(I posted this about a year ago but it’s one of my favorite Orwell stories so here’s a repeat)

It always seemed that George Orwell and Ernest Hemmingway were in the same places at the same time, but never met. Hemmingway also fought a bit in the Spanish Civil War, and had lived in Paris the same time Orwell had (of course they didn’t run in the same circles). But Hemmingway must have been following Orwell’s career because, according to Paul Pott’s essay on George Orwell,  Quixote On a Bicycle:

On another occasion when he got back to Paris, from a visit to the part of Germany reached by the now advancing allies, dressed in uniform (he was a War Correspondent for The Observer) and was staying at the Hotel Scribe, which was the Paris HQ for Allied War Correspondents, he looked in the register to see if there was anyone interesting to talk to. War Correspondents as such were, he said, terrible bores. To his delight he found Hemmingway’s name. He had never met him. He went up to his room and knocked. When told to come in, he opened the door, stood on the threshold and said, “I’m Eric Blair.” Hemmingway, who was standing on the other side of the bed, on which there were two suitcases, was packing, and what he saw was another War Correspondent and a British one at that, so he bellowed, “Well what the fucking hell do you want?” Orwell shyly replied, “I’m George Orwell.” Hemmingway pushed the suitcases to the end of the bed, bent down, and brought a bottle of Scotch from underneath it and still bellowing said, “Why the fucking hell didn’t you say so. Have a drink. Have a double. Straight or with water, there’s no soda.”

if kaminari really is the traitor then his true self is downright cruel, cold, intelligent and observant of his classmates – a complete contrast to his happy. idiotic and lovable farce. people have already said it’s all an act, so here’s just some more evidence.

his use of vocab towards bakugou is out of character and he also knows about hemmingway? i thought he placed 20th out of 20 in class A? he probably purposely went for dead last so he would go into the remedial training for sure – kaminari seems like he’s pretty smart and calculating, so this becomes important:

the focus is on jirou’s sneak attack, but it can also hint at kaminari’s reason for being a villain…which will be interesting

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i love love love tommy hackett as neil! like it literally heals all my pain. and honestly people don't utilize toby hemmingway as the twinyards enough because that +40 pounds of muscle is the only image of andrew that i find acceptable. widya soraya as allison bc she looks like she could kick my ass and still look 10x better than me and keirsey clemons as dan

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That reminds me when I went home with Chip the first thing they heard me say to my dad is “don’t say shit about writing unless you read stuff written in the past ten years. Hemmingway’s dead. I think. I’m pretty sure Hemmingway’s dead. Is he dead?”

Anyway the only thing I remember about a farewell to arms is that the prose was the most boring thing I’ve had the misfortune to read, and the fact that there wasn’t that much of it didn’t help at all. And I hated the close reading we had to do?? Look at me, I lose my shit over Specific Word Choice With Significant Implications but if EVERY OTHER WORD HAS THAT WEIGHT it’s such a slog get off your literary high horse and get ready to throw down I’m gonna fight


We met Colin’s parents at Hemmingway’s restaurant on Kent Island, Maryland’s Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay to get him on his way home in Pennsylvania after a wonderful vaction with us.   The restaurant is right on the Chesapeake and there is a large marina there.    The Chesapeake Bay Bridges are 5.7 miles long, two spans built at different times and not identical.