roommate!luke blurb that ended up being 1k words

You cringed at the shrill sound of the fire alarm ringing through your ears. “Shit,” You muttered, grabbing the pot on the stove and throwing it into the sink. The building you lived in was small, and old. And the fire alarm so loud, you would always get dirty looks from the neighbours the nest day.

You were on a weird schedule, and you always seemed to be cooking at night. It wasn’t that you were a bad cook, it was just that sometimes you would space out and completely forget that you were cooking.

Your roommate didn’t mind, he was used to it. You had been living with Luke for a few months now, you had found his add on a bulletin board, and the price was cheap so you decided there was no harm in checking it out. You guys got along well, and since he had apparently not gotten any other offers, you ended up moving in with him.

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the most punk rock band in history aka the band that has just lost their fucken marbles.

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Normani Kordei’s upbringing sounds all the themes common to the girls’ backstories: precocious talent, faith, ­struggle and empowerment. Raised in New Orleans, she was singing and ­dancing by age 4. Then Hurricane Katrina hit. Her family fled to Houston, where she would compete in pageants, picturing herself as Beyoncé to overcome her shyness. She was a Miss Texas Outstanding Teen ­finalist when she learned of X Factor’s Austin tryouts. “I was frightened,” says Kordei, who is 19 and sporting a wide-necked black tee over jean shorts. “I would’ve rather not auditioned than risk failing, but my mom encouraged me to do it to better myself. I took that leap, I prayed, and everything worked out.”