Colder than a witch's....

She said:  BRRRRRR!  Sugarbush was virtually empty today as it was a very sunny but very cold day.  Conditions were better than yesterday but still I wonder where was all the snow is that Mad River had/has; and that Sugarbush also got.  Three or four runs and then you were inside.  The soups were very hot and very good. 

My favorite trail today was Birdland.  Yesterday (and today) Moonshine was a fun trail.  Also the bumps on Murphy’s were fun too.  Overall, the skiing was quite good.

Of special note, we had dinner in Waterbury at the Hen of the Woods.  Food was supremely delicious and service was impeccable.  I highly recommend this place for a good feeling about Vermont with inspirational food as good as the finest of restaurants in any city. 

DISCLAIMER: For the record, Irwin embelishes his remarks -

He said: Conditions were pretty good both days but there were a few problems - “legs hurt”, “feet hurt”, “my throat’s sore”, “it’s too cold”, “I’m tired”, “where’s the snow?”, etc. - I was beginning to miss this litany. When she wasn’t complaining, she actually skied quite well despite recovering from a bad cold.

For the most part, I enjoyed the variety of conditions - bumps on Lexi’s Twist and Domino were nice. Upper Jester was an excellent warmup cruiser both days. Castlerock was tough and could use some more snow. Hopefully we’ll get some in the next couple of weeks. It’s supposed to be twenty below by morning so I think we’ll skip skiing tomorrow and head home.



It seems few and far between right now, that i have time to blog about this, but regardless, there is still activity going on.

My local bakery has been cooking up some items with mushrooms ive been finding. Brad made a crab maitake quiche and a mixed chanterelle savory danish. Both were amazing and had great qualities to them (i.e. the crab mix was awesome, and the mascapone for the savory danish was a great platform for the chaterelles)

I also ran into boston #1 foraged mushrooms suplier (as far as i know) on my way out of the woods last week. I hope to beat him to it again this week.

and what else.

and then there are hens, and gypsies, and hedgehogs that are gracing the table and such around here, thanks to the nice fall weather.

hope to post more soon


Maitake aka, “Hen of the woods”

Latin name: “Grifola frondosa”

My wife picked up some fresh Maitake at “Far West Fungi” in San Francisco.
We sautéed them for a side with our shrimp and grits. The Maitake has a subtle nut flavor and when sautéed with just a little salted butter it’s wonderfully savory. If you are attempting to cook this mushroom for your first time remember…less is more. To much heat and butter could easily take away from the amazing texture all the leaflets provide.

Maitake: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grifola_frondosa

Far west fungi: http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.com/farwest_fungi.php

This post among a few more to come are inspired from my weekend in Vermont. @naturallyella has such great rustic, cozy recipes, including this one here which is Sweet Potatoes, Wheat berries & Eggs. Could be made for breakfast or potentially for dinner. I dined at The Hen of the Woods on Saturday eve in Waterbury, Vermont, it was amazing!! We got one of their most popular known starters, Hen of the Woods mushrooms with a poached egg & bacon on grilled bread. It was perfection!! Ella’s recipe is a very nice vegetarian alternative and quite simple to make.