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Looking at the response, Hussie actually doesn't outright say it's biological; what he does is make some logical extrapolations from what's already given in the comic for how long each caste's lifespan would probably be, and then state that he's not going to give any solid answers. Nowhere does he say *why* there's a lifespan difference. "The Condesce seems to have a lifespan that could naturally be hundreds of thousands of years, or perhaps millions, even without LE’s powers." I note 'seems'.

Oh, this is encouraging. I still haven’t looked at the thing, actually, but yeah it’s more likely to have been sort of vague and misleading. I would have remembered otherwise, as I was actually around for the Q&As in 2012.

The improved version of my hemospectrum. Each colour swatch is labelled with it’s HTML code, and the colours that appear in canon are marked with the symbol of the troll it belongs to. When they appear more than once, it’s because the three trolls of each symbol had different colours. The Vantas symbol is at lime green because that’s the colour they likely would’ve been if they weren’t mutated. Mutant colour not included.


people continually ask why there’s both ‘British’ and 'English’ and I want to clear that up

what I meant by 'English’ was American and I apologize for any misconceptions 

So human years conversion…

  • Redbloods: 50-65 years
  • Brownbloods: 98 years
  • Yellowbloods: 146 years
  • Limebloods: 219 years
  • Greenbloods: 329 years
  • Jadebloods: 494 years
  • Tealbloods: 741 years
  • Ceruleanbloods: 1112 years
  • Bluebloods: 1662 years
  • Indigobloods: 2499 years
  • Violetbloods: 3749 years
  • Tyrianbloods: 5623 years
  • Mutantbloods: unknown

Let the sadstuck commence

Every single blood color, text color, and icon color that is canon within Homestuck. The text color sometimes differed from the blood color, as did the symbol (icon, when you go to the wikia.) I also took into account the canon fantroll blood colors, the lusi blood colors (back in Act 5, when Eridan and Vriska killed lusi for Feferi). Lastly, I used the blood colors from the two unknown grubs that were in Openbound Part 2. 

Feel free to use!


Alright kids, see this lil thing right here? OF COURSE YOU HAVE you’ve probably seen the thing like a billion times by now gosh its fucking everywhere

I wanna direct you to a leeeeeetle tool I haven’t seen anyone talk about on the side, though.

Do you see it yet?

do yOU SEE IT YET? ??



This right here is the hue level, and let me tell you it is the most useful tool in hemospectrum-blood-caste-classification HISTORY. This lil thing is set to 0 right now because its on red, but there is a number for EVERY FUCKING COLOR LEVEL you can imagine. It doesn’t take in to account the saturation or luminosity of it, nope, just the color itself, which is exactly what we need in classifying caste levels of the hemospectrum. It goes from 0 to 359, the higher the number, the higher the blood color.

In the above picture, I have mapped out the cannon troll’s hue level, as well as the halfway mark between the neighboring caste levels. (I also put my own notes/headcannons on there but shhhhh) Grab your calculators because this is the part where you do actual math and crap. See this is what I’m doing with my education I’m spending my Friday nights alone in a dark room figuring out gay alien social and biological weirdness where did my life go wrong


So, assuming that the cannon trolls are smack-dab in the middle of their caste, here’s a quickref for the hue levels for each caste. (Some of the numbers are tweaked a bit, I.E the jadebloods and limebloods, because they’re particularly rare in troll society.) You can probably change around the borderline by three points and no one will notice, though.

OK NOW WE’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT SATURATION/LUMINOSITY. Yes I’m aware it’s already on my giant picture full of notes up there but fuck you I wanna talk about this for a bit

This is where those other two tools available in the color window come in to play. Don’t remember them? HERE LET ME GET IT FOR YOU

These are the saturation and luminosity tools. (S is for the saturation, B is for the luminosity.) Saturation is basically how color-ey your color is, while luminosity decides if its black or vivid as fuck. A shade with 0 saturation and 100 luminosity would be white, and as long as you keep the saturation at 0 you can move the luminosity up and down and get varying shades of grey and black. (You can also get black with the saturation all the way up.) However, a shade with 100 saturation and 100 luminosity would be the most concentrated shade of WHATEVER you can get. In the above chart, I’ve mapped out the ‘safe zone’ of which you may have your blood color be without it being considered a mutant. (Keep in mind these are only my personal rules and you can do whatever the hell you want. Hell even these calculations are stretching it a TON like wow.)

OK THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY. Now go off and have fun doing fantroll stuff or whatever it is you kids do with weirdass alien color biology calculations. *~*.’*~ \(◕u◕\✿)

Okay! So you know that thing I mentioned? Last night? I actually did it

This seems like it should have taken longer than it did but whatever

This is a chart that includes the combinations of all the SGRUB troll symbols and blood colours. I used this colour blender and designed all the symbols myself - believe it or not, I drew all the symbols themselves quite some time ago, before I had even heard of Erisol or Fefeta, but of course those seem like some pretty obvious combinations.

Cancer is on there twice - all the symbols are the same, but the colours are different because I included both mutant candy red as well as the extinct lime caste, which is useful only for the colours.

So basically, use these for whatever! The symbols + colours can be used for shipping, the symbols can be used for bloodswaps, the colours can be just used for generic fantroll purposes. In fact, some of these signs are different enough just to be used on their own, without any relation to the original trolls.

A lot of these blood colours would probably be considered off-spectrum and therefore mutations, but on the other hand a lot of them will be perfectly fine! I reccomend using this colour converter to find the hues of any blood colours on this chart, and then using the guide at the bottom half of this page to determine what caste each colour would fall into!

Would be cool if anyone could link me if they use anything of this chart so I can determine how entirely useless this endeavour was overall.

So me and oneirogenic worked on a Hemospectrum chart for our own reference and I figured I’d make it presentable and share it. So okay, here’s the details: 

This is, from my perspective, the best way to have slight variation in troll blood colors, with still keeping to canon. Hussie says there are 12 blood colors, including Lime. Then you have Karkat as a 13th, mutant blood color. There are technically 12 colors + potential mutant variations listed here. There are just different shades.

MOST of the Troll’s marked colors were taken from comic panels. However, some were shifted slightly warmer or cooler so the spectrum would actually function more like, well, a spectrum. Not to mention the fact that the blood colors of the trolls do change between different panels (which is expected). So think of them as close-as-possible estimates.

Sollux’s blood color, for example, is technically cooler than is shown here, and Nepeta’s is technically very slightly warmer, however, in order to fit in Lime Bloods, I had to shift theirs very slightly in different directions.

Since the canon blood colors we have to work off of fell into a specific range, that’s where we marked off the spectrum for color picking. All of the trolls easily fell into the lightest lights, the mid range, or the darkest darks. Because the hue of each Troll’s blood color fell neatly in this selected range, but many had different shades, I decided to set this up with the three steps for three possible shades of each hue.

So that’s why I have three shades of each color. I like to think that trolls would only have the 12 basic colors, but depending on the troll itself, your colors vary slightly between light or dark.

The mutant blood colors are taken from each color in the spectrum, and shifted to the highest saturation, like Karkat’s. No clue if these colors could exist in canon, but I stuck them in anyway to balance the chart. You probably don’t wanna give your Fantroll mutant blood, though.

Dots obviously mark where each Troll fits into this chart. And that’s about it! Other than that, I had a lot of fun making this because I love colors. And now I’m gonna use this to make all of the fantrolls. All of them.