BoJ, oil hopes, send Europe shares higher

Shares jump for joy at a shock policy easing from the Bank of Japan, and oil holds on to hopes of a coordinated Russian-OPEC production cut - even as analysts turn sceptic over whether such cuts will ever happen. Sara Hemrajani reports.
Japan's Amari quits over money scandal

Japanese Economy Minister Akira Amari says he is resigning to take responsibility for a political funding scandal that has rocked the government, but denies having taken bribes. Sara Hemrajani reports.
Anger mounts over Google's UK tax bill

A British parliamentary committee will ask Google to testify about a back tax deal under which it will pay 130 million pounds ($185 million) to settle claims covering a 10-year period. The news comes as anger grows over the amount the opposition Labour party has described as derisory. Sara Hemrajani reports.
Russia's pain is McDonald's gain

Russia’s economy contracted by 3.7 percent in 2015, according to the country’s statistics service but one U.S. giant is cashing in on the hard times. As Sara Hemrajani reports, McDonalds is expanding thanks to the success of their affordable menu.