hemp thread


Guardian eye.

I finished him and he hangs beautifully on my wall. I love the way it moves when a breeze moves through my room.

He looks on and protects me. Filled with herbs and seeds, sewn with magically charged thread and specific intent, finally life breathed into the cloth and hung in a place of honor.

Hemp string, cloth, embroidery thread, obsidian, and a creosote branch (smells like rain )


So I was inspired by witchy-words and her house warming gift. I thought, I can do that! So I set out and made a DIY rune chain for our new home.

I found a fallen branch cut about half inch slices. D and I picked out runes to influence our household and created a family sigil to put on the back. I used a 1/8 bit to drill out the holes and a thick wood burning tip to trace the runes on the wood slices. I used hemp cord and just threaded it all through.  The last pic is the finished product. I think it turned out really well considering that I’ve never used a wood burning kit before!

This isn’t really a tutorial because I can’t figure out how to split up pictures and text. Anyway! When the full moon comes I’ll post pics of cleansing and charging it :) I hope the pictures are decent enough that you can recreate it! 


Hey guys! I just officially opened my etsy shop hausmot. I sell hand-made crystal or stone pendants wrapped in hemp or thread that are great for meditation or just decoration.

Use the coupon code tumblrsale for free shipping - just for tumblr. It would mean the world to me that, if you like my stuff, take a look around my shop (or, if you’re a broke student like me, aesthetic appreciation is just as nice).