Ian's Rules of Facebook

My Rules of Facebook Stalkbook:

#1 - Don’t talk about Facebook

#2 - Don’t talk about Facebook, especially outside of Facebook

#3 - Don’t add parents to Facebook

#4 - Don’t add current students to Facebook

#5 - Don’t add anyone you haven’t met at least once in person to Facebook

#6 - Be vigilant about your privacy settings

#7 - Be vigilant about your photo tags and posted updates

#8 - Don’t even think about touching the relationship status

#9 - Leave the religion and politics fields blank

#10 - Don’t like your own posts

#11 - Don’t poke people you wouldn’t poke in real life

#12 - Don’t comment when liking will suffice

#13 - Maximum 2 likes or comments on someone else’s postings in a row

#14 - Posting pictures of your kid is OK, but understand I will remove you from my news feed as soon as you announce to the world you are pregnant.

#15 - Never follow-up on a friend request. If they ignored it, there’s a reason.

To be continued …