hemp art

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Yuka Sakuma 佐久間友香 (Japanese, b. 1990, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan) - 1: Unknown Title/Medium  2: The Season When The Flowers Bloom 花の咲く季節, 2015 Natural Mineral Pigments, Japanese Ink on Hemp Paper  3: Promise Not To Be Able To Keep, 2015 Color, Sumi on Washi Paper


In high school I had an art project that had to make a controversial statement. So I made “Project Queer Fetus”, a chalk drawing showing that everyone is given a lid and placed on a shelf according to whatever they were assigned at birth, and that even before birth everyone is expected to be heterosexual and monogamous and conform to an assigned binary gender.

I am now making Queer Fetus necklaces and selling them on Etsy here.  If you’d like anything special, please message me with all of your requests/questions etc. 


sick so made some chars based on color theory what can you do … i thought a turtle that likes running was funny…