hemospectrum headcanons

Trolls and the color candy red

Karkat is a mutant with candy red blood
Terezi’s eyes became candy red after getting scorched
Every time Gamzee has lost it he got weird red eyes

Here’s what I think

I think there’s a candy red chemical that exists in their eyes that acts a bit like tears on steroids.
Tears are supposed to clean out the eyes and also tell other humans “Hey. I am not ok. Please help.”
This weird red chemical is meant to be an indicator for damage, like bruising for only sensitive areas

So here’s what I think

Gamzee’s rage coats his eyes in this substance, clearing out anything that would disrupt him and gives him tunnel vision. The massive stress from his rage brings this chemical to the surface, allowing it to do it’s job, but also brining the eyes close to injury from sheer physical stress.

When Terezi stared at the sun the gland that produces this substance cracked, popping like a blood vessel, the substance crystalizing onto her eyes from the harsh heat and light

Karkat’s mutation makes his blood the same color as the substance. It appears that he is severely injured and his blood is basically a big red sign saying “My entire body is very sensitive” and thus making him a target for culling

So, thoughts?

Okay, Sudden Realization

Okay, so I have this headcanon that The Vantas family should actually be higher on the hemospectrum then the Piexes family. That being the case, I was snooping through some of the Ancestor stuff to write a story for my Disciple book, and I stumbled across this.

This guy is called His Honorable Tyranny. In his description, It says he has three sets of horns, the front ones resembling CRAB CLAWS.

The second set resembles SICKLES

And then the third is just another set of horns.

This whole guy’s theme is CANDY RED COLORED.



So, using that information, with His Honorable Tyranny residing over trials as a judge, and with Redglare having been a secret Sufferer Worshipper, why would he resemble Sufferer and the Vantas’ more than HIC? Because Sufferer should have been the highest blood. He resembled him most closely.

I also believe this is why a lot of what HIC owns is red. Maybe it was never really hers to begin with. Maybe somewhere down the line, the fact that candy red blood was higher on the hemospectrum got buried and she used it to her advantage?

I’m just saying, His Honorable Tyranny kinda supports my headcanon.

I think the rather diverse audience at the Slaughterhive quite strongly suggests that the subjugglator cult wasn’t exclusive to purplebloods at all

in fact this guy

pretty much looks just as juggalo as Gamzee does

(by extension this pretty much certifies that not all purplebloods were a part of the cult, too)

Purple bloods: Twisted Whimsy

My personal lore of the purple bloods
Take or leave whatever ya like

The purple blood caste holds two allegiances. Their cult and the empress. While they find a strong distaste for violet bloods (seeing them as heathens and tainted purple) they see the empress as a good example of the work the Messiahs call for.
Should the empress not follow within the general principles of the cult, the caste is no way obligated to follow her orders. It just so happens that killing the weak and putting trolls above aliens is pretty much all the purple bloods expect from the empress

The caste values it’s religion highly, seeing themselves as war clerics of glory. They act like warrior priests leading and directing while not doing much paper work. They are the most up close and personal caste, unafraid of what most deem horrifying. Their boundless rage and waning mental stability makes them berserkers in battle, often leading the charge and soaking up damage and shrugging it off.

Purple blooded weaponry is based off of whimsy and the general instability of the caste leads them into developing unique and odd weapons
Spiked juggling clubs, nunchucks the size of tree trunks, etc
They are naturally the largest caste and thus typically wield the largest weapons.
(Violet bloods are more compact and dense due to water pressure. A full grown empress will be the tallest troll, always, but they always have a double trident)
A full grown adult can range from 6 10" feet to 8 5" feet tall (excluding horns). In more extreme cases some have been known to grow up to 9-10 feet tall

More often than not the purple bloods will be like the roaming death tanks leading the charge
Massive size with massive bizarre weaponry leads to a very frightening fighters

Purple bloods make up roughly 5% of the total population and can live up to 700 years

Purple bloods see their role as dark shepherds, protecting the flock, but purging the weak to make it stronger.
They generally see Lowbloods as the fuel to the fire of troll kind, cogs to the machine. They aren’t too valuable on their own, but they are needed all the same and have a place. (Not exactly worthless, but not exactly worth much)
(Rust through Yellow)

They see Midbloods as the guides, keeping things on a steady, neat course and typically doing the more precision based, mentally taxing jobs (paperwork, desk jobs, middle class)
(Olive through Cerulean/Cobalt)

They see Highbloods as the harsh rulers needed to keep the troll race great.
(Indigo through Fuchsia)

While they generally see themselves as better than all other castes, they often acknowledge everyone’s place within the Dark Carnival.
The beast tamers, the jugglers, the artists. Everyone is given a place, but as purple bloods they are the ring leaders.
More strict leaders of the cult (The Grand Highbloods) see themselves as harsh masters, bringing the carnival to reality with harshwhimsy (harshwimsy being the ability to impose your will on reality. Through actions, words, intimidation, persuasion, etc.) These are often Subjugglators. In human terms, warrior chieftains.

More relaxed members see themselves as purifiers, cleaning up the troll race. These are often laughsassins, whimsical assassins who are generally much calmer and use more precise and subtle methods. Kurloz would be one.

There are many other occupations and roles to fill.
For instance, Honkconquerors who take the role of generals in battle for holy crusades (which is to say all crusades)

Their cult sees purple bloods as the rightful followers of the Messiahs. While any land caste can be a member of the cult, purple bloods are immediately the highest in the church. They refer to their own caste as mirthbloods, a sign of their unique sovereignty.
Only purple cult members are allowed to wear their sacred face paint and it is considered dishonorable to be seen without it. Only close quadmates are allowed to see their true face, but only in privacy

They often perform rituals invoking the Dark Carnival wherein every mirthblood must demonstrate their whimsy in some way
Gamzee talked with his lusus and clown work and juggling became his go to. His lusus not being around made him awful at riding his unicycle and pretty crappy at juggling. His skills would be considered poor and could even get him culled if his attitude wasn’t whimsical and capricious.
Kurloz was trained for being a laughsassin, making him acrobatic and skilled at the grief trapeze.

Chucklevoodoos are a myth within the cult, deemed as spiritual power gifted by the Messiahs. One day the two messiahs will reincarnate themselves into a single troll. This troll will be gifted with chucklevoodoos and will change the church forever
Gamzee and Kurloz are these reincarnations

The Mirthful Messiahs were originally inspired by Calliope and Caliborn. Due to Lil Cal, Doc Scratch, and the Handmaid, over the sweeps the Messiahs have become more styled after Lord English and Doc Scratch
More calm purple bloods follow after Calliope and Caliborn
More aggressive purple bloods follow after Doc Scratch and Lord English

Grand Highblood is a title bestowed upon the top leaders of the purple bloods. Many trolls will speak of the empress by her title and violet bloods are constantly referred to as the nautical aristocracy as opposed to simply highblood.
There are 12 Grand Highbloods at any one time. Due to the sheer size of the troll empire it’s highly unlikely for most trolls to ever meet more than one Grand Highblood.
Collectively the 12 are referred to as the Court of Miracles.

That’s my personal rundown for my favorite caste! Hope you enjoyed!

random bloodswap of the meowrails!

I gave nepeta long hair because I can’t help but think that having long hair is a highblood thing? because technically the only lowblood with long hair was Aradia. And then every other highblood had long hair for the most part, i mean just look at darkleer, hic, and the ghb. idk, hemospectrum headcanons.

Based on this old headcanon that I still really really like

All the colours outlined in black are grouped as ‘citrus’ castes (with the triangle of 6 at the right being specifically lime). While the way these castes are treated depends on the universe (on Alternia they were the cullbloods), they are most commonly treated as being sub-rust in social standing (i.e on Beforus)

(According to this model, brightbloods above olive would be completely valid albeit quite uncommon colours; and I honestly think this is entirely plausible given how bright Equius’ colour is)

so yea thats p much it. my person explanation for karkat’s cullworthiness and lime’s oppression on beforus

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned once before that I had this headcanon (Which I’m pretty sure can’t be canon anyway, because it was stated that there are only 2 fuchsia bloods alive at a time, I think.) that Gl'bgolyb has more than one mouth and fuchsia heir apparents build their hives on different sides of Gl'bgolyb and each one has to feed the mouth or she will release the ‘Vast Glub’.

But the thing is, since fuchsia bloods have a genetic trigger to kill the others, they are kept away from the current empress and each other so they think that they are the only heir, until there are battles set up and they’ll meet for the first time. The winner of those battles has to face the empress and battle for the throne.

Like I said though, I don’t think that this can actually be canon. xD