The original video on injecting a “dying girl, with HIV virus”… 

is a bit misleading.


This article talks about the misconceptions that have been floating around the internet due to a problem in translation.. (between medical knowledge and the everyday knowledge of people). 

One child surviving ‘incurable’ cancer is an amazing event, but there is a lot more work to be done to find out how best to use this new technology. At the moment it’s still highly experimental and expensive. It’s only being trialled in a very small number of patients, primarily to make sure it is safe, and so far we’ve seen that it doesn’t work for everyone.

In the case of the child whose cancer came back after treatment, the researchers found that her cancer cells had somehow stopped carrying the T cells’ target molecule. So it’s likely that other targets will need to be identified, to make the treatment more effective for more patients in the future.

It is still however, amazing that research like this was done and is showing potential for future cures. Always an exciting day in the world of medicine!