Tea Time:

⭐ Expect Mystal pr in the near future

⭐ Mystal contract is up in the next month or two

⭐ Arzaylea and Luke have been working on the relationship and getting closer (sorry Luke girls)

⭐ Ashton has been involved in a lot behind the scenes drama going on lately

⭐Ashton has been in trouble with Management lately and may be doing pr in the near future

⭐ Calums depression has gotten better

⭐Mystal is possibly going to an Oscar after party (not comfirmed)

⭐ Cal has looked into getting a dog but worries if he does he won’t have the time to take care of it

⭐ Mikey does NOT live with Crystal

⭐Crystal has several pregnancy scares in the past (not with Mikey)

⭐Mikey and Crystay have been fighting a lot lately

⭐ Ashton has a real gf but may also shortly have a pr girlfriend

⭐ Cal and Mikey are both single right now and don’t have girlfriends

⭐ Ashton has a lot going on that management are trying to cover up

⭐ Mikey recently asked management to keep the original end date for the pr while Crystal is trying to get extended

⭐Cal and Nia pr will be starting back up shortly

⭐No one is engaged I can not stress this enough

⭐ Alexa was covering up for what management dont want getting out about Ashton

⭐Cal Ashton and Luke have houses now and Mikey lives in an apartment

⭐ The new single will be dropped in the next month or two prob around the time the pr ends

⭐Crystal has got on the bad side of many 5SOS friends

⭐ Luke knows of he recent drama with Arzaylea and Callie going on and doesnt care or want to be involved

⭐The guys stated once the contract with modest is up the boys will not sign another one

⭐ Michael recently told Crystal in real life he couldn’t be with someone like her

⭐ Ashton has had it with Modest and almost leaked news the other day

I apologize if this wasn’t the best tea
And I will be sharing more shortly


a ball of sunshine 🌞❤

Forbidden Love

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request: can you write a kind college au where calum is playing soccer and hurts himself and the reader is a student too studying sports med has to tape him up. And cal keeps trying to hit on her and stuff and y/n wants it but she can’t because it’s against the rules and they could get thrown out of school. And then maybe a part two (if you feel like it lol) where they actually get together. Ok I’m sorry if this is really confusing. ilysm❣️❣️

awwh ilyt 💕 this was such a cute idea, thanks for requesting it i hope you like it, i’ll post part two if it gets requested too

“Come on, y/n. You have to go to the game today!” My friend, Aveline, begged.

I shook my head. “You know I can’t, Aves. I have two papers due Wednesday and I can’t put them off until tomorrow. Plus, I already told the coach I couldn’t make it.”

She sighed. “You never go anywhere besides class and your room. Can’t you just put off your work just this once? I really want to see that Calum guy you told me about.”

“Fine,” I gave in. “But only because I’m halfway done with one of them.” I gave in, shutting my laptop and getting ready.

Being a med student meant I had tons of work. It was my second year of college, and I have two more years left here, then I had to take even more classes. But I had more on my plate than normal med students, because I was also taking pre-sports med classes. My mom is a sports medicine physician and also teaches classes, so a few times a week I go to the hospital with her and learn what I need to. I don’t have a lot of free time, as I either have classes or I have to be at the soccer games in case of an injury. But Aveline was studying photography, so she got to go wherever she wanted whenever she wanted. She doesn’t understand why I never go anywhere but those places, but if she had the same work that I did, she would get it.

After I was ready, we left and headed towards the field. I brought Aveline with me down to the benches where the other players and the coach sit. She was so excited, she could barely contain herself.

“There he is,” Aveline gasped as she pointed to Calum. “Why didn’t you tell me how cute he is? I am definitely going to start coming to the home games just to see him play.”

I rolled my eyes at her, then continued to watch the game. The game was going well, until one of the guys on the other team tripped Calum and he landed on his foot wrong when he tried to catch himself. Everyone gasped, a lady that I assumed was Calum’s mom and a girl that was a bit older than me got up and ran down to the field. They wouldn’t let them onto the field, and they were very upset because of that.

They gestured for me to come help, and I obliged, running over there as quickly as I could. When I reached them, I bent down next to Calum.

“Can I get an ace bandage and some ice, please?” I asked quickly, examining his ankle. Someone ran off to get them for me.

I felt his ankle with my hands, not feeling any obvious breaks.

“Does this hurt?” I asked him as a gently squeezed his ankle.

He winced. “Yeah,”

“How would you rate the pain on a scale from one to ten?” I asked next.

He thought for a moment. “Uh, about a seven, maybe an eight?”

The person who fetched the ace bandage and ice came back, handing the bandage to me. I unrolled it, then began wrapping it around Calum’s ankle.

“If I was going to rate you from one to ten, I’d say you were a twenty.” Calum smirked.

I gave him a look, then turned my attention back to what I was doing.

He laughed, shaking his head. “Sorry, just trying to take my mind off this pain.”

“It’s fine,” I laughed too. “I understand. But my friend actually likes you, so.”

He smiled through his pain. “Well that’s too bad, because I actually like you.”

My eyes got wide as I finished wrapping his ankle up. I gestured for someone to help me stand Calum up, not saying anything to him. One of the guys from the team named Caleb got off the bench and came over to help, and we walked Calum to the bench and sat him down.

“What’s the verdict, Doc?” Caleb joked.

“I’m sure it’s just a sprain,” I told him. “But we’ll go the hospital just to be sure. Do you need to go now, Calum, or can you wait?”

“I can wait until after the game,” He replied.

They put someone else in the game in his place, and the game continued. After a while, Calum spoke up.

“Is this your friend?” He wondered, pointing to Aveline as he adjusted the ice on his ankle.

“Yeah, Calum this is Aveline, Aveline this is Calum.” I introduced them.

“Nice to meet you.” He said politely.

She blushed. “You too,”

During the last half of the game, Aveline left to go to the bathroom, leaving me alone with Calum.

“So, uh, did you mean to completely ignore me after I told you that I like you?” He looked at me.

I shrugged, not meeting his gaze. “I don’t know…”

“Y/n, if you don’t like me back just say so. I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection.” He chuckled.

I couldn’t help but laugh too. “It’s not that I don’t like you back, but we both know the school policy. You’re on the team, and I help the team. Therefore, we can’t date, or we’ll both get expelled. I’d rather not get kicked out, considering I kind of need my education for my career.”

He smirked. “Ooh, forbidden love. We’re almost like Romeo and Juliet. Except, hopefully we won’t die like they did.”

I rolled my eyes at him and groaned. “Do you not get what I’m saying? This can’t happen.”

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” He shrugged, acting way too cavalier about this.

I sighed. “Calum, I’m being serious. We both can’t risk this.”

“You’re right…” He trailed off, sounding defeated.

I felt bad that he was disappointed, but it wasn’t a rule we could break. Our school took it very seriously, and if we broke it, there would be extreme consequences.

After the game, Calum decided to just have his mom and his sister, the girl I saw earlier, take him to the hospital. I told them what to tell the doctor when the got there, and gave Calum my number in case anyone had any questions. And though he probably thinks I didn’t notice, he couldn’t stop smiling after I gave it to him.

if you want a part two or have an idea for another imagine then feel free to request them, requests are always open x


U good?

A Trip to Lush - an Ashton Irwin imagine

Helllloooo…how much do you love me and how willing are you to drop all your plans to come help me out for a couple hours?” the text reads from Ashton.

“I mean Sherlock and John would probably be pretty upset that I’m walking away from our marathon that we had planned but I MIGHT be able to get out of it. What’d you have in mind drummer boy?” You respond as you finish off the homemade pb&j you’d created for the first of many on the couch meals for today.

At least twenty minutes pass before he responds, convincing yourself that maybe he’d gotten distracted again and found something else to do instead; but eventually his name pops up on your screen and says that he needs help finding a gift for his sister who’ll be in town for her birthday this week.

“Yeah that sounds fine! What time were you thinking?” This time there is no hesitation and he responds with “25 minutes?

“Yes I think that’s fine. See you in a bit.” You launch yourself off the couch and in to the bathroom to see if there is any miracle on earth that can rescue your hair but decide there’s not enough time to go to the store to refill your dry shampoo nor enough time to really shower and get ready. A hat and ponytail will just have to do for now. His arrival is markedly announced by 4 rapid honks from the horn of his car. As you fly out the door and land in the passenger seats he pulls his shades down and gives you a big smile. “Hey hey I missed you! Ready to roll?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. Where are we going or what exactly are we looking for?”  you ask.

As he peels away from the curb and looks over his shoulder he says “I have no idea where to start, I just figured if we go in to shops that you like then we’ll eventually find something right?” You face-palm and shake your head. “Yeah I suppose that would work. Do you want to try clothes or makeup?”

“Definitely not clothes” he adds. “I have no idea what I’d get her that she’d wear. Also what if I buy the wrong size and it’s too big and she thinks I’m calling her fat or it’s too small and then she just feels fat. YOU CAN’T WIN WITH WOMEN.”

“Take a breather there Ash, it’s going to be okay.” You add as you try to stifle your laughter. “We’ll find something. I have an idea of where to start.”

You make your way through the mall, passing stores or only going in for moments at a time. Anxiety starts to build that he’s already regretted trying to complete this mission and that you weren’t doing a good enough job but he seems more frustrated at all the options and none of them sticking out.

“How about Lush?” You suggest.

“Wow yes I wouldn’t have thought to go there if not for you. I’ve never really been in one.”

Slowly you parade him around the bath bombs and the masks, he takes giant sniffs of each one. Hopelessly trying to decide which one she might like best. As the two of you continue to walk around one of the attendant’s walks up to the both of you. “There are chairs over here for the boyfriends and husbands, for moral support, if you need them.”

“Oh we’re no-“ You begin to argue but Ashton lets out a laugh and says “I know! She’s always dragging me in to these places!” He grabs your free hand and gives a tight squeeze. In a moment of confusion you look down at your interlaced fingers and let out an awkward laugh. “Ha ha yep, that sounds like me.” You peek over at Ashton and can see the dimpled grin that has taken over the whole of his face. The lady nods her head and walks away, continuing on whatever journey that made her path cross yours.

“You can let go now Ash, she’s not looking over here anymore.” You add, a little disappointment hinting in your tone.

“No this is nice, I like this.” A small but fervent blush creeps in to your cheeks as he winks and turns you towards the giant gift selection to ask your advice. All the while still holding on just as tightly as the first moment he grasped at your hand. Still confused but still enjoying this new development you don’t try to fight him off.

At last you break contact as he goes up to the register to pay for the items he selected and you suppose that’ll be the last of the intimacy for you two. Walking beside you out of the store he shuffles the bags around in his hands, ultimately freeing up the one closest to you. “How about some pasta?” he asks, grabbing your hand once more.

“Pasta sounds good.” He gives you the dimpled grin and leads you out of the mall and towards the restaurant where you’ll spend your evening together. “You’ll have to let John and Sherlock know I’m sorry I stole you away for the day.”

“You know,” you say “I can’t say that they minded all that much.”


We build sand castles
That washed away
I made you cry
When I walked away

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 An anon asked for an imagine about Beyonce’s Lemonade so I picked the song Sandcastles… hope this is okay! Give me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! 

We build sand castles
That washed away
I made you cry
When I walked away

His voice was harsh against your ears, leaving your eyes scrunched up and shoulders raised in an attempt to block it all out. “You promised me we wouldn’t end up like this! You promised me you would trust me!” 

Every promise don’t work out that way

You spent the night gathering up the few small pictures you had sitting around the house, the small polaroid from a party a year back catching you eye. You quickly snatched it and shoved it in your pocket, biting your lip. He wasn’t going to get this kind of response from you. That’s when you heard the crashing. 

Dishes smashed on my counter
From our last encounter
Pictures snatched out the frame 

“Y/N?” He whispers, standing in a pile of broken dishes, eyes red with tears, hands shaking in rage. 

“Get out,” You stay calm enough to maintain yourself. 

“But I just- I’m sorry, please, baby, please” He begs, and you cut him off. 


Bitch I scratched out your name
And your face
What is it about you?
That I can’t erase baby

His sweater still hung by the front door and a picture still stood of him hugging you. You quickly grabbed the frame, smashing on the ground and hanging your head in defeat. His attempts to break down your walls won- and now he was gone. 

You sob softly and reach for the picture, gently stroking his face on the smooth paper. A small piece of glass scratched the photo and you can’t help but smile lightly. Perhaps now you could erase the pain you were feeling. 

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