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Forgotten Royalty: Queen Hemma

Hemma of Altdorf, the wife of Louis the German and queen consort of Germany, was born somewhere between the year 803 and 808, however the exact date is unknown and the latter is an estimate. Her mother was Heilwig of Saxony, daughter of Count Isanbart, and her father was Welf, Count of Altorf. She also had a sister named Judith who would be, by marriage, Queen and Empress of the Franks as the second and eventual ex-wife of Emperor Louis the Pious.

Sometime during 827, in Regensburg, Hemma married Louis, her sister’s new stepson. At the time of the marriage she was at least two years older than her groom. After the wedding and until 843, she was crowned queen consort of Bavaria. A few years later, Hemma was given Obermünster Abbey in Regensburg as a gift from Louis, her husband. During their marriage the couple had seven children and Louis did not father any illegitimate children and was not known to have had any mistresses. With the Treaty of Verdun in 843, she became Queen Consort of Eastern Francia – or Germany, as we now know it today. She died on 31 January 876, and was buried in St. Emmeram’s Abbey, Regensburg.

She is described as having had great qualities: an uncommon courage and talent, deployed on more than one occasion. In particular, she led an army against Adelchis of Benevento, when he revolted against Louis the German; it is said that, frightened by the arrival of the Queen, the traitor fled by boat to seek safety in Corsica. The Annals of Saint-Bertin however reproache Hemma for a pride which displeased the people of Italy. (…)


(en) fredagkväll - friday night

(en) lördagkväll - saturday night

(en) fest - party

att festa - to party

(en) hemmafest - homeparty

(en) utefest - outdoorsparty

(ett) krök - there’s no exact translation that i know of, and it’s not a very official word (but it’s one that you’ll hear the swedish youth use a lot), but it’s basically like a party but much less intense, imagine hanging out with some 10-20 friends and drinking lol

att kröka - to drink (alcohol)

att bli full - to get drunk

alkohol - alcohol

(en) bar - bar

(en) krog - bar

(en) klubb - club

(en) bio - cinema

att gå på bio - to go to the cinema

(en) dejt - date

att gå på restaurang - to go to a restaurant

att stanna hemma - to stay at home

att kolla film - to watch a movie (you can also say “att titta på film”)

(en) konsert - concert

att umgås med vänner / kompisar - to hang out with friends

att laga mat tillsammans - to cook together

att stanna hemma med sin pojkvän / flickvän - to stay home with your boyfriend / girlfriend

att stanna hemma och plugga fransk grammatik för att man har hängt på langblr sidan av tumblr för länge och inte har något liv längre - to stay home and study french grammar because you’ve hung out on the langblr side of tumblr and don’t have a life anymore