lalunaraigeki said:

LaLuna was out one night when she saw someone bleed, left to dead. She rushed over to the dying man and saw the blood oozing out and gasped. She quickly worked her magic and the blood that was already spilled she used it to form a sort of blood clot so that they would heal. She paused herself when she felt a presence behind her.

“I see you’ve managed to undo the death I so desperately attempted to ensure.” Vlad stopped a few feet behind her, watching the mage sew life back into the man. He was familiar with other forms of healing, those that rejuvenated the body and breathed life where there had once been void.

This was different. He could sense the woman was actually making the blood coagulate under the influence of her magic. His gaze hardened, a flicker of curiosity threaded through his chest. He was familiar with Talon’s own form of slight hemomancy - but this was different. Talon seemed to be able to command the blood to continue to bleed out.. while this woman was able to cease it.

“..Do you have..” he began, an incredulous expression phasing across his face, “..a primary form of Hemomancy?” The sheer curiosity slightly lessened the annoyance at her saving the life of the man he had just tried to kill.