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Remember that dress I was working on around April 2017?

Yea, still haven’t finished that.

I got really irritated trying to blind-stitch the hem of the bodice sleeves because I doubled up on the fabric and the stitch wasn’t catching like it was supposed to. Well, I finally took the time to properly seam rip all the stitching I previously attempted and opted for something more practical: a side by side straight stitch. I think it came out pretty well.

I also hemmed the skirt which came out fan-freaking-tastic! I did end up successfully using a blind-stitch to hem it. I also managed to get the bodice and skirt attached to each other as well, yay! The zipper will have to wait because I have to buy another one (I may have sorta kinda borrowed the zipper from this project for my Sailor Jupiter outfit… whoops…)

I Want to Learn to Sew...Now What?

(This post was originally on our fabrichut.com blog but it’s having technical issues right now. Enjoy it here!)

So you got a sewing machine for the holidays. Congratulations! A sewing machine is a great investment!
…Now what?

1. Stock up on essential items
There are some basic things every sewist needs in their arsenal, no matter what you are sewing.

Seam ripper – every sewist has to rip something out, no matter how long they have been doing this. Everyone makes mistakes! You want to be prepared to backtrack if needed.
Scissors big and small – A good pair of scissors stays sharp for a long time. Your kitchen scissors that you keep in the junk drawer are not going to cut it this time (get it?). You want scissors that have never touched paper, and you never want to let them touch paper. You will need more than one pair, and in more than one size. Some heavier fabrics will need a larger pair, whereas some of your lighter fabrics will not need as much heft in the cut.
Extra bobbins – Bobbins are so small and so easy to lose, you are going to want some extras. You also want to be able to keep as many filled bobbins as possible so that when you need to change colors, you will have the bobbin ready. You also want to be able to fill a bobbin with the thread you are working with without having to unroll another bobbin to do so.
Needles – Chances are that your machine comes with a few extra needles for when yours breaks. However, you are going to want to use different needles for different projects. Schmetz has a great chart depicting what needles should be used for different projects, as well as this link which shows what the points of certain needles look like and what each of the band colors mean for what you are working on.
Thread – Always keep spools of black and white thread handy. Black and white are the most commonly used colors in projects, followed by neutral colors. You don’t have to match every color in every project you make, but if you love purple and know you’ll be sewing lots of purple things, then by all means get purple thread!
Tape measure – A tape measure allows you to measure areas that are not necessarily straight and flat and thus harder to measure with a ruler or yardstick. They come in 60” and 120” lengths and can often come in fun colors!
Pins or clips – No matter how much control you think you have, you will never have complete control over your fabrics. Pins keep things in place where you put them while you are working on other parts of a project. Pins keep a pattern stuck to your fabric while you are tracing it or measuring it. Clips help when you are not too keen on poking holes in your fabric or if you are working with several layers of fabric.
Pin cushion – (or other storage device) This one should be self-explanatory. No one likes stepping on a pin, do they? There are plenty of fun ways to keep your pins, from your typical tomato-shaped pin cushion to a magnetized saucer or pin cushion for your wrist.
A few other supplies you may want to try include a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat (to make cutting fabric much quicker and easier on the hands), tailor’s chalk or marking pencil/pen (for tracing patterns onto your fabric without permanently marking said fabric), the aforementioned Wonder clips, pinking shears (for cutting edges of fabric so that they do not fray), or if you do not want to get pinking shears – Fray Check (which seals the edges of your fabric).

2. Take a Class
You sit down at your machine to start a project, and a space-ship control panel looks back at you. What do these buttons do? How do I do a zig-zag stitch? What is a blind hem stitch? How do I change stitches? Overwhelmed, you stand back up and walk away, only to come back a week later to the same dilemma.

Fear not, beginner sewist! Even the most experienced seamstress had to start somewhere, and more often than not they had someone to teach them, whether it was a mother or grandmother or a Home Economics teacher. Fabric Hut offers free classes with machines purchased in its store, or you can sign up for one of our classes online or over the phone. In your class you will learn the ins and outs of your machine at a comfortable pace. Able to learn on your own? Read through the manual. Modern machine manuals tend to be very user-friendly and often explain things in layman’s terms so that when you are confused by a certain setting, you can check the manual and it will help.

3. Choose a starter project
Even if your end goal is to recreate Marie Antoinette’s most elaborate gown, you have to start small. A pillow case, a zipper pencil pouch, a drawstring bag, or a rice heating pack can all be great starting projects. Most starting projects will have very few instructions and will be fairly self-explanatory. One of the main reasons new sewists quit sewing early is that they try to get too complicated too fast.

Play with your machine. Find some scrap fabric and sew some stitches with it, seeing how it feels pulling through the machine, what certain stitches look like on cotton vs. knit vs. heavier fabrics. Get comfortable with your machine and find out all the cool things it can do, then use those features to your advantage later on when you have a more complicated project to work on. Looking for tips? Check out our Sewing Know How Pinterest board for some informative articles and necessary knowledge.

4. Find a pattern
While you may think you know how to make something as simple as a pillow case, it is always a good idea to have a pattern available – even if only for visual reference. This will keep you from having a pillow case shaped like a triangle or a zipper pouch shaped like a blob.  You can find patterns from the major companies like McCall’s and Simplicity in most fabric stores (including Fabric Hut!)

There are also lots of independent pattern companies that sell downloadable PDF patterns. An easy way to find them is to search Google or Pinterest for the type of pattern you want like “leggings sewing pattern” or “elephant stuffed animal sewing pattern” or “baby quilt pattern.”

Read the directions on the pattern. Does something look funky? Are you unsure what the numbers and letters on the back of the pattern mean? Ask questions! We get questions about patterns all the time and we are more than happy to answer them when you bring them in.

5. Dive In!

Double check before you cut. Make sure the pattern is laying the right way. Check the directions again as you go. Stitch slowly so you can control your fabric. Make sure to trim and tuck in all your threads when you’re done!

6. Be easy on yourself.
When a kid learns to do something new, they don’t care if they’re perfect the first time, they know they’re learning. You are too! Sewing is a skill that takes practice. Don’t give up if you finish your first thing and think it looks bad. It was a learning experience, and I bet you’ll have figured out at least one thing to do next time and one thing NOT to do.

7. Find a community.
Getting in touch with other people that sew is so beneficial.  If none of your friends or family members sew, see if your area has a local chapter of the American Sewing Guild or find out if there’s an “open sew” time somewhere near you. Online there are many Facebook groups devoted to different kinds of sewing and plenty of Youtube tutorials (check out our partner Dad Sews!). There are also sites like Textillia and Craftster with forums. Even Instagram is a great resource – follow hashtags like #sewing, #quilting, and #sewingtutorial.

Here at Fabric Hut we have our classroom open on Wednesday for open sewing time (bring your machine!) and host 2 American Sewing Guild chapters once a month. Interested in forming your own group to meet here? Drop us a line and let’s get something started!

Learning to sew opens up new worlds for people. Have fun! Experiment! The possibilities of fabric combinations and techniques are endless!

Have more suggestions for communities, tools and resources? Let us know in the comments!

Maybe a Little Jealous - Fred Weasley (Requested)

Request: I’d love a Fred imagine. I love the idea of him getting jealous and wrapping his arms around me and kissing me, and getting all possessive and cute with lots of fluff.


Saturday evening rolled around to Hogwarts like a long awaited Birthday. Everyone had spent the whole week trudging to each class patiently wishing for the weekend to come. Hufflepuff and Slytherin were scheduled to a Quidditch match at 6pm and many clubs were having meetings throughout the day. Most nobody chose to stay inside the castle due to the extravagant weather, but a handful did take shelter. Gwendolyn was one of the few. Hunching over the long, narrow table Gwen scanned over the small print of her thick text book. Sitting to her left was her good friend Ed.

“No I get what you’re saying, but this star is placed to the right of the line.” Gwen pulled out her star chart she had been required to buy in Diagon Alley before the school year had started.

The map charted out multiple different types of constellations and the specific names of certain tiny lights; Orion’s Belt, Norma, Musca, Leo, Hercules, Fornax, and thousands of others. The sandy haired boy tilted his head, glancing down at the parchment then back at his own.

“Yeah… I think you might actually be right. Eridanus it was right? Or was it Delphinus?” He murmured confused with the two. Gwen hummed correcting him with the right constellation. He thanked her and they both focused back on their Astronomy work questioning their answers every once in a while. Gwen ran a hand strongly through her brown locks as if wiping away the stress that was building up at the second. Ed noticed, abandoning his homework to help her.

“Hey what’s wrong? I know I’m not the best but I can give it a shot.” He smiled warmly. She shrugged pushing the sheet away and towards him seeking help. Ed looked over the paper eventually grasping the concept. Gwen sat silently tugging aimlessly on the blue hem of her Ravenclaw stitched sweater.

For a second her thoughts wandered off to her boyfriend, Fred, and his twin brother wondering what they were up to. Trouble was an absolute with them, but it was odd to not get a glimpse of him at all so far. Gwen reached into her friends jeans without a word, pulling out his handy wrist watch that Ed kept safely hidden in his pocket read 5:15 in bright blinding numbers. He jumped in shock when she tugged it out. Handing it back over to him shortly after she got it, Gwen watched the large bodies of students flow out of The Great Hall, most likely leaving to catch the match and to make sure they got a good seat.

“C’mon Gwendolyn you’re a Ravenclaw for crying out loud! This should come easy to you.” Ed stated. He as well was a member of the wise, intelligent House but he clearly got the main idea of the homework she couldn’t seem to grasp.

“I know it’s just rough stuff…” She huffed throwing the unfinished work into her black patched backpack. A loud burst of laughter came from the entrance of The Great Hall as a pair of ginger headed twins glided in swiftly, both snatching a loaf of bread as they passed the beginning of the Gryffindor table. George winked flirtatiously at a blonde Hufflepuff that was gathering her stack of books, exiting out of the room quickly in a flush of emotions.

“Gwen!” George shouted, hopping over the top taking the open seat next to Ed. Fred slid quietly by her side not daring to speak. His face was an unpleasant shade of red and a glint of anger shown through his eyes. Ed shifted uncomfortable rearranging his class books, charts and quills.

“Hey guys, what’re you doing here? I expected you two to be heading to the Quidditch game.” Fred didn’t respond yet distributed his attention and effort to sending dangerous daggers of hatred to Ed who avoided his glare. George explained how they had been caught in the act of a prank earlier and were banned from leaving the castle grounds for 2 weeks; even from going matches unless Gryffindor was playing, then they were allowed to play.

“That sucks…” Ed said shakily. Gwen turned to Fred realizing the reason Ed seemed so edgy. Nudging his ribs, Fred quickly stopped and smiled innocently to her kissing her cheek delicately. Gwen giggled lightly flustered by the sudden show of affection.

“What is up with you?” Leaning close, Gwen whispered in Fred’s ear as George and Ed socialized with small talk. Fred shrugged clasping his lanky arms around her waist securely. Acting as if it was nothing, Fred turned back to the conversation.

“So what were you two working on?” His voice sneering greatly on the word “working”. Both Ravenclaw’s shared looks of confusion and explained how they were working together on a very long essay that was due Monday for Astronomy.

George folded his hands unsure of what to do next. Ed copied the Gryffindor and gazed at the half full sheet laid on the table top. Fred nodded emotionlessly, slipping his hand under the navy material, to draw little circles across her hip bone. Shivers sprung up her spine at the touch of his fingertips along her ice cold skin. Fred smirked feeling the tiny bumps and continued rubbing her skin lovingly. Glares were often thrown at Ed off and on until he cracked.

“Well, um… I, er, I think I’m just gonna go head up to my dorm… and um finish my work there. Nice seeing you all.” Ed gathered his belongings before Gwen could intervene. In a flash he was gone, bolting out the entrance. Sighing Gwendolyn pursed her lips turning to the satisfied Fred. George snickered covering his mouth.
“Really Fred…” Fred looked shocked but Gwen could see right through it. His hand reached up and ran slowly from her roots down to then ends. She hummed relax but still slightly annoyed by his actions.

“Nobody told him to leave. Isn’t that right George?” Fred pointed out and George nodded backing up his brother.

“You were jealous weren’t you!” Gwen was quick to accuse and Fred shook his head “no”. George rolled his eyes, mimicking his twin’s moves. Fred reached across the table jabbing his arm. George winced in pain but laughed anyways.

“No… I was not ‘jealous’. Only aggravated by his shameless flirting!” Fred let it all out, huffing at the end. Gwen and George both met eyes and laughed loudly.

“Freddie I think you gave the poor lad a heart attack!” George stated as a-matter-of-fact way. A small smirk was making its way back onto Fred’s face by his brother’s words. Those were his intentions. George smiled standing from the table announcing loudly that he was leaving to see which house was winning and then would be back later. Farewells were exchanged and once George was out of ear and eye sight, Gwen swiveled to Fred giving him a mixed emotions look.

“What? Are you mad at me?” Fred pulled her closer to his hip, nuzzling his chin up against her neck peppering her with sweet little kisses. Gwen scrunched up and smiled as he unintentionally tickled her skin. She couldn’t find enough strength to respond, jolting her head to the side saying “no”. Fred chuckled, pressed right up against her.

“That’s good, I was starting to worry. I was thinkin’ you’d never speak to me again and then you’d run off with that funny lookin’ Edward… and I’d never see you again.” Whimpering out the words in a sad tone, Fred finished looking up with big, prominent puppy dog eyes. Gwen sat stunned by his words, knowing he was half joking but sensing more of the seriousness.

“Fred I would never! Besides Ed or Edward- whatever isn’t like that to me. You know that.” Gwendolyn finished by pressing her lips flat upon his taking Fred by full surprise. It didn’t take him long to register the situation and start kissing back. Gwen could feel herself losing grip on reality by the second as she melted carelessly into the passionate moment. Fred pulled back breathless along with Gwen. Grabbing her hand in his, Fred locked stares with him.

“I love you Gwendolyn, more than anything. Sorry about earlier, I was just… jealous.” He looked away ashamed for acting sickly out of character.

“I know Fred its okay, I understand. I love you too, now how about we go catch the rest of that Qudditch game?” Standing up, Gwen intertwined her fingers with Fred’s helping him to his feet. Fred brought up the point about him and his brother not being allowed to leave the castle for another two weeks.

“Oh yeah I suppose you’re right. Well maybe you and I could going looking for an empty close and um hang out?” She suggested with a playful wink, cheeks stained red from the sudden boost of confident. Gwen was aware about the strict rule on not sneaking other House students in, but maybe she could make a special exception for him. Fred grinned, sprinting out of The Great Hall dragging Gwen right behind him.

~ Daizy xxx

Hope you enjoyed! Request are open!!

Stitches (Luke Hemmings)

Request: Can do you one where he cheats on you? Your imagine rock btw 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

“You okay Luke?” You asked him lovingly, but he just shrugged.
“Uh yeah.” He spoke lowly.
Ever since a few days ago, Luke had been acting really strange.
He’d barley want to talk to you or kiss you, and he’d always find some excuse for why he couldn’t spend time with you.
“No. Seriously Luke what the hell is your problem? You’ve been like this all week.” You asked. “Been like what (Y/N)?” He replied angrily, acting as if he didn’t already know the problem.
“You’re just so-” You sighed as you began to get worked up. “Forget it Luke. I’m gonna go back hang out with (Y/F/N).” You spoke, and his eyes went wide.
“You are? I mean, ok… I-I guess I’ll see you later.” He stuttered as you walked away.

“Where do you wanna go next (Y/F/N)?” You asked you wandered around the mall.
“Didn’t you say you wanted to get a new bra?”
“Uh.. Yeah.” She spoke, looking toward a children’s clothing store.
“Are you ok? You normally love shopping..” You noticed.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She lied.
“Ok. I’ve known you for how long? I can definitely tell when your lying (Y/F/N).”
“How many times do I have I say it!? I said I’m fine already!!” She yelled, causing you to jump a bit.
“Look. I’m sorry okay? Can we just, can we just go?” She asked, and you nodded slowly.

Once you had gotten back to (Y/F/N’s) flat you guys decided on ordering pizza, but you of course weren’t willing to wait that long so you though you’d kill time by baking some cookies while (Y/F/N) ran off to clean or something.
After you rolled the cookies and put them into the oven you went to throw away a paper towel; but what you saw next surprised you.
You looked down into the can to notice a clearblue pregnancy test box in there. You leaned closer as you noticed the actual text in there. Is was positive.
You stormed out of the kitchen and into
(Y/F/N’s) bedroom.
“(Y/F/N)!!” You exclaimed, standing in front of her bed.
“WHY DIDINT YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT?!!” You asked happily and that’s when she lost it.
“Why are you crying? You don’t have to raise the baby alone do you? I’ll help you the entire time!! Who’s the father?“
“(Y/N)!!” She yelled. “I have something to tell you.” She whispered.
“Okay…” You spoke, your concern growing rapidly.
“I only slept with one guy my whole life.. It was one night at a party, you were drunk, I we saw each other but I promise you it didn’t mean anything, I don’t even love him!!”
“(Y/F/N). Who’s the father of your baby.” You whispered.
“It’s Luke.” She spoke confidently.
“Luke? A-As in my boyfriend Luke?” You spoke, trying to stay as calm as possible.
“Yes.” She said with teary eyes. “I’m so sorry, I swear it wasn’t intended, we were sitting there and one thing led to the other!!” She choked out through tears.
“Sorry? You’re sorry?!” You yelled.
“You fuck my boyfriend and you think sorry is gonna fix it? You really are a piece of shit friend.” You spat as you began walking out the room.
“(Y/N) Wait!!!” She yelled, but it was too late. You were already out of the door.
You opened the door to your apartment, praying that Luke was there. But out of your luck; so was Calum.
“What’s up butter cup?” Calum’s cheerful voice rang, but you were in no mood to talk to him.
He was on the couch next to Luke, they were watching some movie.
“Hey baby.” Luke spoke as he got off the couch and tired to hug you, but you backed away from him.
“I found a pregnancy test.” You spoke voicelessly, and Luke’s face lit up.
“That’s great babe, we’re gonna be a family. I finally get to be a father and you get to be a mother.” He smiled, Calum’s face matching his.
“I’m not gonna be a mother Luke, but you’ll be a father. The baby is (Y/F/N’s).” Luke face instantly dropped, and Calum just stood there.
“You had sex with (Y/F/N)?” Calum asked, and you just nodded as tears threatened to spill.
“(Y/N)…. It didn’t mean anything.” He spoke as he tried to touch you, but you jerked your arm back.
“Ha, you- you didn’t mean it? You weren’t drunk right? Which mean you wanted to have sex with her, there was no substance forcing you to do that Luke.”
Luke just looked at you, and your resisted the urge to smack the living hell out of him.
“I hate to so much.” You spat as you gave him a shove and headed back out the door.
Little did you know, Calum his followed behind you.

apocalisse  asked:

N. 11 for the Christmas prompts, with a side of angst if possible! Thanks <3

“I can’t believe you’re not gonna be home for Christmas.” Argh, kind of a loose take on the prompt, and it really didn’t turn out as angsty as I’d anticipated. I’m sorry – it’s probably not what you were looking for, but I hope you still enjoy it. <3

Her new dress has a scalloped hem and ribbons stitched on the sleeves, just like her favorite princess, Ser Aveline, wears in the movie. She twirls like a ballerina just to watch the skirt poof up around her legs, but the living room keeps spinning even after she stops. “Careful, pup,” Papa says, steadying her before scritching her face with his beard. The fireplace burns orange and warm, and the house smells of baked apples and slightly burnt ham. Papa had to do all the cooking alone this year because the kitchen is too small and Mama’s belly keeps getting in the way.

When the twins are born, they’ll keep each other awake and catch Santa putting presents under the tree.

“How much are you giving her?” Mother chides when she catches Father handing her a mug, a pod of star anise bobbing in the steaming, fragrant wine. “Malcolm, she’s fifteen.”

“Exactly, Leandra. Would you rather she gets drunk with the boys down in the village while our backs are turned?”

She pokes one of the oranges Father brought back from the market with a toothpick, otherwise the cloves keep slipping off the rind when Bethany tries to push them in with her tiny fingers. Carver sits cross-armed on the couch, kicking the air because the label on the biggest present under the tree reads the name of his twin. Mother hums The Twelve Days of Satinalia while wrapping presents; Father is grousing under his breath, screwing and unscrewing the bulbs on a string of lights to find the one that burned out. The puppy hobbles across the room, ears still folded, one paw stuck in the red ribbon tied around his neck.

The pads of her thumbs are sore; her hands smell of citrus and spices all night.

Bethany shrieks. Maker’s Bark bounds away from the tree just as it tips over in the exact way a Satinalia tree shouldn’t, then crashes to the floor in a shatter of ornaments and glittering dust. Carver doubles over, roaring with laughter, while Mother brandishes the broom at the hound and chases him outside the house.

“That one!” she announces, pointing to the scrawniest tree in the spruce thicket. It’s even colder outside Lothering, the air fragrant with the scent of pine resin and fresh-fallen snow.

Father grins and hands her the axe. “Always going for the underdog, eh?”

They sing along to Harold the Red-nosed Halla on the way home, the scrawny spruce tree strapped to the car roof. Snowflakes stick to Father’s beard, and Mother squeals when he kisses her under the sprig of mistletoe that hangs from the doorframe.

A gust of wintry wind blows into the room as the door swings shut. Hawke shivers.

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How to repair an underworks binder

(I’d appreciate if as many people as possible could reblog this. This is a really common problem with these binders, but I’ve never seen any posts about fixing them on here before) 

If you’ve ever had an underworks binder you’ve probably encountered the way the material starts to separate once they get stretched out. And if you haven’t yet you probably will at some point, because this is usually what does for them in the end and makes them a bit useless. Mine wasn’t actually that bad when I did this, I’ve seen them get a lot worse.

The material loses it’s elasticity so it doesn’t bind very well. 

To fix this I replaced the back panel with white four-way-stretch lycra, inspired by gc2b binders, which are made entirely of it (apart from the canvas front panel), or something similar 

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It binds better than it ever did before for me (because I got it second hand). The only thing I would say is that it’s a little less comfortable than it was before, both because it’s tighter, and also because the seams dig in a little because I didn’t sew them flat like they were before. And it took me ages to do, but that’s because I don’t have a machine so I did it all by hand. It was worth it though, because the fabric only cost £5 which is a lot less than a new binder :)

I’ll put the details of how I did this under a cut

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He’s just a little ball of sunshine

[in-staw-rey-shuh n]
         1.renewal; restoration; renovation; repair.
         2.Obsolete. an act of instituting something; establishment.

Fold the frayed
edges over, pinned,
stitch the hems
by hand -
I’ll make amends
with the hurt
I’ve caused myself,
find forgiveness
in self reparation.

B. Agnes Dufrat
The Men Christmas Forgot

From the RusAme Secret Santa 2013, reposted for holiday spirit :)

Ten dollars and three cents sat solemnly in Alfred’s palm. Crumpled single dollar bills were held down by three tarnished pennies and an assortment of dines and nickels, the faces of dead men poignantly ignoring him. Alfred Jones blinked, eyes narrowing over the glasses perched over his nose and counted the singles again, smoothing out one with a ripped corner in the upper right. The bills had been fished through the year, pulled from forgotten pockets, gray gutters, and the left over change of bought frozen dinners. Alfred counted the change, scowling when the amount would not magically increase. Gray tile flew past like the scales of a dead fish. The harsh light of the tunnel made it seem as though everything was burning in sickly orange. The Yellow Line bus lurched, sending Alfred forward in his seat. The money nearly fell from his hand and Alfred stuffed his hand in his pocket, not daring to chance his fate for fear of dropping even one penny.

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p0stpunk  asked:

Hey, I'm cosplaying Sapphire and I was hoping you could help me out? Yours was amazing!! Like, for the petticoat, was there any variation between the length of fabric to each layer of color, or were they all 7 yd? How are they gathered at the top? The dress itself, how does it connect with the top, did you pull it over or are they sewed together? Did you use a pattern? (I'm so sorry if these are questions you answer a lot, I couldn't find them anywhere, sorry!)

Hi!!! It’s absolutely no problem, I’m always happy to help!!

The dress and the petticoat are two separate pieces, and the dress is one piece, with the skirt, bodice and apron all stitched together. As for the pattern I used, I made my own! I’m planning on answering that in a different post since someone else asked me about that; I currently have a bit of a backlog since I didn’t have wi-fi access for a good three weeks since I was moving to a new apartment!

I would really quickly like to say that the only reason why I made a petticoat instead of using a hoopskirt was because I wanted my Ruby to swing me around and reveal a beautiful gradient underneath my gown.

Originally posted by cowbuttcrunchies

But you can barely see that effect in the GIF we made so in the end it was all for moot. So you can make your petticoat in colored layers like I did just for the heck of it, or just use one color. Or even use a hoopskirt instead of going through petticoat hell, because it’s quite a process.

A hoop skirt will be a little more difficult to maneuver through crowds with, and to sit down in. Petticoats just squash around, and because this one is made of organza, it keeps it shape very, very very well. All it needs is a spin and it floofs right back out no matter what. A hoop runs the risk of bending out of shape. However, hoops are also very airy and gives your legs a lot of breathing room. This petticoat. is a death trap. for your legs. If worn outside in the summer, you will overheat very quickly and easily. It’s nice during the winter though. Both a hoop and a petti will both weigh down your hips no matter what, but in my opinion they weigh about the same. This petti is stupidly light and floaty. So please keep these things in mind when you decide what goes underneath your dress!!

This is going to be a reaaaaally long post, so I’m including everything I can remember about my petticoat adventures under the read more!!!

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