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The Tenth Floor pt3

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2

“So how’s it going with your new, crazy boss?” Jessica asked though your phone, and you rolled your eyes despite the fact that she couldn’t see you. “Has he interrogated you about what your ‘intentions’ are for working there yet?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t so bad. A little weird, though. They ran a background check on me before I was hired, so I don’t know what he was so worried about.” 

“I told you he was paranoid.” Jessica said, and she was right; she had warned you. Repeatedly. “While I was there, they caught this one guy selling plans to rival companies.” You heard her shiver. “I thought Min was actually going to kill him.” 

You were waiting for the bus as you talked to her. You had taken Kim Taehyungs business card out of your wallet, examining it for what felt like the hundredth time. Jessica’s voice seemed to fade away as you got lost in your own thoughts. There was something about the taxi driver that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, something that made him different…

“Are you listening to me?” Jessica said suspiciously. You realized that you hadn’t been, and winced.

“Not exactly?” You said with an apologetic laugh. 

“I said, don’t trust Jeon Jungkook.”

“Who’s that?” Your bus arrived, and you were only half-listening as you found a seat. You kept your voice down as you went, but several people gave you a pointed look as you went. 

“I just told you who he is! You’re impossible.” 

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry… But I have to go, okay? I’ll call you during my lunch break.” The elderly women you sat next to was glaring daggers at you, her knitting needles clicking ominously. “I really need to get my car fixed…” You thought to yourself as you tried to give her a small smile.

“No, I’m serious–” 

You hung up before she could say anything else, however. You purposefully hadn’t told your friend that you were applying for the job until after you were hired, and had tried to tune everything negative she had to say about the place out ever since. You wanted to enter your new job with a positive outlook, without any pre-judgement of anyone else who worked there. You were fairly sure Jessica had tried to warn you about this Jungkook person last week, but you couldn’t remember what she had said about him. 

“You aren’t taking this seriously.” She had complained the night before your first day on the job. “I’m telling you, quit now. Save yourself the time and effort.” 

But you needed a job–and this one even payed well. Sure, maybe the boss was a little insane, but how bad could it be? It seemed worth it to at least give it a try.

“No heels this morning, I see.” Jimin stepped into the elevator with you, smirking at your black ballet-style flats. You didn’t have time to go out and buy a new pair of shoes after the heel on yours broke the previous night, so you slip-stitched the hem of your dress pants so they wouldn’t drag on the floor and hoped they looked decent. You thought that perhaps no one would notice, but you should have known better. “I see you’ve already given up on personal appearance, which means you’ll probably quit within the day.” 

“Don’t you have something better to do than judge me by my shoes?” You asked calmly. You wondered why Jessica hadn’t warned you about Jimin, he was much more of an annoyance than this Jungkook guy who you had never even met. 

“Not at the moment, no.” Jimin smiled innocently at you. You knew that he was probably just being rude because he wanted you to quit, but that didn’t help much. 

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fear in your eyes | jjk

summary: there’s a werewolf in that forest behind your house, they told you, and he’ll eat you before you can even beg for mercy


pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.5k
genre: angst
a/n: i honestly don’t know WHAT genre this falls into, since it’s so short and ends very abruptly. angst was just a guess, because this is by no means fluff. requested by anon! 

There’s a forest behind the cottage you call home, wooded and misty, and you know it like the back of your hand. Your parents, bless them, never kept the best eye on you when they’d bring you out into the garden, and while they’d get distracted with gardening and grilling and the dog, you’d venture into the great unknown, stepping a little further into the forest each day. By the time you reached the final year of your free, public schooling, you’d mapped it out, end to end, cover to cover, each branch, each flower, each three-leaf clover familiar under the pads of your fingers.

Your neighbors never liked that forest, and they never trusted the fact that you always emerged from it unharmed, untouched. It’s hiding something, they tell you. A monster that lurks in the shadows of the night, waiting for its next victim. A savage beast, with a thirst for human blood. Be careful, they warn. Don’t ever go into that forest at night, for you may never see the light of day.

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Youtube clickbait: 10 Details You Missed In Your Favourite TV Show!

me, clicking the link: u fucking fools. do u think i don’t remember that line from season 1 episode 7 minute 10:34. do u think i am not plugged into these toxic online communities that analyse the significance of the red hem stitching on that minor characters costume. do u th

The Sorcerer and Her Son

Paring: Kylo Ren/Reader

Tags: female reader, female pronouns, AU - magic, AU - medieval, AU - gods and goddesses, tailoring, sewing, religious imagery and symbolism, male-female friendship, friends to lovers, nicknames, POV reader, POV Kylo Ren, fluff, angst.

Summary: In the small village on the edge of the forest, the tailor’s daughter cannot stand by and watch her mother’s ailing health lead her her death. Taking it upon herself to ask of the help of the resident witch, and her son, she must follow the contract to heal her mother. But, all magic, comes at a price, and sometimes, that price is knowing a little too much about things that are unsaid…

Word Count: 5,431

Posting Date:  2017-05-06

Current Date: 2017-06-12

Originally posted by somethingalongtheselines

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Blue Scarf

So ummm I have never done something like this before and this is the first fanfiction I have ever written.. I just really like Miraculous Ladybug and nobody in my real life will talk to me about it so this seemed a good way to go..

Summary: So in The Bubbler episode Marinette gives Adrien a blue scarf that she made as a present for his birthday and he thinks it’s from his father and she just lets it happen because it made him happy. But I always wondered what would happen if he found out the truth. This is mostly Ladynoir and a little Ladrien and Adrienette in a way. This is kind of angsty and has like two curse words in it so rated T? Enjoy…


Night has fallen, it was time for the nightly patrols of Ladybug and Chat Noir. This is Chat’s favorite part of his day. Swinging in the moonlight with his Lady what could be better? He arrives to meet Ladybug on top of the Eiffel Tower just like every other night and sees that she is already there. Ladybug is to upset to even see him land. A chill runs through Chat. His Lady is upset! This can not happen. He needs to be smooth about this. If he pushes her she might pull away. 

“He.. Hey Ladybug ready to patrol?” He’s not really sure why he is stuttering.Ladybug sniffles, 

“Hey Chat yeah just give me a few and I’ll be ready to go.” 

“Yeah no problem.. Do you want to talk about it?” He moves closer to her.

“No it’s fine.. It’s just.. I’m so done Chat.” Ladybug is no longer crying, instead she seems angry as her hands ball up into fists. 

Chat is confused, “Done? With what? Our patrols? You don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.” His heart breaks at the idea of it but he can’t handle seeing his Lady so hurt. 

Ladybug smiles slightly, Chat’s heart rises a bit. “No it’s not that. It’s something happening in my civilian life. You probably don’t want to hear about it.” Chat is shocked. Ladybug has never mentioned her real life, well the life outside of the superhero one. This must be really bad. 

Chat sits beside Ladybug and goes to put his arm around her but decides against it. “Ladybug you can tell me anything, my job is to protect you so you can be at your best. You aren’t at you best right now so here I am.” He waggles his eyebrows at her a gets just the faintest of a smile out of her.

Ladybug sighs, “I really like this boy,” Chat’s heart drops, “and he doesn’t like me back. I know that he knows I exist but he just knows me as the weirdo who stares at him and can’t even talk to him.” Is Chat really going to this? Give the love of his life relationship advice for some other guy? What does this guy have that he doesn’t? 

Chat takes a deep breath, of course he is going to help her. He will do anything to make his Lady smile. “So you can’t talk to this guy?”

“Correct.”“Have you tried calling him? Or sending him a letter?”

“I left a message on his phone once but I freaked out and stole his phone and deleted it. I also wrote him a love letter for Valentine’s Day and did not even sign it.” Ladybug hides her face in her hands. “I even gave him a gift once.” 

If it wasn’t for his super hearing he would have missed her saying that. “Really?” This guy got a gift from Ladybug? Even if she is out of the costume Chat knows that she would still look amazing and is confused why this guy does not like her back. 

“Yeah it was a scarf but I forgot to sign it again and he came to school the next day thinking that his father gave it to him..”


Chat’s mind was racing. “What kind of scarf?” Chat did not know if he wanted to hear the answer to this.

“It was a light blue scarf. I like to design clothes and I made it for him.”No. This can’t be. His father made him the scarf. She is talking about some other light blue scarf. There is no way.  “I did sign the scarf though, with a little heart. It’s in the hem. It’s stitch in so only I would know it’s there.” Chat needed to leave. He had to go check. He had to know. 

Chat stands up, he tries to be cool about this, “Well My Lady I’m sure that one day he will notice you. I mean you are the superhero of Paris. Anyways I best be going. I have physics homework to do. Cat out!” He kisses Ladybug on the hand and vaults off before she can say anything. Chat lands in his room and changes back into Adrien. Plagg flies out of his ring and across the room landing on his bed. 

“Hey kid what gives!” Adrien does not even notice because he was too busy looking for the scarf. 

“WHERE IS IT?!” Plagg has never seen Adrien this way before and honestly he was scared. 

“Calm down kid what are you looking for?” Sometimes the power of destruction can overwhelm Chat Noir but this is different. 

“The scarf my father go me! I need to see something. I have to make sure.”

“It’s in your closet.” Adrien stops destroying his room and runs to his closest and find the scarf. Plagg seems him rip the hem and fall to the floor. Plagg doesn’t know what to do. In all his years on either never has a Chat Noir do this. “Ki.. Adrien what’s wrong?” 

He sounds so defeated, “This isn’t from my father.” Tears are starting to form

.—————————————————————————————————— Adrien did not do anything the next day. He didn’t even talk to Plagg. School was out so he didn’t have to see his friends. He just waited for nightly patrols so he could find out the truth. The sun is going down so it is time. Plagg tries one more time to talk to him, “So what are you going to do?” Plagg doesn’t want to see another Chat Noir go down a dark path.

Adrien is angry, “Find out the truth. Plagg, CLAWS OUT!” Chat grabs the scarf and leaps out the window to meet Ladybug at the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug was already there. She was doing better from yesterday and planned to apologize to Chat for putting her problems on him. She hears him land behind her and she begins to talk but sees him holding the scarf. She stops dead. Ladybug has never seen Chat look like this, not even when he was hit by Dark Cupid’s arrow.. Chat talks first, “Who are you.”

“Chat it’s me Ladybug. Where did you find that scarf?”

Chat’s fist clenches the scarf, “I said, who are you?” Maybe Chat has been akumatized. Will she have to kiss him again? 

She grabs her yo-yo ready to fight, “Where did you find that scarf?”

Chat’s eyebrows furrow in anger, “It’s mine now like I said WHO ARE YOU?”

Ladybug freezes, “Adrien?”Chat freezes, oh shit. He went too far. What is he doing? His anger turns into sadness and he falls to his knees, 

“Why… Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?”

That’s it. No more lies, “You were so happy when you thought it was from you father.. I didn’t want to ruin it..”

“So my father.. Didn’t get me anything? Not even that stupid fucking pen?”

“Cha.. I mean Adrien.. It’s ok.” Ladybug moves closer to him to try and comfort him but she isn’t sure what to do.

“Plagg, claws in,” He changes into Adrien and Plagg flies toward Ladybug, “Guess the chat’s out of the bag huh?” he manages a weak smile.

Plagg looks around confused but he sees Ladybug, “He’s been like this since last night.. I didn’t know what to do.. Please Ladybug help him.”

Ladybug nods and goes to sit next to Adrien. “Adrien it’s ok. I’m sorry you found out this way but I’m here for you.” 

Adrien smiles a little,  “Are you here for Adrien or Chat Noir?”

Ladybug puts her arm around Adrien, “I’m here for you. All of you.”

Adrien buries his face in Ladybugs shoulder, “I’m sorry I was so mean Ladybug. I just.. I thought my father actually cared for once.” 

“I never wanted to tell you. I’m so sorry Adrien.” She wraps her arms around him, she hated seeing him so upset and wanted to make Adrien feel better. There was one way she knew how. “Tikki, spots off.” 

Under my skin (Namjoon/Oc)

Chapter 5

“What do you wear to a non date? You know where you go out with a guy but you don’t want him to think it’s a date? Because you’re not into him that way… ” I say casually, watching my roommate as she digs through her closet , wrapped in a fluffy white towel .

 She’s got an interview in a few hours and she gives me a look of long-suffering, eyes hooded and mouth twisting downwards in displeasure.

 "Ae Rin-ah, you know how I feel about your stunted emotions , your lack of a love life and your fashion sense, why would you put all three of those things in one sentence, it makes me nauseous..“ She mutters.

 "Don’t be a bitch. Come on, toss me a bone here.”

 "Is this the back up dancer you’ve been sleeping with?“ She says with a frown, laying out her own outfit and then going back in to dig through her clothes. As a fashion major she usually had an excess of dresses and t shirts and pants lying around. 

"Uh…” I hesitate just a bit. “ Not exactly. ”


“it’s his friend.” I mutter under my breath. Jiah frowns deeper and pulls out three dresses, decent calf length gowns with stitched hems and puffy, flowy sleeves. They look decidedly feminine and i wrinkle my nose. 

“How close of a friend are we talking here? Your fuck buddy is okay with you going around with his friend?” 

“It’s not that serious. Remember that cafe I told you about? The one in Gangnam? He’s got tickets for the weekly exhibit and I just want to see it!” I say briskly, grabbing a periwinkle blue dress and holding it up against my body. i’m not fashinably thin, but not exactly voluptuous either. The wide neckline would be wasted on me. 

“Wait, is this the same exhibition you’ve been salivating over for  years ? The one where you can’t get tickets unless you’re super rich or super connected or something?” 

“Yup..” i hum, reaching for the next gown. It’s a soft pink, not garish or overdone and i like it. There’s some lacy white overlay near the neck and pink bows on the sleeves and Jesus, is that a satin bowtie? It’s definitely girly though, and I feel like a little feminity never hurts, you know? 

Except when I hold it up, it falls a few inches short of my knee. Too much skin. 


Jiah let out a low whistle.

“He got you tickets to a show like that? That sounds very.. romantic and date-y? Okay, does  he  know you’re not into him.??”

I make a noise of impatience. 

“Of course, I told him that.” 

“then why do you feel the need to convey it through oyour clothes as well? if you guys already talked about it, and he knows you’re not interested him, then wear whatever you feel like.” She sounds perfectly sensible, of course , but I still feel a cloying sense of guilt in the pit of my stomach. i don’t know what it is that’s triggering all these negative emoitons in me. 

“I just…Wanna be safe i guess. I don’t know … i don’t want to hurt either of them.” I say, feeling silly. there’s nothing to be hurt here, i think firmly. there’s no prospect of a serious relationship with either of them anyway. it’s absolutely foolish to even think of something like that. 

they’re superstars. 

I’m a struggling photographer who takes pictures of them. Yoongi just.. well, he likes me for a quick lay, possibly because I could hold a conversation with him when he wanted me to. 

And Namjoon… Namjoon was…

“Ae Rin? Rin.. You listening?!”

I startle, blinking back to focus on her. 

“Uh.. yeah?”

“I said, don’t be the reason their friendship gets shot to hell. it’s a shitty thing to do. “ She says firmly and I nod absently, reaching for the burgundy gown with the lace lining. it looked classy, perfect for a photo exhibit. 

“I’m not getting involved with either of them.” I say firmly, testing the soft silk of the gown. it looks expensive too, texture like flowing water over my fingers. 

“So you say. But honestly, you know that these sex only relationships are never that, right? You end up catching feelings in the end and then it all gets shot to hell. You don’t want that distraction…” 

You see , over the years, I’v realized something. 

Jiah is smart. 

And I’m a reckless fool. 

I ignore her warning and get dressed slowly, texting my location to Namjoon. 


He picks me up in a blue Porsche Cayenne. I fidget uncontrollably as he comes around to open the car door for me, dressed in fitting blue jeans and a plain white button down, face hidden by a mask and hair swept up underneath his fedora. He looks like an idol, even without the fanfare, body taut and firm: all 181 cm of him. 

He greets me normally, because he’s a normal human being, while I try not to feel like an bull in a china shop, fumbling over my syllables like an idiot. 

“You’re late.” I blurt out stupidly and his eyes crinkle like he’s smiling. It’s a shame i can’t catching sight of the dimples that are no doubt underneath that mask.  

He’s incredibly tall, up close and i struggle to feel less like a bug as he helps me into the seat, the musky scent of expensive perfume and clean male skin hitting me in all the right places . Or should I say , wrong places.

“I’m sorry, I was held up a bit by traffic. I hope you’ll forgive me. ” He whispers, eyes fixing on mine with alarming force. It’s almost physically restrictive,. his gaze. Like arms gripping my waist and pinning me to the seat.

Breathing has never been harder.

It’s new and terrifying, this foreign feeling of nervousness and guilt. And it confuses me completely. Namjoon isn’t the sort of person I usually admire. 

Not to say he isn’t attractive.

 He’s intensely masculine, unforgivingly male and there’s just this something in him that would make any girl want to… get down on her knees .

For not-so innocent reasons. 

And that scares me. 

Attarction is one thing : but something about Namjoon tells me he’s dangerous.All consuming. The sort of person who would demand too much. Demand it all. He would probably want to  own  the girl he got together with. 

Well, if you had to belong to someone, he’s not a bad choice  a voice snickers in the back of my mind.

 i know that voice. It’s the same voice that makes me follow idols to five star hotels and let them take naked photos of me. That voice is not to be trusted.

When he slips behind the car wheel, I can’t help but stare at his veiny forearms, the quiet strength of his fingers as he grips the wheel. He’s a confident driver but not cautious like Yoongi. There’s a bit of a rashness in the way he drives, not wild per se but just a little out of the comfort zone. 

 You know what they say about the way a man drives and the way he is in bed,  the voice is back, this time too loud.  Namjoon looks like he could be into some freaky stuff. 

My face is flaming red and I already wish I’d just refused him. 

“The Photographer this week is In Sook Kim… You like her right? I read that she’s your favorite photographer” He says casually and I pull myself together. 


“Your thesis on Florence. It was published in that magazine… i read it.” 

“ She talks about a lot of things : abstarct stuff that people ususlaly tend to ignore. i love that about her. She makes me feel like, … even if i’m not someone famous or well-known…i’m still special. I want to recreate that sometimes…. ” I say softly, momentarily forgetting my nervousness. 

“She’s done a lot of projects…” 

“I studied one of them. Muses… it came out in 2004. “ I smile brightly. 

“The one with the women from the S and M club?” He smiles faintly, reaching out to take his mask off and it’s a bit like getting a floodlight shoved into my face, the sharp features and the bright gaze.

“uh.. yeah.. That one.. You know it?” i’m surprised. 

“Of course. it’s one of her famous works. I have two copies of it on my bedroom wall.” 

I try not to think of him on his bed , staring up at photos of submissive women in a Sado-Masochism club. 

But i can’t control my face and he laughs. 

“Don’t tell me you’re a conservative woman? “

“I.. no .. of course not. To each their own.” I say swiftly. 

“Hmm… Personally , i think everyone should try BDSM , once .” He shakes his head. 

I struggle to draw in my next breath. 

“I.. uh.. yeah, sure.” 

He must’ve caught the way my voice stuttered. 

“Am i making you uncomfortable?” He looks very unapologetic, almost amused. 

 Very much.

“Not at all. But then, not everyone is like that” I say almost defensively. The very phrase brings out a visceral reaction in me. I’ve seen woman hand over control to men. i’ve seen men take that control, take that power and break that woman down till she stops existing. 

“Like what?” He sais gently.

I bite my lips. 

“Weak and submissive.” i say finally. 

Namjoon laughs out loud

“Weak Submissives? There’s no such thing as a weak submissive, Ae Rin ssi… Submissives are usually very strong people. People who are strong enough to trust their Dom with themselves.” He turned slightly, something challenging in his gaze. 

I swallow. 

“Well, I wouldn’t know.” I snap. “ I’m not one!” 

He makes a soft , soothing sound that oddly comforts me. 

“I’m sorry if that ruffles your feathers,  aegi , I just made a general observation.”

Aegi? did he just call me aegi? I’m not his baby!! . I should be mad, I thought trying to summon up some irritation at the phrase. But all i can feel is warmth spreading out to my toes. 

“I… I’m sorry too. I just.. I shouldn’t have snapped.” I say feeling oddly scolded. 

“Let’s talk something fun, where would you like to have dinner tonight? I have reservation for a Chinese, A Thai and a Continental Place. You pick.” He smiles brightly. 

We talk a bit about our favorites and decide on the Thai place, by which time we’ve reached the cafe. 

As we pull up to the entrance. i glance at the board set up on front. The place is oddly empty and uncrowded which was surprising because the cafe is usually bustling with people. 

 Private Viewing Scheduled. Visitors Prohibited. 

“What?” I say confused when he comes around and helps me out. 

“I’m sorry…I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.. i hope you’ll enjoy this.” He says almost apologetically and i fellt my heart leap into my throat as I follow him into the loungue. The staff greet Namjoon with familiarity, even hugging him. 

“Is she here?” He says brightly and my heart stops. 

“No.. No!1 Kim Namjoon, No!!” I hiss, stunned. 

“You said you like her! You can tell her that in person. She’s in the last room. “

“You.. You’re not..?”

“coming with? Of course not! This is your present. Enjoy it to the fullest.” He smiles brightly. “ I’ll be right here. You can take as long as you want. Our reservation isn’t till eight. That gives you..” He glances at his watch “ Four hours at least.” 

I stare at him, fighting the overwhelming urge to fling myself into his arms . 

“I .. Thank you…I…”

“You can thank me by buying me ice cream the next time we go out.” He smiles and the casual way he tells me he wants to meet me again isn’t entirely lost on me. 

I try to ignore my pounding , breathless heart and move to the room.


It doesn’t take me four hours. I spend an hour and twenty minutes with the lady, a bright middle aged woman with a pleasant smile. She’s very humble and answers my question with a lot of patience. 

“I don’t usually meet fans or attend private schedulings. But Namjoon’s mother is an old friend and he’s never called me in for a favor before.” She smiles, when I finally shake hands with her to bid her farewell. 

“I.. Thank you. I had such a great time.” My find feels like a well soaked sponge with all the information I’ve crammed into it. She had been kind enough to let me record some of her more complicated ideas, the ones I was afraid I would forget once i got home. 

“He told me you’re interested in an internship, now that you’ve finished your Degree. My studio does take interns… You’re welcome to apply with your portfolio.” She smiles then and i know my jaw has hit the floor. 

“I… really? Are you serious? I mean.. i’m not that good!! ” I’m too stunned to respond properly. 

“Of course. And don’t be so hard on yourself. You got that scholarship didn’t you? The same scholarship, I myself failed to get .” She winks. 

I nod , feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

“I’ll send it in…I will. Thank you so much.” I say softly. 

“Namjoon’s a nice kid. Bit old fashioned , but a nice kid. I hope you treat him well.” She says gently, her eyes warm and soft and it scares me momentarily, the sincerity in her tone. My throat goes try and i quickly shake my head. 

“Oh, no… No! We’re not together. I.. i have a boyfriend!” I say stupidly. She looks surprised.

“Oh.. really? I assumed… When namjoon said… Oh well,” She looks very confused but smiles. “ I’m sorry if i made you uncomfortable.” She finishes awkwardly. 

When I leave the room, my mind is still running in circles. I’m not an idiot. I know that Namjoon isn’t one either. What he’s done today… it goes beyond the boundaries of friendship. Far beyond it. 

And it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever felt. Fingers trembling, I make my way to the loungue where I know he’s waiting. He catches sight of me and if i needed anymore proof , it’s there in the way his face lights up when he sees me, twin dimples lighting up on his face. 

i can’t summon up the smile that I ought to give him. In it’s place is liquid terror, spreading through my veins. 

 What are you seeing, when you see me? A pretty young girl with a bright dream? That’s not who i am! There are so many demons inside my skull… they’ll destroy you if you come anywhere near me , Namjoon -ah…

“Hey! Did you have fun….” His smile fades when he sees me and I stop trying to hide it. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He says nervously and i swallow. 

“I.. I’m fine. I was just wondering how Yoongi would have enjoyed the exhibit too ” I lie blatantly and it’s funny, how he wears his heart on his sleeve, how his mile gets wiped off his lips and hie eyes lose that sparkle. 

“Thank you for today. I learned so much from her . She even told me I could apply to be an intern and..” I babble mindlessly . 

Namjoon stares at me for a long moment. 

“I’m happy that you’re happy.”  He says softly and I feel out of my depth. 

Later as we sit down to dinner, he tells me about his family, his dog and his little sister. 

“What about your family?” He says casually reaching across the table to refill my wine glass. 

“Uh.. My parents died when I was six.” I say softly. “ I grew up with my stepfather , till I got the scholarship to study in Seoul univ.”

“Is he still around?”

“Uh…I wish he wasn’t.” I say before I can put a stopper on my thoughts. Namjoon glances up sharply and his dimples peek out.

“Ah… that explains a lot.”


“the distrust… the way you always keep glancing at the door … the way you steer the conversation away from amything personal. I bet you’re one of those rare girls who think that a dinner date is far more intimate that a night of hot and heavy sex…” He smiles thoughtfully. I’m momentarily stunned into silence. 

“That’s not… I’m not like that…” I say sharply. 

“It’s not a flaw. Plenty of girls out there have daddy issues. Most of them, in fact. “ He shrugs. 

i feel suddenly affronted.

“I do not have Daddy issues, what the fuck…” The words are out before I can stop myself and he grins. 

“That’s more like it.” He whispers.

“What?” I snap.

“This is more like you. the swearing, The blazing eyes. The heaving breasts. you look like a goddess when you’re angry. You’ve been wearing a mask this evening and I really wish you’d be yourself with me. ” He leans forward and I resist the urge to toss the wine on his face.

“You’re insufferable…i want to leave.” I almost stand but his hand shoots out and grips my wrist, so tight that I whimper, the sound strangled out of me. 

“Don’t be scared, baby. I’m just being honest He whispers. 

“This isn’t a date. Stop calling me that.” I grit out. He lets my wrist go and I wipe at the skin moodily. 

“I know it isn’t a date. I never said it was. “ He shrugs. And then he looks up and there’s a flash of something in his gaze.

“But I hope the next one will be.” He says softly. 

I stare at him and suddenly it strikes me how foolish I’ve been. Of course he’s going to be just like the rest of them.

“You want to have sex with me?” I say blankly. 

“I want to get to know you. To date you… “ He corrects me, leaning forward. 

“You don’t have to splurge for another date. I could blow you in the rest room if you like.” I say it just to shock him but it angers him instead.

“Shut up. Yell back at me if you want… don’t fucking degrade yourself like that. You’re worth far more than a blowjob in a rest room, you silly fool.” He snarls. The words momentarily frighten me. 

“Well, that’s where you’re fucking wrong. I’m not worth ‘ more’. And I’m going to pass on the date. i already have a fuck buddy.” I say softly , leaning back. 

“Yoongi hyung? I know you don’t feel anything for him… You’re using him .You think he’s a safe bet because he’ll never ask for more than what you give. But me…I scare you” He smiles softly and it’s frightening how accurate he is. 

I laugh in disbelief. 

“You think you’re better than him? He took me to the Park Hyatt on our first date..He booked the honeymoon suite for 5000 dollars that night…..i’ve already slept with him a dozen times. i don’t even know you that well.  “ I sound snobbish but the urge to wipe that smirk off his face is overwhelming.

Namjoon smiles.

“Yoongi hyung has a scar on his shoulder. Which one? Left or right?” He smiles.

“What?” I blink. 

“The scar on his shoulder…. which shoulder…?

“I..” I stop drawing a complete blank. did he have a scar? 

“The curtains in your honeymoon suite… do you remember what color they were? “ He smiles , “ the bedsheets.. were they satin or silk…? Do you remeber the conversation you had with him during dinner? Do you remeber what he was wearing that night?” 

It feels a bit like I’ve been sucker punched. i don’t remember any of those stuff. Had never felt the need to ..

“i.. That’s.. Those are physical things.. they don’t mean anything…”

“Oh they would. If Yoongi means anything… those things would mean something too…. But we both know he doesn’t…” 

“Stop.. Namjoon…”

“Give me a chance, Ae Rin.” He says firmly, leaning forward. 

“Take me home.”

“Ae Rin.”

“We’re done. Take me home. Now!!”.

He doesn’t protest. But when he drops me off, his face is somber. 

“I’m not going to back off.” He whispers. 

“Good night Kim namjoon ssi.” 

anonymous asked:

I just finished reading Six Adults and a Child and OMG it's really wonderful! I would love to read the continuation, where he gets to meet Garak, and eventually get put back to his regular self... unless you already wrote that and I missed the link?

I haven’t written that yet.

This is when he meets Garak. I’ll write a “growing up” fic eventually. (I did get some ideas about someone trying to kidnap Jules and gather information out of him and then others coming to his aide. I might do that first.)

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written some of these, so here are the past two stories for a refresher:
Six Adults and a Child

How Fitting

Garak gave up on the idea of seeing Doctor Julian Bashir that afternoon for their weekly lunch outing. In truth, he gave up on seeing the dear doctor at all, at least for the foreseeable future.

The senior officers weren’t saying anything about the young man’s, now young boy’s, condition. Though others whispered possibilities throughout the promenade and developed theories behind the shuttered doors of their living quarters, Garak understood what such silence from those officers meant. He contributed to the whispers and the growing rumors for the entertainment of it, but he understood the dear doctor was no more a man than any other seven-year-old human could be and the Starfleet-headed staff had no idea why. Troubling. The officers had done their best to not make it Garak’s trouble, even though he’d offered assistance, but it still weighed on his mind even while he tailored.

Though, all trouble seems to find Garak in time.

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How to repair an underworks binder

(I’d appreciate if as many people as possible could reblog this. This is a really common problem with these binders, but I’ve never seen any posts about fixing them on here before) 

If you’ve ever had an underworks binder you’ve probably encountered the way the material starts to separate once they get stretched out. And if you haven’t yet you probably will at some point, because this is usually what does for them in the end and makes them a bit useless. Mine wasn’t actually that bad when I did this, I’ve seen them get a lot worse.

The material loses it’s elasticity so it doesn’t bind very well. 

To fix this I replaced the back panel with white four-way-stretch lycra, inspired by gc2b binders, which are made entirely of it (apart from the canvas front panel), or something similar 

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It binds better than it ever did before for me (because I got it second hand). The only thing I would say is that it’s a little less comfortable than it was before, both because it’s tighter, and also because the seams dig in a little because I didn’t sew them flat like they were before. And it took me ages to do, but that’s because I don’t have a machine so I did it all by hand. It was worth it though, because the fabric only cost £5 which is a lot less than a new binder :)

I’ll put the details of how I did this under a cut

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Stitches (Luke Hemmings)

Request: Can do you one where he cheats on you? Your imagine rock btw 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

“You okay Luke?” You asked him lovingly, but he just shrugged.
“Uh yeah.” He spoke lowly.
Ever since a few days ago, Luke had been acting really strange.
He’d barley want to talk to you or kiss you, and he’d always find some excuse for why he couldn’t spend time with you.
“No. Seriously Luke what the hell is your problem? You’ve been like this all week.” You asked. “Been like what (Y/N)?” He replied angrily, acting as if he didn’t already know the problem.
“You’re just so-” You sighed as you began to get worked up. “Forget it Luke. I’m gonna go back hang out with (Y/F/N).” You spoke, and his eyes went wide.
“You are? I mean, ok… I-I guess I’ll see you later.” He stuttered as you walked away.

“Where do you wanna go next (Y/F/N)?” You asked you wandered around the mall.
“Didn’t you say you wanted to get a new bra?”
“Uh.. Yeah.” She spoke, looking toward a children’s clothing store.
“Are you ok? You normally love shopping..” You noticed.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She lied.
“Ok. I’ve known you for how long? I can definitely tell when your lying (Y/F/N).”
“How many times do I have I say it!? I said I’m fine already!!” She yelled, causing you to jump a bit.
“Look. I’m sorry okay? Can we just, can we just go?” She asked, and you nodded slowly.

Once you had gotten back to (Y/F/N’s) flat you guys decided on ordering pizza, but you of course weren’t willing to wait that long so you though you’d kill time by baking some cookies while (Y/F/N) ran off to clean or something.
After you rolled the cookies and put them into the oven you went to throw away a paper towel; but what you saw next surprised you.
You looked down into the can to notice a clearblue pregnancy test box in there. You leaned closer as you noticed the actual text in there. Is was positive.
You stormed out of the kitchen and into
(Y/F/N’s) bedroom.
“(Y/F/N)!!” You exclaimed, standing in front of her bed.
“WHY DIDINT YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT?!!” You asked happily and that’s when she lost it.
“Why are you crying? You don’t have to raise the baby alone do you? I’ll help you the entire time!! Who’s the father?“
“(Y/N)!!” She yelled. “I have something to tell you.” She whispered.
“Okay…” You spoke, your concern growing rapidly.
“I only slept with one guy my whole life.. It was one night at a party, you were drunk, I we saw each other but I promise you it didn’t mean anything, I don’t even love him!!”
“(Y/F/N). Who’s the father of your baby.” You whispered.
“It’s Luke.” She spoke confidently.
“Luke? A-As in my boyfriend Luke?” You spoke, trying to stay as calm as possible.
“Yes.” She said with teary eyes. “I’m so sorry, I swear it wasn’t intended, we were sitting there and one thing led to the other!!” She choked out through tears.
“Sorry? You’re sorry?!” You yelled.
“You fuck my boyfriend and you think sorry is gonna fix it? You really are a piece of shit friend.” You spat as you began walking out the room.
“(Y/N) Wait!!!” She yelled, but it was too late. You were already out of the door.
You opened the door to your apartment, praying that Luke was there. But out of your luck; so was Calum.
“What’s up butter cup?” Calum’s cheerful voice rang, but you were in no mood to talk to him.
He was on the couch next to Luke, they were watching some movie.
“Hey baby.” Luke spoke as he got off the couch and tired to hug you, but you backed away from him.
“I found a pregnancy test.” You spoke voicelessly, and Luke’s face lit up.
“That’s great babe, we’re gonna be a family. I finally get to be a father and you get to be a mother.” He smiled, Calum’s face matching his.
“I’m not gonna be a mother Luke, but you’ll be a father. The baby is (Y/F/N’s).” Luke face instantly dropped, and Calum just stood there.
“You had sex with (Y/F/N)?” Calum asked, and you just nodded as tears threatened to spill.
“(Y/N)…. It didn’t mean anything.” He spoke as he tried to touch you, but you jerked your arm back.
“Ha, you- you didn’t mean it? You weren’t drunk right? Which mean you wanted to have sex with her, there was no substance forcing you to do that Luke.”
Luke just looked at you, and your resisted the urge to smack the living hell out of him.
“I hate to so much.” You spat as you gave him a shove and headed back out the door.
Little did you know, Calum his followed behind you.

Maybe a Little Jealous - Fred Weasley (Requested)

Request: I’d love a Fred imagine. I love the idea of him getting jealous and wrapping his arms around me and kissing me, and getting all possessive and cute with lots of fluff.


Saturday evening rolled around to Hogwarts like a long awaited Birthday. Everyone had spent the whole week trudging to each class patiently wishing for the weekend to come. Hufflepuff and Slytherin were scheduled to a Quidditch match at 6pm and many clubs were having meetings throughout the day. Most nobody chose to stay inside the castle due to the extravagant weather, but a handful did take shelter. Gwendolyn was one of the few. Hunching over the long, narrow table Gwen scanned over the small print of her thick text book. Sitting to her left was her good friend Ed.

“No I get what you’re saying, but this star is placed to the right of the line.” Gwen pulled out her star chart she had been required to buy in Diagon Alley before the school year had started.

The map charted out multiple different types of constellations and the specific names of certain tiny lights; Orion’s Belt, Norma, Musca, Leo, Hercules, Fornax, and thousands of others. The sandy haired boy tilted his head, glancing down at the parchment then back at his own.

“Yeah… I think you might actually be right. Eridanus it was right? Or was it Delphinus?” He murmured confused with the two. Gwen hummed correcting him with the right constellation. He thanked her and they both focused back on their Astronomy work questioning their answers every once in a while. Gwen ran a hand strongly through her brown locks as if wiping away the stress that was building up at the second. Ed noticed, abandoning his homework to help her.

“Hey what’s wrong? I know I’m not the best but I can give it a shot.” He smiled warmly. She shrugged pushing the sheet away and towards him seeking help. Ed looked over the paper eventually grasping the concept. Gwen sat silently tugging aimlessly on the blue hem of her Ravenclaw stitched sweater.

For a second her thoughts wandered off to her boyfriend, Fred, and his twin brother wondering what they were up to. Trouble was an absolute with them, but it was odd to not get a glimpse of him at all so far. Gwen reached into her friends jeans without a word, pulling out his handy wrist watch that Ed kept safely hidden in his pocket read 5:15 in bright blinding numbers. He jumped in shock when she tugged it out. Handing it back over to him shortly after she got it, Gwen watched the large bodies of students flow out of The Great Hall, most likely leaving to catch the match and to make sure they got a good seat.

“C’mon Gwendolyn you’re a Ravenclaw for crying out loud! This should come easy to you.” Ed stated. He as well was a member of the wise, intelligent House but he clearly got the main idea of the homework she couldn’t seem to grasp.

“I know it’s just rough stuff…” She huffed throwing the unfinished work into her black patched backpack. A loud burst of laughter came from the entrance of The Great Hall as a pair of ginger headed twins glided in swiftly, both snatching a loaf of bread as they passed the beginning of the Gryffindor table. George winked flirtatiously at a blonde Hufflepuff that was gathering her stack of books, exiting out of the room quickly in a flush of emotions.

“Gwen!” George shouted, hopping over the top taking the open seat next to Ed. Fred slid quietly by her side not daring to speak. His face was an unpleasant shade of red and a glint of anger shown through his eyes. Ed shifted uncomfortable rearranging his class books, charts and quills.

“Hey guys, what’re you doing here? I expected you two to be heading to the Quidditch game.” Fred didn’t respond yet distributed his attention and effort to sending dangerous daggers of hatred to Ed who avoided his glare. George explained how they had been caught in the act of a prank earlier and were banned from leaving the castle grounds for 2 weeks; even from going matches unless Gryffindor was playing, then they were allowed to play.

“That sucks…” Ed said shakily. Gwen turned to Fred realizing the reason Ed seemed so edgy. Nudging his ribs, Fred quickly stopped and smiled innocently to her kissing her cheek delicately. Gwen giggled lightly flustered by the sudden show of affection.

“What is up with you?” Leaning close, Gwen whispered in Fred’s ear as George and Ed socialized with small talk. Fred shrugged clasping his lanky arms around her waist securely. Acting as if it was nothing, Fred turned back to the conversation.

“So what were you two working on?” His voice sneering greatly on the word “working”. Both Ravenclaw’s shared looks of confusion and explained how they were working together on a very long essay that was due Monday for Astronomy.

George folded his hands unsure of what to do next. Ed copied the Gryffindor and gazed at the half full sheet laid on the table top. Fred nodded emotionlessly, slipping his hand under the navy material, to draw little circles across her hip bone. Shivers sprung up her spine at the touch of his fingertips along her ice cold skin. Fred smirked feeling the tiny bumps and continued rubbing her skin lovingly. Glares were often thrown at Ed off and on until he cracked.

“Well, um… I, er, I think I’m just gonna go head up to my dorm… and um finish my work there. Nice seeing you all.” Ed gathered his belongings before Gwen could intervene. In a flash he was gone, bolting out the entrance. Sighing Gwendolyn pursed her lips turning to the satisfied Fred. George snickered covering his mouth.
“Really Fred…” Fred looked shocked but Gwen could see right through it. His hand reached up and ran slowly from her roots down to then ends. She hummed relax but still slightly annoyed by his actions.

“Nobody told him to leave. Isn’t that right George?” Fred pointed out and George nodded backing up his brother.

“You were jealous weren’t you!” Gwen was quick to accuse and Fred shook his head “no”. George rolled his eyes, mimicking his twin’s moves. Fred reached across the table jabbing his arm. George winced in pain but laughed anyways.

“No… I was not ‘jealous’. Only aggravated by his shameless flirting!” Fred let it all out, huffing at the end. Gwen and George both met eyes and laughed loudly.

“Freddie I think you gave the poor lad a heart attack!” George stated as a-matter-of-fact way. A small smirk was making its way back onto Fred’s face by his brother’s words. Those were his intentions. George smiled standing from the table announcing loudly that he was leaving to see which house was winning and then would be back later. Farewells were exchanged and once George was out of ear and eye sight, Gwen swiveled to Fred giving him a mixed emotions look.

“What? Are you mad at me?” Fred pulled her closer to his hip, nuzzling his chin up against her neck peppering her with sweet little kisses. Gwen scrunched up and smiled as he unintentionally tickled her skin. She couldn’t find enough strength to respond, jolting her head to the side saying “no”. Fred chuckled, pressed right up against her.

“That’s good, I was starting to worry. I was thinkin’ you’d never speak to me again and then you’d run off with that funny lookin’ Edward… and I’d never see you again.” Whimpering out the words in a sad tone, Fred finished looking up with big, prominent puppy dog eyes. Gwen sat stunned by his words, knowing he was half joking but sensing more of the seriousness.

“Fred I would never! Besides Ed or Edward- whatever isn’t like that to me. You know that.” Gwendolyn finished by pressing her lips flat upon his taking Fred by full surprise. It didn’t take him long to register the situation and start kissing back. Gwen could feel herself losing grip on reality by the second as she melted carelessly into the passionate moment. Fred pulled back breathless along with Gwen. Grabbing her hand in his, Fred locked stares with him.

“I love you Gwendolyn, more than anything. Sorry about earlier, I was just… jealous.” He looked away ashamed for acting sickly out of character.

“I know Fred its okay, I understand. I love you too, now how about we go catch the rest of that Qudditch game?” Standing up, Gwen intertwined her fingers with Fred’s helping him to his feet. Fred brought up the point about him and his brother not being allowed to leave the castle for another two weeks.

“Oh yeah I suppose you’re right. Well maybe you and I could going looking for an empty close and um hang out?” She suggested with a playful wink, cheeks stained red from the sudden boost of confident. Gwen was aware about the strict rule on not sneaking other House students in, but maybe she could make a special exception for him. Fred grinned, sprinting out of The Great Hall dragging Gwen right behind him.

~ Daizy xxx

Hope you enjoyed! Request are open!!