Deadpool x Reader

Warnings: It’s fucking Deadpool. 

Summary: Your girl Nega hooks you up with Wade Wilson. 

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The bar was dingy as fuck.

Fuck it was downright biowaste, but it was the place your date picked. And now you were questioning the whole damn thing.

Cursing Nega under your breath for setting you up with her ‘friend’, you hustled into the bar and looked down at your phone. Quickly you texted the number of Wade Wilson, the man you had been talking to on and off for the last week and a half.

“I’m here.”

A second later, your cell buzzed. “Holy shit you’re way hotter in person. Fuck me.”

Another buzz. “Full disclosure, I have a boner.”

Another buzz. “Also my penis is big.”

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khs12  asked:

Could you do a cc list for the most recent bedrooms pictures that you posted? I'm most interested in the clutter and wall hangings.

Sure! Here it is!

1. Wall deco (Steffor conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
2. Magazine fileboxes (LivingDeadGirl conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
3. Desk by Around the Sims 4 [ here ]
4. Notebook (8-3 Studio conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
5. Apple iMac by Alachie & Brick Sims [ here ]
6. Nursery/Kid’s Room Portrait Canvases by sunshineandrosescc [ here ]
7. Paint clutter (Mirake conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
8. Callendar by jappytobe [ here ]
9. Polaroid recolors by iicantdance [ here ]
10. The pillows are by unobservantsims but, sadly, she has recently deleted her profile
11. Single Mattress Recolours by dreamcatchersims4 [ here ]
12. Bunny Slippers are by JSBoutique but I couldn’t find the working link
13. Chair by lina-cherie [ here ]

1. Ball by severinka [ here ]
2. Tea Party In Teak Dining Chair by allisas [ here ] (recolored by me but i’ve never uploaded it)
3. EA’s Backpack recolor by me [ here ]
4. Pretty Prints Pillows by sims4designs [ here ]
5. Veranka Single Mattress Recolors by sunshineandrosescc [ here ]
6. IKEA HEMNES Bedroom by veranka [ here ]
7. Desk conversion by Around the Sims 4 [ here ]
8. Typewriter (Nemestnaya conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
9. IKEA Inspired chair conversion by lina-cherie [ here ]
10. Finn the Human rug by meghewlett [ here ]
11. Suitcase (Mangosims conversion) by mio-sims [ here ] (I believe it’s been taken down, though)
12. Bag on the floor (8-3 Studio Conversion) by mio-sims [ here ]
13. Wall deco conversion by mio-sims [ here ]
14. Nursery/Kid’s Room Portrait Canvases by sunshineandrosescc [ here ]
15. Bags on the wall by v-vian-sims [ here ]
16. Callendar by jappytobe [ here ]
17. Cassande DecoCeiling by pilar [ here ]
18. Shabby Prints by pixelsimdreams [ here ]
19. Wall lighting garland by soloriya [ here ]

Also I forgot to mark the wallpapers in the screens, they are by pictureamoebae and can be found [ here ]

Luke: in my bed room thinking of ya

Me: duh na na na na na na na na na

Luke: her pictures in my private folder

Me: duh na na na na na na na na na

Luke: i know one day that i will hold her

Me: DuH NA NA Na nA NA NA na na NA

anonymous asked:

Hi! Where can I find all the baby beds you use?

Hi :) Ok, I’ll make a list of all cribs that I have for you.

1) IKEA Anes Nursery by HugeLunatic here.

2) IKEA Toddler Beds by Michelle here.

3) Oh Baby! Nursery by BuggyBooz here.

4) IKEA Hemnes Crib by Trapping here.

5) Buggybooz Shakerlicious Add-on Crib by trapping here.

6) Hansen crib at sims2play here and one tile version by hafiseazale here.

7) Sundvik Nursery by Impishsims here.

8) BuBu Nursery by Veranka here.

9) Ikea Nursery at ATS 2 here. The site seems to be down or may be it’s just in my country or I don’t know :(

10) Broyhil Nursery converted by m0xxa here.

11) Haffa Crib by Honeywell here.

12) These two are conversions from The Sims 3 Store set and can be found here.

EDIT: You can also try to google recolors for them, I’m sure there are many of them :)

anonymous asked:

Are you planning on doing default for the MALM set? I saw you've done HEMNES, but I found no MALM things.

That set is on my ‘someday’ list but I like the textures it came in so it’s near the bottom of that list.


13 IKEA Before-And-Afters That Make Our Jaws Drop

It’s no secret that IKEA can provide some fantastic building blocks for a home (HEMNES bedroom set anyone?). But with with a few coats of the perfect paint and new hardware, those same Swedish-superstore building blocks can be taken to truly unrecognizable levels. 

See all of the amazing transformations here.

The signs and their spirit vegetable

Aries: Zucchini

Taurus: Orange gourd

Gemini: A set of Ikea hemnes drawers

Cancer: Rather offensive cabbage

Leo: I was going to put tomato, but let’s not re-open that can of worms so carrots.

Virgo: Kale

Libra: Sierra Leone bologi. And no, that’s not something ridiculous I made up, google it it’s actually quite interesting.

Scorpio: Jeremy Renner’s left shoe.

Sagittarius: Arugula

Aquarius: Rotten celery

Capricorn: Messier 31

Pisces: Slightly less offensive cabbage


You were bored alone at home and had nothing to do. You remembered that Zoe had been at joe’s all day and she told you to call her if you wanted to make any plans with her. You hoped it wasn’t too late as you dialed her number.
No answer.
You decided to call joe even though lately you two had been kind of awkward around each other since Alfie gave the idea in front of both of you and joe that you should go on a date together. And after your long relationship you had refused to fall for anyone for a long while.
“Hey joe it’s me.” You said as you walked around your room.
“Yeah I figured, caller ID.” He laughed and you laughed awkwardly.
There was a few seconds of silence but you broke it and asked “anyway, I was wondering if Zoe was still there.”
“Uh she just went out for dinner with Alfie actually, she tried calling you but you didn’t answer.”
“Well that sucks.” You said and sat down on your bed.
“Why, do you need anything?”
“Not really, I’m just bored.”
“You could always come here, there’s Casper and I have a new bottle of tequila. Shit-” he said and then spoke to someone off the phone.
“Nala’s ruining my things, I need to go, you should come.” And he hung up.
You wanted to go because you wanted to be with joe and you’d rather have a laugh with him and Caspar, and tequila, than stay home alone.
So you had a shower put on a comfy pair of leggings, a loose long black top and your blue coat. You wore you uggz because it was freezing outside and you loved to feel warm.
It was around 7:30 when you got to his house and Caspar greeted you at the door.
“Look who it is!” He opened his arms and pulled me in for a hug.
“I missed you too Caspar.” I laughed and hugged him back.
“Who said I missed you, I saw you like yesterday.” He pulled away and looked all serious. “I’m just joking.”
I followed him up the stairs and he said, “I just thought you were the pizza guy.”
He seemed slightly disappointed.
Joe walked out of his room, slipping on a t shirt.
“Hey.” He smiled, the doorbell rang and Caspar run down the stairs.
“Hi.” I smiled back.
I removed my shoes and my coat and followed joe to the sofa in front of the fireplace.
Everything just felt so awkward like we couldn’t even speak.
But Caspar quickly returned with three boxes of pizza and said “hope you’re not hungry because none of this is for you.” He was talking to me.
He sat down on the sofa and placed the pizzas on the table, “neither for you joe get your own.”
It was Caspar, we knew he was kidding. We ended up squashed on the sofa, covered in blankets and eating pizza while watching Let’s be Cops. We laughed our asses off.
We had finished eating and finished the film.
“Tequila time.” Joe said and hurried to the kitchen. He brought a full bottle and three glasses.
“Actually I can’t have any, I’m going out tonight. In fact I need to go get ready.”
Typical Caspar. We didn’t even ask how, when, why, with who or anything for that matter.
“Then I guess it’s just us three tonight.” Joe raised the bottle counting it as the third person, you laughed, not awkwardly or stupidly, you actually laughed.
“Let’s make it more fun.” You told him and reached walked up to the kitchen and grabbed two shot glasses, knowing the house like your own.
“Drinking games.” You smirked and wiggled the two glasses in your hand.
“Just like old times.” He grinned.
You both sat on the carpet in front of the fireplace and joe put on MTV hits on tv.
“Okay so, never have I ever.”
After a couple of shots of tequila you were a bit drunk.
When the song of Band Aid 30 came on TV, joe freaked out with excitement because he was in the song with his, and your, favorite singers (him being one of them).
“You have to dance with me.” He said in excitement.
“I don’t dance.”
“No no you have to.” He literally jumped up and down when the song was passing by. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. You took another shot and so did he. You literally just took the piss and exaggerated with the dance moves and you didn’t even notice that Caspar left.
He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into him, your faces were inches apart. He placed your hand on his chest and held it there, his other hand on your hip. Your tequila smelling breathes were heavy from all the dancing. His hand left yours and moved to your cheek and his thumb was placed on your bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. You blushed and looked down but he raised your chin to look at him, “kiss me.” He whispered. You looked him directly in the eyes and wasted no time thinking about it. You kissed his soft lips and he slipped his tongue in. He pulled you closer to him as your lips moved in perfect sync. With your hands in his hair and he held you tightly against him, the kiss got deeper and you both wanted more. You reached for his top and pulled it over his head, causing him to smirk and do the same to you. Your shirts were tossed to the floor and he stumbled back and fell onto the sofa. He slid your leggings down slowly and his fingers grazed your thigh gently. You stepped out of your leggings once he pulled them down to you ankles. He grabbed your thighs and gently pulled you to straddle him. You looked at him and smiled, “I’ve always wanted you, to be with me.” He said and you moved his hair out of his face, “me too. I just never thought you actually feel how I feel.” He kissed you, his hands moved against your skin from your thighs to your lower back and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”
“Shut up.” You smiled, not believing him, he smiled and spun you to lie down on the sofa underneath him. He kissed your lips, then your jaw line, then your neck. His hand underneath your back, holding his weight up, and his other hand I clasped your bra. He tossed it behind him, then his hands travelled to your thighs. “Joe.” You moaned once he sucked on your neck and spread your legs open. His hand slid into your underwear, “You’re so wet and we haven’t even started.” He smirked and dipped back down to kiss and suck on your neck. His hand rubbed you slowly and your chest rose, causing joe to smirk on your neck. He slipped a finger in, and even another, going at a fast pace, causing you to arch your back. He kissed your chest, moving to your stomach, and then lower. He grasped the sides of your underwear and pulled them to your ankles, then removed them. He kissed your thigh and then kissed were his fingers were and slipped his tongue out. Your hands were tangled in your hair as your hips bucked off the sofa. His tongue moved up and down, making you moan his name over and over. He rubbed your clit while he worked with his tongue and then slipped in a his fingers again. “Joe…” You said breathless, “I’m close…” He pulled away and you whimpered at the loss of contact. “I don’t want you to come with my fingers.” He smirked and stood up. He pulled down his trousers while stared at your bare body. He had been in control up and till now and you wanted that to change. You grabbed his wrist and pulled him onto the sofa. You straddled him and grabbed the hemn of his boxers. He raised his hips in approval and you slid them down. You grabbed his length once his boxers dropped to his angles and you pumped him up and down, slowly. His head fell back and his hands gripped your backside, pulling you closer to him. Once he rubbed against you, you let out a desperate moan. You pumped faster and placed your lips on his. You slipped your tongue in and he moaned once you gently rubbed yourself against him. Once he was close, he grabbed your wrist and you both spun in sync to lay down. He looked at you to approve and once you nodded, he placed himself in position and slipped himself into you. Your arms were gripped around his back tightly and he started to pick up his pace. He grabbed your thigh and moved it higher so you legs were wrapped around him. He moved faster and the room was filled with your moans. Your nails dug into his back as you both rode your orgasms nearly together. The movements became sloppier and your breaths became deeper. He pulled out of you and placed his head on your bare chest.
“That was really good.” You said, out of breath.
“Really really good.” He grinned.
“We should do this again.”
He kissed you and in between kisses he said, “and again, and again….but I want to take you out on a date first.” He smiled and your hands slid to his neck and you kissed him. Your little make out session became heated again and he rubbed against you again, sending chills down your spine and your chore to ache.
“Round two in the bedroom?”

I’ll be doing part two and three soon :) hope you liked this.