hemming stitch


Better living through high technology
dustrial leggings,

  • 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric.
  • EcoPoly fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing.
  • Medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable, Compression fit. Thick elastic waistband finishing and cover stitched hems. 4-thread overlock stitch for durability and stretch.
  • Each pair is custom hand made in Canada


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He’s just a little ball of sunshine

Stitches (Luke Hemmings)

Request: Can do you one where he cheats on you? Your imagine rock btw 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

“You okay Luke?” You asked him lovingly, but he just shrugged.
“Uh yeah.” He spoke lowly.
Ever since a few days ago, Luke had been acting really strange.
He’d barley want to talk to you or kiss you, and he’d always find some excuse for why he couldn’t spend time with you.
“No. Seriously Luke what the hell is your problem? You’ve been like this all week.” You asked. “Been like what (Y/N)?” He replied angrily, acting as if he didn’t already know the problem.
“You’re just so-” You sighed as you began to get worked up. “Forget it Luke. I’m gonna go back hang out with (Y/F/N).” You spoke, and his eyes went wide.
“You are? I mean, ok… I-I guess I’ll see you later.” He stuttered as you walked away.

“Where do you wanna go next (Y/F/N)?” You asked you wandered around the mall.
“Didn’t you say you wanted to get a new bra?”
“Uh.. Yeah.” She spoke, looking toward a children’s clothing store.
“Are you ok? You normally love shopping..” You noticed.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She lied.
“Ok. I’ve known you for how long? I can definitely tell when your lying (Y/F/N).”
“How many times do I have I say it!? I said I’m fine already!!” She yelled, causing you to jump a bit.
“Look. I’m sorry okay? Can we just, can we just go?” She asked, and you nodded slowly.

Once you had gotten back to (Y/F/N’s) flat you guys decided on ordering pizza, but you of course weren’t willing to wait that long so you though you’d kill time by baking some cookies while (Y/F/N) ran off to clean or something.
After you rolled the cookies and put them into the oven you went to throw away a paper towel; but what you saw next surprised you.
You looked down into the can to notice a clearblue pregnancy test box in there. You leaned closer as you noticed the actual text in there. Is was positive.
You stormed out of the kitchen and into
(Y/F/N’s) bedroom.
“(Y/F/N)!!” You exclaimed, standing in front of her bed.
“WHY DIDINT YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT?!!” You asked happily and that’s when she lost it.
“Why are you crying? You don’t have to raise the baby alone do you? I’ll help you the entire time!! Who’s the father?“
“(Y/N)!!” She yelled. “I have something to tell you.” She whispered.
“Okay…” You spoke, your concern growing rapidly.
“I only slept with one guy my whole life.. It was one night at a party, you were drunk, I we saw each other but I promise you it didn’t mean anything, I don’t even love him!!”
“(Y/F/N). Who’s the father of your baby.” You whispered.
“It’s Luke.” She spoke confidently.
“Luke? A-As in my boyfriend Luke?” You spoke, trying to stay as calm as possible.
“Yes.” She said with teary eyes. “I’m so sorry, I swear it wasn’t intended, we were sitting there and one thing led to the other!!” She choked out through tears.
“Sorry? You’re sorry?!” You yelled.
“You fuck my boyfriend and you think sorry is gonna fix it? You really are a piece of shit friend.” You spat as you began walking out the room.
“(Y/N) Wait!!!” She yelled, but it was too late. You were already out of the door.
You opened the door to your apartment, praying that Luke was there. But out of your luck; so was Calum.
“What’s up butter cup?” Calum’s cheerful voice rang, but you were in no mood to talk to him.
He was on the couch next to Luke, they were watching some movie.
“Hey baby.” Luke spoke as he got off the couch and tired to hug you, but you backed away from him.
“I found a pregnancy test.” You spoke voicelessly, and Luke’s face lit up.
“That’s great babe, we’re gonna be a family. I finally get to be a father and you get to be a mother.” He smiled, Calum’s face matching his.
“I’m not gonna be a mother Luke, but you’ll be a father. The baby is (Y/F/N’s).” Luke face instantly dropped, and Calum just stood there.
“You had sex with (Y/F/N)?” Calum asked, and you just nodded as tears threatened to spill.
“(Y/N)…. It didn’t mean anything.” He spoke as he tried to touch you, but you jerked your arm back.
“Ha, you- you didn’t mean it? You weren’t drunk right? Which mean you wanted to have sex with her, there was no substance forcing you to do that Luke.”
Luke just looked at you, and your resisted the urge to smack the living hell out of him.
“I hate to so much.” You spat as you gave him a shove and headed back out the door.
Little did you know, Calum his followed behind you.

CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s Hack My Life Tumblr Challenge winner: KAMAI19! With the help of two empty milk jugs, household pets are one step closer to ruling humanity being self-sufficient!

This season’s final challenge is for the rising fashionistas of the world. Have you ever split a seam, ripped your pants or popped a button right before [insert extremely important event HERE]? Since most people don’t carry about travel-sized sewing kits on a daily basis, there are few on-the-go options to repair these types of clothing malfunctions…

The task: hem/alter/stitch/sew your clothing without a needle and thread. The fix doesn’t have to be permanent, but it needs to hold long enough to get through something like a job interview or your boss’ daughters’ Bat Mitzvah. Good luck! 

Submit your Week 9 Challenge hack now!

Needs some straightening out but this is what the Cinderella skirt will look like! This is for the animated inspired edition. I’m really happy with the fabrics for this because they create a perfect bluish greyish silvery color.

On the downside, the organza was too stiff to be a separate layer. It stuck out like a tutu instead of draping over the base fabric. So I had to stitch the hems together and I’m not crazy about how that looks…but it is what it is! Sometimes you have to do what the fabric requires. 


I’ve been taking some more pics of the cardigan I posted here the other day (pic of me here again for reference)
It’s the details I love - the jewelled garter stitch hem, the tideline where the pink stripes give way to the block of taupe, the contrasting rib around the neckline, the wooden buttons….

All these things? They make my heart sing.
They are the details that make designing such an absolute joy.

Wadanohara cosplay for sale!


I’m trying to sell off costumes that I’m not going to wear anymore, and since I’m working on a new wadanohara costume, it’s time for my white one to get a new home! Honestly, it would work really well as a sailor lolita coord on it’s own!

White!Wadanohara - $115 +$10 shipping (US only)

Shirt (seifuku ties and holder attached) bow, and skirt

Bust - 36″
Waist - 27″
Hip - free

This costume is made of a nice solid white bottomweight with navy blue cotton accents and bias tape. The top features a full facing and the seifuku ties are adjustable via the removable tie holder in the middle. 

The skirt is a full 2 circles with bias tape sewn in the hem and blind stitched by hand to be invisible from the right side. It features a butt bow on the back in navy cotton, matching the tie on the shirt.

It was made in about 10 hours over the course of 2 weeks and was worn only once, at youmacon. 

I accept paypal only, and again, shipping to US only. Please send me an ask if your interested! More photos below~


Edo Dounuki. Late Edo period (1800-1867), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A very fine silk inner kimono featuring refined shibori patterning as well as katazome faux-shibori. The dounuki is a specific style of inner kimono of a kimono set, characterized by sleeves and hem sections that are stitched to a main bodice body of contrasting material and pattern-work. The shibori (tie-dye) work on the bodice of this artefact is very subtle and refined: the large shibori white medallions were first created, then yuzen flower paintings put in each medallion as a second step. Thus creating this shibori was the result of lengthy and painstaking craftsmanship. The dot-pattern faux-shibori katazome stenciling was reserved to the sides/hem cloth adjacent to this shibori bodice.

Ella was in the back of the auditorium in the costume room, working on one of the costumes for the musical. She was humming along to the music playing from her Pandora, occasionally dancing as she left the costume to find a piece to add to it. She began to sing along to the song as she stitched the hem of the dress, her voice mixing with Ed Sheeran’s voice beautifully as they sang a duet to his song “Photograph”.