Luke: in my bed room thinking of ya

Me: duh na na na na na na na na na

Luke: her pictures in my private folder

Me: duh na na na na na na na na na

Luke: i know one day that i will hold her

Me: DuH NA NA Na nA NA NA na na NA

You’re Scaring me...AI

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My day started out normal. I got up and ready to work. When I got there i saw that Sally had already opened up the record store and had the sign out. 

“Finally you get here Y/N” she greeted. 

“Sal I am here 10 minutes early before my shift. Why are you acting like i am late?” I walked over to the shelf that had the discounted DVDs/CDs and went threw organizing them. I found a burnt disc someone hid there with the words ‘proof of what they are.’ written on it. I quickly hid it under my shirt and snuck it to my purse. 

“You have to close something came up with my husband and I need to leave. I tried calling you but your phone didn’t work.” She ran grabbing her stuff “His mom is sick and we need to be there.” 

I shooed her out “It is ok i understand Ill watch the store and close it.” 

she grabbed the door frame “Keep it closed all weekend K? I don’t want the store open. It gets crazy around here then.” she trotted to her car with out saying another word.

I didn’t understand what she meant. I just moved her a couple months ago and it seemed like a typical sleepy town.the kind of town people drive by but never stay at. After living in the city and always hearing the cars at night I thought this would be a good change.

All day we had 3 or 4 people come in. I was about to close up when he came in. He was tall blonde with wavy hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He went straight to the discount discs and went looking through all of them quickly.

“Shit where is it?” he said in a harsh whisper. 

“Excuse me sir can I help you with anything?” I asked still behind the register. 

“Uh no I was looking for a very certain disc i guess he lied and it really isn’t here.” he answered.

I walked over to him slowly and waved the disc i found earlier back a forth. “this wouldn’t happen to be it would it?” 

His eyes widened and he reach for the burnt disc.

“nope tell me what it is first.” 

He walked to the door and locked it and turned the open sign off.

“ I CAN’T do that sweetheart.” he stepped closer to me trying to take the disc. 

“Yes you CAN. this is different and if you don’t tell I’ll have to charge you five dollars. It was technically in the sales rack so i have to.” I stated.

I ran his fingers in his longish hair and looked at me. “Give. Me. The. DVD. Now!” He lunged at me but i quickly tripped him and he fell on the floor.” 

“So it is a DVD.” before I could say anything else I saw three men in all black walking toward the store. 

The hazel eyed man grabbed my arms and dragged me in the back. “We have to get out of here now. there is a back exit right?”

“Uh yeah it is right here past the hall-” cutting me off he ran toward the door dragging me along and knocked the door clean of the hinges. 

“Got a car love?” 

I felt myself blush “It is over here.” I pointed and jogged over to the red mustang. 

He nodded “Nice” he mubbled “Give me the keys.” 

I stood by the drivers side. “Hell now i am not giving a stranger the keys to my car.” I turned seeing that the 3 men were now running towards us.

“I can get us somewhere safe Y/N. I am ashton there now we arent strangers come on.” 

I handed him the keys and he threw me into the passengers seat and quickly drove out of the parking lot. 

We drove north for about an hour in silence. “Why were those guys after you? What is important about this damn disc? how the hell did you know my name? and where the hell am i going?!” i demanded.

he chuckled “Easy tiger. They want this DVD. IT holds important information I can’t tell you. I can kinda read minds and we are going to a safe place.

“Oh- wait did you say you can read minds?!” I screamed.

“GOd you are so loud. Yes I did I can’t really read minds to well but i can. I am working on it. It is one of my few powers.” HE looked and me a laughed “I figured you would be speechless we are almost there you have to stay with me sweetheart for the night.”



I looked over. “yes.”

“so it is a yes?” 

I rested my head in my hands “Yes it is a no. I barely know you. I can’t stay the night. you could be a killer.”

HE stiffened up when I said that then relaxed “I won’t hurt you I promise unless you are into that kind of thing” he shot me a wink.

I blushed and looked out the window “fine.” I mumble.

he pulls up to a barn and opens the door for me. 

“this is my house. It looks better inside I promise.” He grabbed my hand and gently showed me around. Inside it was beautiful. multiple rooms and fairy lights hung up and upstairs you could see a bed. Downstairs there was a professional kitchen and 2 couches facing opposite of each other with a glass coffee table in between. “sorry it isn’t much but it is home.”

“I love it ash.” I saw he cheeks redden. “can I call you ash?”

he pulled me close and whispered in my ear “you can call me whatever you want babygirl.”

I backed away “Thank you” I quickly said. 

“for what?” he asked.

“Saving me from those guys. Who knew what they would do to me.” 

“kill you.”

“what?’I gasped.

“THey would have killed you.”HE said sternly.

“Then i owe you my life mr. ashton.” I took a step closer. “How could I ever repay you?” 

HE smirked and grabbed my waist pulling me in closer than I knew two people could be “I have an Idea.” before I could reply his lips attached themselves to mine. he slid his tongue across my bottom lip as if asking for entry. I opened up letting his tongue explore my moth as his hand danced acroos my body. He guided me to the couch and with out breaking our lips apart he pushed my on to the bed. I detached myself from his lips to move to his neck leaving little purple bruises as i went. He moaned then ripped off my shirt. literally ripped my shirt in half. he lips moved over the new found skin. I clawed at his shirt trying to touch anypart of him that i could. 

“someones eager.” He tugged off the shirt and went back to my neck. his lips moved over my jaw as his hand played with the top of my jeans. He unbuttoned them and with a shift tug the were pooled around my ankles. he kissed down my stomach. Playing with my laced red thong. 

“ashton please fuck me.” I moaned.

He stopped and looked at me.”I-I can’t do this. this is wrong fuck what did I do?” the last part he asked more to himself than me. 

He slowly got up of me i bolted up pulling up my pants and looking for a shirt. “You ripped my shirt thats what you did.” I sassed.

he walked over to where he threw his shirt and put in on me. “I am sorry Y/N. you look beautiful in my shirt. so beautiful it hurts me.” He kissed my forehead. “go upstairs and sleep.” as I walked upstairs i saw ashton pacing and running his fingers in his hair and arguing with himself.

I laid in bed and drifted asleep. I dreamed i was in the store again but instead of ash coming in the three men did. One grabbed my by my hair and threw me to the ground. the other grabbed my purse and got the DvD. 

“we don’t need her. get rid of her now.” the last man pulled out the gun and before he pulled the trigger. I woke up screaming. 

“Y/N!” ashton bolted up the stairs and held me. “Whats wrong baby it is a dream relax.” 

“I-i am so scared ash.” I stuttered out. he pulled me in his arms and laid down beside me holding me tight. 

“I woke let anything happen to you.” He got up. “I-I should go down stairs.”

i pulled his arm down “Please sleep in the bed with me.” 

“I can’t Y/N it is-” 

I cut him off “I don’t care what it is i need you please.” I begged.

He didn’t say a word and laid down hugging me again.Cuddling me tight. 


hope you lovelys liked it!

  • Mercy: How’s the Kullen coming along? Ikea doesn’t assemble itself, you know.
  • Torbjörn: You’re telling me. I don’t mind the Kullen. It’s an improvement on the Hurdal.
  • Mercy: Please. Anything’s an improvement over the Hurdal. I’d have taken a Hemnes or a Trysil over a Hurdal.
  • (Sighs)
  • Mercy: No, I didn’t get excited until I saw the Kullen.
  • Torbjörn: Screw, please.
  • Mercy: Here? Now? Just kidding. I know it’s been decades.
  • Torbjörn: You’d be surprised.
  • Mercy: Pretty grossed out.
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crashingintotheworld  asked:

Not seeing any other option she sighed and did a flip which caused her to crash into a window and land on her side with a grunt. If it was any other day she would have carefully done her homework and not land in just /anyone's/ home but there was no time to sit and think about her options. As soon as her eyes looked up she let out a soft gasp. Shit. She recognized that face but didn't say anything instead opting to hide her face in her hair.

Wade looked up whe he heard someone fucking crash through the goddamn window, jumping up as glass sprayed all over the floor.
“What the cockmuppet!” he yelled, “You almost took out the Hemnes! It took us three fucking days to figure out the fucker!”

Al shuffled out of her room slowly, stopping at the doorway.
“Did someone just dive through the window?”
“No, Mrs. Magoo, Your huband drove through it,” he replied, waving his hand, “Ah-ta-ta! Glass. Big mess. Go listen to Matlock or something, I got this.”

He tossed his book over his shoulder casually, pocketing his pistol again when he realized that this was not a threat, this was a small person who was apparently trying to hide from him- with her hair. He sighed, throwing his head back and groaning.
“Okie dokie, upsie daisies,” he said, grabbing her arm and hauling her to her feet, “Okay so Is someone chasing you or do you just randomly dive through windows? Because either way you answer, I’m interested. One just needs more guns than the other.”

The signs and their spirit vegetable

Aries: Zucchini

Taurus: Orange gourd

Gemini: A set of Ikea hemnes drawers

Cancer: Rather offensive cabbage

Leo: I was going to put tomato, but let’s not re-open that can of worms so carrots.

Virgo: Kale

Libra: Sierra Leone bologi. And no, that’s not something ridiculous I made up, google it it’s actually quite interesting.

Scorpio: Jeremy Renner’s left shoe.

Sagittarius: Arugula

Aquarius: Rotten celery

Capricorn: Messier 31

Pisces: Slightly less offensive cabbage

My office is still a work in progress, but since a bunch of you asked to see the finished Ikea project, here are my new Ikea Hemnes cabinets, storing all of my blog dishes, cookbooks and camera equipment! I wish I could take credit, but Mr. Bites ended up pretty much building both of them entirely, lol. I love watching our new house come together a little at a time! 💗
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