her sitting on the floor and staring at nothing. He’d sit beside her, feel her body lean and rest against his. Then the quiet. Not complete silence, because his ears are sensitive enough to hear her uneven breathing. Sometimes, she’d cry (and he prefers that because she comes around faster when these pent up emotions were poured out through her tears). Sometimes, she’d tug at his cloak and he’d open his arms to let her inside. It made him uncomfortable, at first, for being so close to his Master (he knew his cloak was not the cleanest) when he could not offer any words of comfort. He was always bad when it comes to conversations. But in time he learns that she didn’t need the words, didn’t want it, and only needed his presence and silent empathy.


She was powerful. This was the reason why she was chosen, despite the lack of proper spiritual training. She called many in such a short amount of time. Day by the day, the Citadel turned less quiet, feet pattering constantly, excited chatters around every corner, and often, so often, families reunited.

The latter, she loves the most, as Hachisuka discovers when she made a great deal to find Urashima the moment Hachisuka mentioned his beloved baby brother. He remembers her squeal of delight, shouting his name to quick, quick, your brother is here! Hachisuka! She took his soiled hands (he was on fieldwork duty) and more or less dragged him to the smithing room. Hachisuka doesn’t remember much after that, too overcome with happy emotions as Urashima jumped to his arms, laughing in delight.

(And much later, she brought the fake home, and as much as Hachisuka resents the fake’s very existence, he could not resent his Master, knowing she did it for Urashima)


She likes talking about the future. Or in a sense, her “present,” the past that is the year 2005. It’s only a couple of hundred years and yet, Mutsunokami feels like she was talking about a different world.

There were too many unfamiliar words and new concepts. Often when he jokes around if such things exist, born out of his wildest imagination, she would smile and confirm yes, such things exist.

“You could be an inventor,” she said wistfully one evening.

The breeze was forgiving, cool despite the summer season. She was wearing a ‘sundress,’ one of the modern fashion Kasen vehemently disapproves off. Mutsunokami privately thinks its charming and fit for their Master. He smiles at her idea. “Maybe in another life. I’d like to see the world. Outside Japan, ‘ya know? I bet it’s big.”

“Bigger than anything,” she replies smiling wider. “I would like to travel as well. We could do it after this. Yes, I think we can. It’s a promise.”

Maybe in another life, they would travel the world together. It’s hard not to believe in her, despite how offhandedly she promised it to him. Next to breathing life to him, Mutsunokami is sure his Master can do anything. She holds the future, after all.


So, simple enough. Gonna write down the rules as well to make it extra clear:


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About the Dos and Don’ts:

I am pretty open to most things, so if it’s something I haven’t listed there that you’re curious about whether I could draw or not, feel free to throw me a message asking about it!

Everything on the “Up for discussion” list are things I can possibly draw, but aren’t that good at just yet. Hence why if what you’d like me to draw is placed in that category, we’ll just discuss and see what we can come up with.

Raffle ends first of June, at midnight (UTC +2)

Part 2 - Newt Scamander - It Would Be Enough

Part 1 Here: http://huffleheck.tumblr.com/post/155274010261/toxic-newt-scamander

A/N: A lot of you guys asked for a part 2 for “Toxic”, so I figured ‘why not give the people what they want?’ and sat down to write this while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack because Lin-Manuel Miranda is perfect (hence the title)

Requested: Yes, part 1 by @kittykat101ary and part 2 by a bunch of other people!

Genre: Angsty as heck, with fluff at the end

Warnings: Mentions of suicidal thoughts and hints at depression, read with caution

You graduated from Hogwarts alone. After Newt left, you stopped talking to your other friends. For the first month or so, they were concerned and asked you what was wrong, but eventually they forgot about you and moved on. And truthfully, you didn’t care. You didn’t care about anything anymore. You quit the Quidditch team, you holed yourself up in your bed during your free time. The only reason your grades stayed exceptional was because your parents wouldn’t have it any other way, they didn’t even mention the fact that you barely left your room during Christmas break. The only person who seemed to notice that you had changed at all was the Transfiguration professor, Dumbledore. He had asked you to stay after class one day during your last week of your 7th year, he said wanted to speak with you. Usually, you would have worried yourself crazy wondering why the old professor wanted you to stay after, but at this point, you really didn’t care what he wanted. You just wanted to get out of that place, where the memories of the only person you had loved were everywhere. In the library, you thought of the times where you would be trying to study but Newt would purposely try to distract you. In the hallways, you saw yourself and Newt walking to your next class together, laughing and smiling. Every time you passed the entrance to the Headmaster’s office, your heart clenched, remembering the way you had walked away and how he had let you go.

“Miss (L/N), how are you?” Dumbledore asked, looking down at you over his half-moon glasses. You shrugged, answering in the same monotone voice you’d had since that door, “I’m okay. Anticipating graduation.” He stared at you, causing you to squirm slightly. You were lying, and you knew that he knew it. “I’m sorry if it seems that I’m prying, but I don’t think you are okay. You aren’t participating in class, your voice lacks enthusiasm, you sit alone at your table.” You looked away, trying not to let his words get to you. “I know how it feels to love someone who leaves you.” His voice was soft, his words caring. Nonetheless, they hit you like a pile of bricks. Your head snapped to him, your eyes filling with tears unwillingly. “You’re a bright young witch, Miss (L/N), I’d hate to see you possibly throw away the possibility of a great future because you’re hurting.” You gulped and bit your lip. “I can’t help it. Everything feels… empty.” Your voice was no longer hollow, it was filled with sorrow, and the professor before you knew that he had to help in some way. “I think I may be able to keep you from hurting, if you’re willing to let me,” he offered. Your eyes widened in surprise. “I can make you forget.” The thought of forgetting Newt and everything you had done together made you heart ache, but at the same time you wanted nothing more than to just forget, to stop the constant feeling of betrayal and hurt that coursed through your veins everyday. So, you nodded. He explained that you wouldn’t forget everything about your childhood and your time at Hogwarts, only that you were friends with Newt. You sat down on a chair and he readied his wand. “Now, just a small warning. This is only mostly permanent, there’s a chance that something can trigger the memories, and when they come back, you’ll remember everything, even this. Are you prepared to take that chance?” You took a deep breath and nodded. You heard him whisper, “Obliviate,” and suddenly the world faded.

5 years later and you had climbed the ranks of the Ministry faster than anyone thought you would. You started out in the Improper Use of Magic Office, and moved your way up to the fifth level, the Department of International Magical Cooperation, acting as a liaison between the different wizarding governments all over the world. You had been especially busy with the Grindelwald crisis pressing on everyone’s minds. So when you were given a special assignment, you were slightly relieved. You enjoyed your job, but it was taxing and you had to work harder than ever before in order to preform up to everyone’s standards. The file on the assignment had been pretty vague, stating that you would be accompanying a self-proclaimed “Magizoologist” on a world-wide trip in order to write his new manuscript. Your job was to handle any and all interactions with the wizarding governments in each of the places you went. The task was seemingly mundane and you were looking forward to a light workload for once. But you had no idea just how much trouble this man could get into. You were in for an adventure, and you weren’t prepared at all.

When you first met him, your breath was stolen. A blur of familiarity filled your mind, so jumbled and mixed you couldn’t sort it out for the life of you. His eyes widened when he saw you, his legs seemingly moving on their own as he rushed to you. “(Y/N)!” He exclaimed, his voice breathy. “Um, you must be,” you opened your file and glanced at his name, “Newt Scamander?” He blinked, nodding numbly. “Why did you have to look in the file, you know me…” He sounded so sad, you really wished you could tell him you did. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before. Did you go to Hogwarts?” You asked. He stiffened, stepping away from you hesitantly. You frowned. “Look, I don’t know how you know me and I’m sorry if I made you upset somehow, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and going on this trip with you!” You gave him a polite smile and extended your hand for a handshake. He glanced down at your hand and slowly grabbed it, shaking it. “Yeah… I’m looking forward to it too,” he mumbled.

Newt’s heart was slowly shattering all over again as he saw the lack of recognition in your eyes. You really didn’t remember him, and whether it was intentional or not, it hurt. You were one of the only good things about his school experience, and now here you stood, telling him that you had no clue who he was. When he was alone, he could still hear your voice yelling that you were in love with him. His biggest regret was ever letting you walk away, and he knew it was his fault that you were so hurt. Because he did love Leta, it was shown in the actions he took to protect her from a punishment that she rightly deserved. But he didn’t love her the way he loved you. She was a friend, a dear one, one he would give up his education for. You were his world, all of it, and he would give up his life for you. When you stopped talking to him in school, he was crushed, turning to Leta for consolidation. She was the only one in his life who seemed to want to stay with him. And then he got expelled. He was all alone now, Leta had abandoned him immediately after the incident. Newt wasn’t sure he even wanted to be alive anymore. Nobody had stayed with him, and why would they? He was just a nuisance. And then you appeared. Your words shocked him to the core, spinning around in his mind over and over again. “I’m in love with you, dammit!” Newt had never heard more beautiful words in his life. So why couldn’t he say anything? You stood there, tears running down your face before you turned away and walked away. And he didn’t stop you. He couldn’t move, it was like he was watching his own body from someone else’s point of view.

“(Y/N)…” He whispered as you turned from him. You faced him once more, looking him in the eyes. You were shocked by the longing in them, the regret and the love. “Yes?” Your voice wasn’t much louder than his. “Promise me you won’t leave me again.” His words triggered something inside you and all the memories came flooding back, and with them the feelings of love and sadness. “Newt…” Your voice gave away your emotions, and he moved closer to cup your cheeks in his hands. “I’m so sorry. I should have stopped you. I’m a coward.” You leaned into his touch, closing your eyes. You didn’t know if you could continue with this assignment now that you remembered everything. “I don’t think-” He cut you off by putting his lips on yours. It felt so right, like his lips were meant for yours. You knew it wouldn’t be perfect between you two and that it would take a long time before it would be back to how it was, but at that moment you were happy. You were willing to try for him. It may not be the way you had always hoped and dreamed it to be, but as long as you had Newt, it would be enough.

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i LOVE your dad!aizawa au! in the revision version where izuku doesn't know, how do you think he'd find out and react? i also love that aizawa is so jealous of all might and love to imagine him death glaring him from afar when he is teaching class or something from like the hallway!

When She Smiles (Revision 1.1)

I’m secretly really fond of jealous Aizawa who glares all the time at All Might. 8D

This is reliant on Revision 1. Hence why this is 1.1. You can assume Part 3 and forward is ‘canon’ for this storyline after this revision though. (So only Part 2 does not apply to this Revision). 

Read Part 1 (Aizawa POV) Note: The last bullet point do not apply, (aka Aizawa does not want to meet his son yet).

Read Revision 1 (Plot Twist, What if Izuku doesn’t know)

Check When She Smiles AU tag for the rest of this universe. 

The truth finally came out in the aftermath of the training trip.

The person Izuku woke to, was not his mother, was not his classmates and friends, was not All Might. It was Aizawa-sensei.

“Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku asked, surprised to see his teacher here. Surely the man had other things to do?

“Finally back with us?” Aizawa asked him. He looked worn out to Izuku. Aizawa-sensei was always tired and unkempt looking, but this was different. There was worry reflected in his eyes, a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Aizawa went on to explain everything that had happened to Izuku, the status of his classmates and the efforts going into rescuing Bakugou, and what had happened to villains. To be honest though, Izuku tuned most of it out, fighting off the feelings of guilt, frustration and anger. He was so useless! Why couldn’t he have saved Kacchan?!

Aizawa reached out and poked him in the forehead. “You need to stop,” he said.

“I couldn’t do anything!” Izuku said, frustrated. He couldn’t even lift his arms to rub the spot where Aizawa had poked him.

“One of the hardest thing you’re going to learn as a Pro-Hero is that you can’t save everyone,” Aizawa said.


“No,” Aizawa cut Izuku off. “No. This is not your responsibility. I mean it, Izuku. Leave it to the Pro-Heroes.”

“Then why aren’t you out there helping?!” Izuku cried out.

As soon as he had uttered those words, Izuku wished he could take them back. That wasn’t fair, not to Aizawa-san who was his mother’s friend, who had offered him comfort and advice growing up, who always took the time to send a gift, a letter, a postcard, who had been nothing but supportive of Izuku’s dream.

“Because I wanted to make sure my son alright,” Aizawa said quietly.

Izuku blinked. Son? He didn’t know Aizawa-san was married or any children. The man never mentioned it before in any of the letters or correspondence. His mother certainly hadn’t mentioned it and there wasn’t any public news about it either.

Then the penny dropped.

Izuku drew in a sharp breath. “Aizawa-san?” he asked, too afraid to voice the question that was now burning in his mind.

The man merely smiled a small smile at him. “Get some rest Izuku,” Aizawa said. “Your mother is very worried. We’ll get back Bakugou-kun.”

He left before Izuku could form a response. In the silence for his room, Izuku let out a confused whimper. Was Aizawa-san really his father?

Why didn’t anyone tell him?

all done!!  here are Tokki’s revised outfits!

season 2 - 3

    just a t-shirt cut and resewn to make the top (worn over a backwards and folded cami to form a makeshift binder) plus compression shorts, ace bandages over their forearms/hands and feet, and a repurposed shoulder bag handle to make their weapon strap.

    the ace bandages are used to give them a better grip (rabbits don’t have paw pads, just longer fur on the bottoms of their paws) and to alleviate a bit of the discomfort felt from suddenly being, y’know, covered in fur.

    their hanbō is just a piece of an old broom they broke off themselves, hence the cracking and splintering.

season 4 (part 1)

    all on loan from Professor Honeycutt.  a bodysuit (inspired by Yi So-yeon’s space suit) tucked into boots (with just enough heel and padding inside them to comfortably fit their digitigrade legs) with a helmet, armor, gloves, etc for traveling outside the ship.  Honeycutt was happy to provide them with a proper binder, too;  if you have a ship that can create anything you can imagine - holographic or tangible - at your disposal, then a binder shouldn’t be a problem, right?

    they don’t mind the bodysuit as it’s more loose fitting than April’s, but as they prefer less bright or saturated colors when it comes to fashion/clothing, they only wear the helmet/armor/etc when it’s absolutely necessary and not a moment more.  they’re just so flashy, they always feel embarrassed wearing it all - especially the back piece, which is specially designed for heightened speed and air time when applicable.

    their hanbō, however, is a better fit for them aesthetically as it’s just a plain metal staff with minimal decorative lights.  their staff is only carried via strap when their extra gear is on, as the strap to carry it is built into the helmet/headpiece - if they don’t have their armor on, they just carry their staff by hand.

season 4 (part 2) & up

    much more to Tokki’s liking!  the first layer consists of a sleeveless and bodysuit plus elbow length gloves of the same material;  the second layer consists of armor plates covering their chest/upper back, forearms, and shins.  the third layer includes a sleeveless dobok top (with a Hamato clan symbol printed on the back in the same color as the trimming), pants (inspired both by standard dobok bottoms and hakama) that cut off at the hock, a new weapon strap, and their (100% genuine!) old black belt.

    they tend to tie their ears back during combat or when they’re working, both for sake of easiness and as a visual cue to how they’ve learned how to (healthily) reign in their emotions and maintain a better control over their thoughts and actions.

    they have a brand new maple wood hanbō with 무궁화 (mugunghwa, or rose mallow) neatly carved in at the bottom.  the flower, known for its strength and durability, is a national symbol of South Korea and the country’s refusal to lose hope or its identity to invading countries.   it reminds Tokki to be steadfast and to strive to be a beacon of hope for others.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 1 Part 2

Well, the title pretty much says it. Despite it containing a scene that I translated last month, it still took me longer than anticipated to get through translating this (hence the mini preview). And for anyone needing to catch up:


Chapter 1 Part 1

Edit: Next Part

Edit: Guidelines for using my translations. Please read before reproducing in whole or part

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All that training, you’ve gotta take time out to relax… Hence, The Mexican Train Championships! PART 1…. The basic objective of Mexican Train is to get rid of all your dominos first…. (as well as taunt and talk BS to your opponents 😜) You play a series of games and the winner is the one with the lowest number at the end … it was @adrianalima and @cristmac 1st time playing.

aionuel  asked:

B, D (any fic), I, K, R, S, T, U, Z :)

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

None. I live a very boring life. 

D:  Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?

I think every chapter of Thieves has its own song, because I usually remember listening to that one or two songs over and over again right until I publish. Part 1 was “Thieves” by She & Him (hence the title) and Xavier Cugat’s “Jungle Drums,” because I was going through my Wong Kar-Wai phase when I started writing. I definitely had John Taverner’s “Funeral Canticle” on while I was writing Part 2. I can’t remember what I had for Part 3, but when I wrote Part 4 I nearly went insane because I had a remix cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit” on repeat the entire time. 

I:  Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

I live for dark, possessive heroes. I’ll gobble up anything that’s got one; I’d write one too, if only the ideas would come (*hint hint*)!

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

I think it may be a tie between “Thieves Among Us” and “Winning means losing, so let’s go until the end.” Neither of these are done, but once the ball’s been dropped…hoo boy.

R:  Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

Regarding fanfic, I think my biggest influence has to be Margot Le Faye, who writes the most memorable Dramione stories I’ve ever come across. I have no doubt that the angst in many of my fics are a product of SoftNoodle’s stuff, despite the fact that I read those when I was, what, 13? It’s stuck with me this long, even if my opinion of those stories has changed with age. 

S:  Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?


T:  Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

I said no in another post, but I just remembered that I’m not a fan of using an evil female character (or any female character) to start drama in a romance or prop up the female heroine. If there’s going to be a she-devil in your story, y’all better have a GOOD explanation behind that, and not just because it’s for the male protag. No man ain’t worth that trouble. This doesn’t mean I don’t dig love triangles, though; it just has to be done nicely. 

U:  A pairing you might like to write for, but haven’t tried yet.

I’d loved to write a Theon x Sansa fic one day. It started with “Thieves Among Us,” but I definitely want to write something that’s only centered around them. Also, Dickon x Sansa is turning into my new jam? I wouldn’t mind writing for that pairing, either.

Z:  Major character death–do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can’t tolerate?

Honestly, I can’t remember reading a fic where there was any major character death, but I don’t think it’s because I shy away from it–maybe I’m just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thank you @aionuel for these questions! 

The Asset (9/?)

Summary: The past two years have been the best years of Y/N’s life, but when her boyfriend’s, Bucky, past comes after her nothing will ever be the same.

A/N: So I don’t know if any of y’all watch The Flash, but basically the reader’s powers are similar to Killer Frost, hence the gif with a splash of Elsa from Frozen.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

“She is not ready,” Agent 24 growled. “She doesn’t even know how to use her powers in combat yet.”

“She doesn’t need her powers for this,” Ward frowned at Agent 24 before tuning to me. “Do you understand what this mission is?”

“Yes,” I tell him closing the file and looking up at him. “You need me to get information from an old SHEILD warehouse.”

“We can’t trust her,” Agent 24 said crossing her arms in front of her and staring down at me. “She could have a relapse in the middle of the mission and ruin everything.”

“That wont happen,” Ward said a little louder. “I had you train her to make sure it wouldn’t. Or are you telling me you didn’t do your job right.”

Agent 24 didn’t back down at the tone of the man in front of her. “We haven’t tested her out on the field. Everything we’ve thrown at her here hasn’t broken the surface, but we don’t know how she will hold up out there, alone.”

“Agent get ready,” Ward said to me ignoring agent 24. “You leave in an hour.”

I knew exactly how I would execute the mission. The warehouse was old, but the security was not. Agent 24 was right when she said I couldn’t use my powers in combat, but I could still use them for this mission. Before I could do anything I needed to fry their security system, or in my case freeze.

I stood half a block away from the warehouse letting the darkness be my cover as I waited for the guards to switch shifts. I watched the side door open and quickly took my shot while they were distracted.

Taking in a large breath of air I closed my eyes and concentrated on what I wanted to happen before opening my eyes and letting out a gust of ice-cold wind and sending it to the power generators.

The metal boxes were covered in ice before there was a loud noise coming from the generators and they erupted in smoke. The two guards instantly took off in the opposite direction and I pulled up my facemask before running to the now unguarded door.

As soon as I was in the building I jumped behind a large crate when the sound of multiple footsteps came from the other side of the warehouse.

I waited for the footsteps to disappear before slowly making my way through the dark warehouse, only lit by the dim emergency lights.

It didn’t take me long to find what I was sent in for. The hard drive was no bigger than my fist and I quickly stuffed it in my utility belt.

As I began to make my way out of the building I stopped in my tracks when I heard something loud outside of the building. I walk over to the window on the side and look out to see a large plane landing. The cargo door opened and three people stepped out. Two women and a man, one of the women had short-cropped hair and was in full tactical gear. The other woman was dresses in civilian clothes as well as the man.  

The two in civilian clothes were bickering followed closely behind the woman in tactical gear who looked annoyed at them, but fully aware of her surroundings.

I ducked down behind a metal crate just as they entered the building.

“I still can’t believe Coulson sent us here,” the man sighed tapping on a tablet he was holding. “I get that we were the closest, but it was just a problem with the generators.”

“Yes, if by problem you mean it was found frozen in the middle of summer,” the woman next to him frowned. “Fitz lets just get it up and running, and Daisy can go and see if anyone is snooping around.”

“Sounds like a plan,” the woman I guessed named Daisy said breaking off from the group and began to look around the warehouse. “Just give a shout if you see anything.”

“I don’t even know why Coulson still has this place,” the man, Fitz, said. “We have room in the new facility to keep everything there.”

“You can question the director’s motives later,” the woman said. “For now just focus on getting the power back up.”

They disappeared down the corridor with their footsteps echoing in the distance.

With a quick scan of the warehouse I made a dash for the door when it was clear.

I pulled the door open, but before I could step out it was slammed shut and I was flung against the wall by a strong force.

My head was spinning as I tried to register what had just happened. I got up just in time to see Daisy walking toward me, one hand out in my direction.

“I found the intruder,” she said into what I assume was an earpiece.

The temperature in the room slowly began to drop as I tried to keep my powers at bay. I wasn’t ready to use them in combat, but the blow was throwing me off and I was struggling to keep them from lashing out.

“Now, we can do this the easy way,” Daisy said taking slow steps toward me. “Or we can do this the hard way.”

When she was close enough I lunged for her knocking her against the wooden crate. I ran for the door again, but before I could reach it I was knocked off my feet by the same force as before and I skid across the hard floor.

“The hard way it is,” she smirked lifting up her hands and sending a wave of vibrations my way pushing further away.

I felt disoriented after each blow and the temperature of the room began to drop further to the point were small white clouds formed as we breathed. Daisy seamed to notice and was momentarily distracted are she looked for the source of the lowered temperature.

I pushed myself up taking the advantage of her distraction, lifted my hands, and sent a small blizzard in her direction. She was thrown back against the wall from the force and a small grunt that came from her let me know she was still alive.

She quickly pushed herself on her hands and looked at me surprised.

“You guys we have an inhuman,” she said into her earpiece.

I needed to get out of here.

“You don’t have to do this,” she said standing up.

She was going to try and stall. Allow more time to pass for back up to arrive. I wasn’t going to let her do that.

“We can help you,” she said walking toward me.

Around me icicles began to form and I sent them flying toward her. As she lifted her hands to block my attack I took off for the door once more. This time as I reached to door I stopped in time to see Daisy send a wave of vibrations at me. In an instant I had a wall of ice in front of me and I concentrated on keeping it solid from her attack. The ice began to crack under the vibrations. It was taking everything in me to keep my powers under control. The metallic taste of blood was on my lips as it began to trickle from my nose.

I screamed as I lost control of my powers and they took a mind of their own. The wall of ice exploded and the room was consumed in a blizzard sending everything into the air, including Daisy.

I was panting and lightheaded by the time I took control of my powers. The room was a disaster and I could only barely make out Daisy’s form under a light blanket of snow.

“Jemma over here,” Fitz’s voice called out as he appeared running toward Daisy.
The woman, Jemma, came running after him dropping down on the ground beside Daisy. “Call May and Mack,” she instructed checking to see if Daisy was hurt. “Tell them we need emergency medical assistance.”

While they were distracted I left the building before anyone saw me.

“Sir, she is awake,” Jemma walking into Coulson’s office. “She asked for you.”

Coulson set down the files he was reading and walked to the medical wing of the facility. “Has she said anything,” he asked Jemma as they walked together. “About the inhuman.”

“No,” Jemma sighed. “Only what we already know.”

There was a new player on the field and they were working for Hydra. After the team arrived to get Daisy help a full inventory had been done of the warehouse. Only one thing had come up missing, an encrypted file with part of Zola’s algorithm.

“How are you feeling,” Coulson asked Daisy as he stepped into the room she was in.

“Cold,” Daisy laughed lightly. “Any trace on Elsa.”

“No,” Coulson sighed.

“I’m sorry I could be a bigger help,” Daisy frowned. “She was wearing a partial mask and all I could see were her eyes. But at the distance we were from each other I couldn’t even see their color.”

“So ice powers,” Coulson sighed crossing his arms in front of him and leaning against the doorframe.

“Yeah,” Daisy sighed. “And strong ones from the looks of it. I don’t think she has full control over them.”

“Well she’s an inhuman,” Coulson said. “It’s your call what you want to do with her.”

“I want to recruit her,” Daisy’s tone was serious now.

“She’s Hydra,” Coulson stated.

“Exactly,” Daisy said. “If I can get her on our side we can get an in on Ward.”

“Take down Hydra.”


“I have to call Hill,” Coulson said taking out his phone. “The Avengers are going to want to know about this.”

Part 10

The Emberglades Saga Masterpost

The Emberglades Saga was Sederis’ first series of stories that was written during the Winter of Woe Campaign. It was a result character interactions that led Sederis to make peace with his past. Made for bite-sized serialized reading, the average length of parts ranged from 300-500 words, hence the ridiculous number of parts.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8    
Part 9     Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16    
Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Epilogue

Also don’t be alarmed if the numbers don’t match up. I thought I was clever and decided to add a part 9.5 in for some reason.

No one had to "fix" Hinata, either

Follow up post from here

Hinata was not a broken thing for Naruto to save. He was the catalyst for her wanting to change, but he never physically had to do anything besides exist. She did not exist for his story. Hinata wanted to change all on her own. She did not wait for someone to hold her hands and tell her she wasn’t alone. Change can only come from within, and Hinata knew that. By the time Naruto properly noticed Hinata, she had already changed from part 1, thanks to the support of her friends. She did not “wait” to be saved by love, hence why her major character arc was finished by part 1. Hell, this is why kishimoto had Naruto and Hinata interact before his fight with Neji. She grew from a dark and gloomy person, into someone Naruto really liked! On her own!!!!! No silly “Hinata, let me change you myself and have you depend on me for change” story. Hinata is strong as heck!! Most people never even try to change themselves from within.

Of course, I wish we had more Hinata in part 2, but seeing as her and most rookies (outside of shikamaru) had finished their arcs in part 1, it makes sense why they didn’t show up as much in the story, as their stories were over and they had no real connection to the Uchiha wank.

D&d10 part 1

We’re playing a reskinned and heavily homebrewed D&D-type fantasy using L5R rules.

Context: the party is asked by the mayor to clear the road and direct travelers to safety while the town fortifies against the imminent zombie attack. The characters are Elana, a high-born merchant with great social skills but little combat ability, Metis, a warforged (pleasure model) traveling minstrel, and Sir Rupert, a noble but incredibly naive knight-errant (me). There is a second party playing the same campaign at the same time that meets on a different day, and each party’s actions affect the other party. So far I’ve done a good job of showing that all I know about the world came from children’s books, live entertainment, and intense combat training. 

Me: “If we’re going to be clearing the road, there might be more fallen trees. I need to borrow a "trusty” axe.“

Elana and Mayor: "A what?”

Me: “In the stories I’ve read, when a hero needs an axe, they always grab a "trusty” axe. That’s what I need to borrow.“

Elana: "Oh. A "trusty axe” is just an axe with good marketing.“

Me: *completely in earnest, to the mayor* "I need to borrow an axe with good marketing.”

Elana’s player can’t stop laughing at the image for at least a minute while the DM and I stare at each other, he with incredulity and I with the blankest poker face I can manage. Good times.

Another highlight of dialogue:

Me: …And I can’t see through the gaps in the wall?

DM: There aren’t any gaps, and it’s silent here.

Me: Well, I don’t hear singing, so this must not be a bandit camp after all.

DM: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: In every stage play I have ever witnessed that included bandits as characters, they have included a musical number in which the bandits sing about life as a bandit. As far as I know, they practice every day.

DM: …That’s… probably true for you. So, I take it you don’t try the gate?

Me: Sadly, no.

If anything else funny happens I’ll be happy to share again, hence the “Part 1” in the title.

Just Friends - Chapter 1

Author: Lauren (aka me, one of the admins)
Word Count: 1062 
Main Characters: Oliver Wood
Pairing: Oliver x Reader

Plot/Request: Could I get a one shot where you’re upset about getting dumped and Oliver’s been helping you get over it and you realize how much you like him?

A/N: I was thinking about making this in more than one part, hence the chapter 1 at the top. Please drop a quick message in our inbox if you would like this story to continue. We don’t have much Oliver Wood one shots so I loved doing this. 

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27. Royal Court Part 2

As promised!
There will be a part 3, hence the drama, so hopefully that will be up soon!

Here is Part 1 

The sweet light filtering in the room wakes you, and you take a moment to watch the man next to you, with his soft lips and long eye lashes, you take a moment to admire the man you love. But a moment is all you get before the door is banging open, Liam’s father, the King, striding in and standing at the end of the bed;  you can pinpoint this as the exact moment your world crumbles. “Go” he tells you sternly, not sparing you a glance, so you do; you get up and hurry away.
You did your best to go about your day, preparing for the Counts visit and the welcome banquet taking place that evening, but your mind can’t help but going back to that moment, to your stupidity for staying the night.
“Liam” you call out, hurrying over to him in the courtyard, mind going crazy with not knowing the consequences, he turns to face you with a blank expression. “So I’ve managed to convince my father to let you stay in court” he tells you, but that wasn’t what was making you worry. “But I think it best you resume your job and I resume mine” he tells you and his voice is so authoritative, so cold and unfamiliar to you. “I never should have started what we had, I knew there would be no future for us and I’m only sorry to have mislead you,” he tells you, leaving the courtyard and you broken hearted.
You watch as he twirls the beautiful girl in his arms, her luscious dark hair fanning our around her as a smile graces both of their faces, 24 hours earlier you had been the girl in his arms, but fate had played it’s part. You were a maid, you were nothing in the scheme of things and he was the future, the future for the country. He was right, there would never be a future for the two of you.

Kitchen Worker/Princess
“The blossoms are spectacular this time of year” you comment as you walk through the grounds with Harry, one of his shining apples held in your hand. “They are” he comments, his nerves evident in his voice.  “How about we try something” you tell him, “you pretend I’m just a normal girl” you smile and instantly his tensed stance relaxes.
It was like this for a week, everyday you would meet harry in the kitchen before taking a walk through the grounds, learning about each other. You were afraid and excited to say that the boy was growing on you.
You enter the sitting room with a smile on your face and a blush on your cheeks, “mother” you greet, placing a kiss to her cheek. “What it this I hear about you running around with a kitchen hand” she replies, causing you to tense up, you know you’d done nothing wrong but you already knew your mother wouldn’t allow it. “He was just showing me around” you tell her, taking a sip of the steaming tea that was sitting on your mother’s table. “You’ve lived here your entire life, you don’t need showing around” she quips. “Mother-“, “No more Y/N” she threatens before leaving the room.
“I haven’t seen you in a while, Y/N” Harry smiles at you, hands covered in flour as you walk into the kitchen, it had been 10 days since you had last walked through the gardens together. “I’m here to ensure that no assumptions were made through our friendship Harry, I cannot have my reputation tainted through association with a kitchen hand. I hope you understand.” You spit out the words your mother had instructed you to say before leaving, his broken-hearted look already burnt into your mind.

“That one” you tell your lady-in-waiting as she picks up the sprigs of lavender, weaving them into your hair, “Lavender is Louis’ favourite” you add, sending her a smile through the mirror as she works on your hair. Smiling as the sunshine hits your face, you continued through the spring air to your meeting spot with Louis. Upon spotting the brunette boy seated on a rock you feel a smile light up your face and quickening your step you hurry over before wrapping your arms around his centre and burring your face into his neck. Your moment of bliss is disrupted however; Louis pulls away from you completely, leaving you bewildered by his actions as he turns to face you with a blank expression. “When were you going to tell me?” he asks and your confusion only increases. “ I don’t understand” you reply, taking a step closer to him, only to have him retreat. “About your engagement” he exclaims. “What?” you ask, panic and fear now joining your confusion.  “Your father announced it to the court this morning, you’re to return to Wales in the morning and marry the Portuguese Duke”. You lose your breath without realising, head spinning with unconnected thoughts as you feel your heart collapse on itself; you had always planned for Louis to be your husband, not some unknown man. Louis calling your name brings you back to reality, “breathe, Y/N, breathe” Louis’s comforting words help. “I did- I didn’t know” you cry, tears slipping down your face shamelessly. “ I thought you knew… I’m sorry Love, we’ll work it out, I promise”

You look for the blonde throughout the banquet hall. All around people are laughing, dancing and drinking, celebrating your engagement to the Prince of Ireland, and yet you’re sure they had all heard the rumours. He had been such a gentleman to you in the week you had spent at royal court, always polite and charming. Yet there were undeniable rumours… rumours of countless relations with countless women, rumours that even upon marriage he would maintain a mistress. Needing a break from the well wishes, and in hope of finding your fiancée, you excuse yourself outside to walk on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air. However it doesn’t take long for the pleasant silence to be disrupted by muffled laughter, heading for the noise you’re surprised to find Niall; lips attached to the neck of another woman, his hands all over her body. “Niall?” you interrupt the two, him pulling away from the woman completely as the girl lets out an indignant squeak. “Y/N” he mumbles apprehensively, attempting to straighten his dishevelled hair, “what are you doing out here?” he asks. “I came to find you and well…” you gesture towards the two. “This is nothing Y/N” he attempts to assure you, “Just a bit of fun until we’re both tied down with one another and responsibilities”. “Tied down?” you question,  “Is that the way you view this marriage? We may not know each other but I was at least hoping you could give the two of us a chance” you tell him. “We will have plenty of time to know each other when we’re married” he counters.  “If that’s how you see it, then I’m afraid I can’t do this” you tell him, trying to dismiss any feelings you had grown for the boy over the past week.

Soldier/Lady in waiting
Upon hearing the news you excuse yourself from your queens presence, running as fast as you possibly can down to the stables, disregarding the dirt that sticks to your elaborate dress. Throwing open the doors you startle the men sweeping the floor but ignore them in favour of looking for Zayn. Unable to find him you stop be the familiar stable, Zayns black pony eating nonchalantly.  You run a gentle hand down the horse’s face, before beginning to brush her mane to take your mind off present matters.  “My two favourite girls in one place” his familiar voice disrupts you a while later, you look up to find him leaning against the door, smug smile on his lips. “War?” if the only thing you say, his face dropping immediately. “Y/N-“ He begins, but you already know its true from the worried look on his face. “No, no, no…. you can’t leave me!” you cry, tears slipping down your cheeks. “I have to” he tells you, striding over and taking your face in his hands, the rough skin of his thumbs caressing your cheeks. You watch those reassuring brown eyes and for a moment you believe him. “I can’t lose you,” you tell him, his dark eyes softening considerably as he places a chaste kiss to your forehead. “I will be home safe before you even know my love” he assures, placing his lips on yours this time.
You wait with your Queen and the other ladies, as the King and his soldiers ride out on horseback. Zayn to the left of his majesty, you watch with a broken heart as they pass you, as they head towards the castle gates, towards an unknown dangerous fate.