Since I reached one of my tumblr goals I decided to do a Follow Forever :) I just wanna say thank you to everyone who follows me. You are always so lovely to me, whenever I need help i can count on you. This really means a lot to me. And i hope you know that you can always come to me when you need help or just wanna talk. A BIG HUG TO EVERYONE! :)) Lots of love sandra 

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so as of yesterday i’ve had this blog for a year, and it’s been one awesome year for both me and the 5sosfam, we’ve watched the boys go from these idiots in front of their computer screen, to one direction’s support act, to getting number one and number two across the globe, to being one direction’s support act…. again! (yay)

and i’ve made some really cool friends the past year, i’ve also watched some of you from afar bc you’re all cool and i’ve talked to the majority of you at least once, so here’s a pretty big follow forever of my faves.

emma - you’re probably one of my closest friends on here, i can talk to you about anything and you’re really awesome, beautiful and your voice was sculpted by angels, i’m also really excited to meet you in the summer!!

christina - well one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love you so much, we haven’t had a proper conversation in what feels like forever, but we used to talk every single day without fail and i literally trust you with my life, you’re so sweet and kind and just an all around amazing person and you’ve affected my life in such a great way i love you so much

shannon - you’re probably the person i’ve been talking to the longest on here, and one of the only ones that i’ve actually met, and you’re really freaking cool and i will love you forever for getting that video message for me from keaton, i hope i still get to see you in manc okay yh ly

courtney - you used to intimidate me so much bc you have like 30k followers or something stupid like that and i remember when i saw you outside the 5sos gig in islington and i was too scared to go up to you and yh yh you know all this, but then i finally met you at the one direction signing and literally i don’t know why you intimidated me at all you’re one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and i’m glad i got to meet you :)

sam - she’s my sister so she should get a special lil thing, she’s rly cool go follow her

megan - we haven’t talked in literally a year, we used to talk on my old blog (joshhutcher aw) but we used to talk all the time and you’re so sweet and funny and reALLy pretty and yeah ily i miss you

bárbara - babe ily we talk like all the time and you’re one of my faves ever and you’re fucking awesome and one day either i’m gonna go to spain or you’re gonna come to england and we’ll meet and it’ll be awesome

anthea - she’s my best friend and she knows i love her and she’s fucking awesome and her blog is pretty and go follow her

chelsea - ah babe omg ily we haven’t talked in a while but you’re so nice and really cool and you’re so pretty and you broke your hand in such a badass way dude you’re hardcore

charlie - charlie ah ily we’ve been talking for so so long now and meeting you at the signing was so cool you’re so nice and funny and we have to meet up again okay!!

becky - so yeah i met you at the 5sos signing but charlie would always bring you up before we met and i was like yh she sounds cool and you were sooo nice and funny and yeah you were cool as hell so we should meet up again too ily

ones in bold are my favourite blogs

also special shout out to 5secsofsass who was the first blog i followed


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Yelo bitches. In celebration of my first constant thousand on any blog ever, I decided to do my first follow forever to thank all of the blogs that had a part in bringing me to the four digits club. Alright there’s quite a few so, lets get started.

If your URL is bolded, I love you and you either have no idea or you know

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so as I recently hit 800 followers (thankyou all sO much btw, ily all A LOT !!).. I thought i’d do a follow forever in celebration

first off, i’d like to apologies for the shitty edit, I don’t have n excuse for that, i just am “shitty at editing”..

and secondly,  want to thank each and every one of you who follows me.. whether you followed me a few months ago, or today, I appreciate every single person who follows me, and i’m always here for all of you😘😘

OKAY I’M GONNA START NOW (IF YOU’RE BOLDED THEN YOU’RE V SPECIAL TO ME !!)), if you’re not, I still love you unspeakable amounts😘


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(◠‿◠✿) okay that’s all.. this took me just over two hours !!, if you’re on here then I love you very much and your blog (and yourself) is amazing, we should be friends, lets talk???(◠‿◠✿)

** If i follow you and you’re not on here then i’m sorry, you’ll probably (definately) be in my next one **