hence his stage name

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Hi isn't I.M.'s real name Im Chang Kyun, not Lim? (hence his stage name I.M.)

The character for I.M’s last name, 임, can be romanized as both Im or Lim, and corresponds to the same hanja character 林. Although there is no ㄹ (r/l) in the character, the L sound exists somewhat as a soft consonant in speaking. It works in the same way that the common last name 이 is romanized usually as Lee even though the korean syllables only make Yi/Ee (no L). We’ve seen Lim used more commonly in profiles and thus chose to use this spelling, but his stage name also does correctly correspond to his last name.

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one favourite trait for each member of bangtan!

okay so i will include visuals to go with this so im gonna put this under a read more lmao

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like he is always so confident about his looks i feel like everyone deserves to have the self confidence that jin has. we can all learn to be like jin.

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